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Q 1) Why shift from Insurance to banking?

Q 2) Should there be a bar on people who have got a job from appearing in other recruitment exams for they are choking the line ..

Q 3 ) Yesterday , there was a news report about which general insurance company has had the highest growth in last quarter .. do u know which company?

4) Recently , SC gave a major judgement on Right to Privacy ... what are the criticisms of that judgement

5 ) Why are Forex Reserves rising ?

6 ) How do you fit in bank?

7 ) If you are posted in a a village in TN , how will you communicate with people?

8 ) Are you married ? Do u plan to marry after starting to work ?

9 ) Politically , are you leftist or rightist ?

10 ) You have mentioned in your CV that ur hobby is to write ... Whaat do you write?

11)  What , in your opinion , are the parameters to judge Econonic Growth?

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