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   wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR -2018  --- S SAMBASIVAN, CHENNAI.

1. Who clinched the Pro Kabbadi League (PKL) 2017 title at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, New Delhi?
a) Patna Pirates     b) Gujarat Fortunegiants     c) Haryana Rocks     
d) None of the above
2. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          The PFMS Scheme has been rolled-out by the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) at the behest of Finance Ministry, Department of Expenditure as a cherished Public Finance Management (PFM) reform in the country.
                         II.          The Scheme aims at promoting transparency and bringing about tangible improvements in the overall Central Government Financial Management as well as implementation of various Central Government Schemes across the country.
Which of the above statements is/are wrong?
a)   Only I         b)  Only II      c)  Both of these     d) None of the above
3. Which of the country’s first cricket stadium known as Gahanga Cricket Stadium inaugurated recently?
a)   Rwanda      b)   Burkina Faso      c)   Chad      d)   Niger
4. Who replaced Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently as the richest person in the word?
a)  Jeff Bezos      b)   Warren Buffett      c)   Jeff Buffett      d)   Warren Bezos
5. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          An offshore patrol vessel (OPV) names ‘Vikram’ has handed over recently to the Coast Guard ahead of the March 2018 delivery schedule.
                         II.          The OPV entirely developed in-house by Larsen and Toubro.
                       III.          L&T bagged the Ministry of Defence order to design and build seven OPV’s for an order value of Rs.1,432crores.
                      IV.          This is the 2nd OPV class vessel for the Indian Coast Guard that  has been built by a private sector yard.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)  Only I      b)   Only II & III       c)   Only III      d)   Only I, II & III
6. India sent its first consignment of wheat to Afghanistan through the Chabahar port in Iran. The shipment was flagged off from the Kandla port in Gujarat with External Affairs Minister SushmaSwaraj and her Afghan counterpart SalahuddinRabbani joining the ceremony through video conferencing. The port is likely to ramp up trade between which countries?
a)   India      b)   Afghanistan      c)   Iran      d)   All of these
7. India and the United Arab Emirates held the second round of their strategic dialogue at which place?
a)   New Delhi      b)   Bengaluru      c)   Abu Dhabi      d)   None of these
8. The US/German GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment)  satellite mission has ended science operations. GRACE made science measurements by precisely measuring the distance between its twin satellites GRACE-1 and GRACE-2, which required that both spacecraft and their instruments be fully functional. It stayed in the space for how many days?
a)   10 years      b)   12 years     c)   15 years      d)  20 years
9.Who became the 6th Indian and the fastest to complete 9000 ODI runs?
a)   Viratkohli      b)   MS Dhoni      c)   Ajay Jadeja      d)   None of these
10. Who has won the FIFA U-17 World Cup at Vivekananda Yuba BharatiKrirangam (Salt Lake Stadium) in Kolkata?
a) India      b)   England      c)   Spain      d)   The USA
11. Who has assumed charge as the Vice Chief of Naval Staff recently?
a)   Karamvir Singh     b)  Ajit Kumar      c)   Ajit Singh     d)   Karamvirkaur
12. Who was awarded the European Union’s human rights award recently?
a)   Venezuela’s democratic oppositionb)   Malala Mandela
c)   Nelson Mandelad)   None of the above
13. Consider the following statements
                           I.          The PradhanMantri Jan AushadhiPariyojana has been launched by Prime Minister NarendraModi.
                         II.          It is launched with an objective of making quality medicines available at affordable prices at all, particularly to the poor and underprivileged, through exclusive outlets.
                       III.          Jan Aushadhi Medical store is set up with an aim to reduce out of pocket expenses in healthcare.
                      IV.          Currently, more than 600 medicines and 150 surgical and other medical items are being made available at affordable rates at JanaushadhiKendras.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only 1       b)   Only 2 and 3       c)  Only 3       d)   All of these
14. Who won the men’s singles title in the Yonex French Open badminton tournament 2017?
a)   KidambiSrikanth     b)   KentoNishimoto     c)   Lee Jhe-Huei
d)   Lee Yang
15. Who won the Mexican Grand Prix 2017 at AutodromoHermanos Rodriguez race track, in Mexico?
a)  ValtteriBottas     b)   KimiRaikkonen     c)   Vetteld)   Max Verstappen
16. Who won the women’s singles title in the Yonex French Open badminton tournament 2017?
a)   Tai Tzu Ying      b)   Akane Yamaguchi     c)   ApriyaniRahayu
d)   GreysiaPolii
17. Which country topped in the ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) World Cup 2017 by winning 2 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze medals?
a)   Italy      b)   China      c)   India      d)   Vietnam
18. Who was appointed as the Secretary (Security) in the Cabinet Secretariat recently?
a) SK Sinha      b)   ARK Kini     c)   NK Sinha      d)   None of these
19. Who was appointed as Director General of Bureau of Police Research and Development recently?
a)   Meeran C Borwankarb)   AP Maheshwari       c)  ARK Kini
d)   NK Sinha
20. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          Global Clubfoot Conference inaugurated by the President of India, Ram NathKovind in New Delhi.
