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Using the following phrases, write an email with minimum of 70 words to the customer Mr. Gill Roy explain.unable to deliver product on time , issues , benefits , 7 days , late time , extra money , reasons.


Mr. Gill Roy, 
We placed orders with your company one month back. Please explain why you are unable to deliver product on time, This delay causes avoidable issues and results in our company losing benefits. We give you 7 days time and we hope you will deliver by this late time. Reasons may be given for delay and pay us extra money of Rs.5 lac early. 
Yours sincerley 

Marks:33/50     (Bad)

Note - This shows your ability to write number of words in given time.
Matched Keywords

Marks:39/50     (Good)

Note - This shows that you are using the given phrase perfectly or not.

Total Marks : 72/100

Help Developer - For Set-16 , Post your solution bellow in comment section.

Note - We did not check matter in your mail , that is natural language processing and very difficult , its for your practice before real exam , that you are able to write a mail with minimum requirement in given span of time or not.

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