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I want share my experience with you guys
First I enter the room madam was not sit reverse to the door so
  first I wish sirs good mrng sirs and good mrng madam
They offered me to take seat
They asked me introduce ur self
I said all the details1. they asked me ur father is farmer marginal farmer or small farmer?
2 . ur father has any crop loan which bank how much? I answered yes my father will take as pledge so they are asking Cross questions bad impression on him.
3.what is pledge?
4.nabard functions?
5.what is import?
6.what is export?
7.what is savings account?
8.what is current ratio?
9.what is insolvency?
These all are questions but my interview performance was very poor.
This is my experience guys plz share don't answer the questions u are not aware about it.
Thank you all
And all the best.

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