                         II.          The conference was organised by the CURE India in partnership with the Minsitry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.
                       III.          Public hospitals are partnering with CURE International India to reach out to as many children as possible.
                      IV.          The programme is now active in 19 states of India.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I      b)   Only II and III      c)   Only I, II and III     d)   All of these
21. Which State launched the Election Commissions web-based project, ERO-Net recently using which voters can register their names on electoral rolls?
a)   Haryana      b)   Punjab      c)   Rajasthan     d)   Gujarat
22. China and members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) had held their largest-ever joint maritime rescue exercise, signalling a lull n South China Sea tensions. Which country notably absent there?
a)   Thailand      b)   Cambodia     c)   Laos      d)   Vietnam
23. Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has increased the maximum age of joining under NPS-Private sector (i.e. All Citizen and Corporate Model) to which years of age?
a)   62 years      b)   65 years     c)   67 years     d)   68 years
24. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          A 45 member contingent of the Indian Air Force participated in exercise ‘Blue Flag-17’, which was conducted at Uvda Air Force Base in Israel.
                         II.          This is the first time the Indian Air Force is operating with Israeli AF in a multilateral exercise setting.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only 1      b)   Only 2     c)   Both of these     d)   None of these
25. Who won the silver medal in the girls doubles category of the 2017 ITTF World Cadet Challenge at Suva, Fiji?
a)   Hanna Ryu      b)   Yingqihuang      c)   Yumeno Soma     d)   DiyaChitale
26. The Inter-State Council has been reconstituted with Prime Minister NarendraModi and six Union ministers Rajnath Singh (Home), SushmaSwaraj (External affairs), ArunJaitley (Finance), NitinGadkari (Road Transport), Thaawar Chand Gehlot (Social Justice and Empowerment) and NirmalaSitharaman (Defence) and all chief ministers as members. Who is the chariman of the council?
a)   Rajnath Singh     b)   SushmaSwaraj      c)   ArunJaitleyd)   NarendraModi
27.Union government reconstituted the standing committee of the Inter-State Council. Four Union ministers and seven chief ministers are members of the new standing committee of the council. Who is the chairman of the standing committee?
a)   Rajnath Singh     b)   SushmaSwaraj      c)   ArunJaitley    d)   NarendraModi
28. Which State government announced a lifetime monthly pension of Rs. 10000  for Hindi Satyagrahis and those from the state who were jailed during the Emergency?
a)   Uttar Pradesh      b)   Bihar     c)   Haryana     d)   Punjab
29. Who has been appointed as an interim resident coordinator in Myanmar and resident representative for the UN Development Program in the country?
a)   RenataLok-Dessallienb)   Knut Ostby      c)   Timor Leste
d)   None of the above
30. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          Indian Army’s Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) centre in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, has almost completed training six dogs of the desi breed Mudhol Hound.
                         II.          These Mudhol Hounds are likely to be inducted by the end of 2017 for guard duty and posted in Jammu and Kashmir.
Which of the above statements is/are false?
a)   Only I      b)   Only II      c)   Both of these      d)   None of these
31. Which Indian tennis player won the Erste Open title in Vienna recently?
a)   RohanBopanna       b)   Pablo Cuevas      c)    Sam Querrey
d)   Marcelo Demoliner
32. Who clinched the $50000 Vietnam Open trophy at the Ho Chi Minh City recently?
a)   Go Soeda and Ben Mclachlanb)   SakethMyneni and Vijay Prashanth                            
c)   Sam Querrey and Marcelo Demoliner       d)   RohanBopanna and Pablo Cuevas
33. Which Indian wrestler won the coveted gold medal at the All Indian Police Championship 2017?
a)   BabitaKumarib)   Gita Poghat     c)   Kavita Devi      d)   Shakshi Malik
34. Who became Karnataka’s first woman DG  and IG of police?
a)   NeelmaniN.Raju      b)   Sonia Narang      c)   Dr.M.Ashwini
d)   KP Anjali
35. Consider  the following statements
                           I.          Prime Minister NarendraModi inaugurated World Food India Congress 2017 at New Delhi’s VigyanBhavan.
                         II.          This is the third time that India is hosting such an event for the food processing sector.
                       III.          The food congress aimed to transform food economy and realise the vision of doubling of famer’s income by establishing India as a preferred investment destination and sourcing hub for the global food processing industry.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I      b)   Only II and IIIc)    Only I and III       d)  All of these
36. A fourteen day joint training exercise named “PRABAL DOSTYK-2017” between the Indian Army and the Kazakhstan Army held in which place?
a)   Uttarakhandb)   Himachal Pradesh      c)   Goa      d)   Kerala
37. Who won the bid to host the 2022 Gay Games?
a)  Hong kong      b)    Guadalaraja      c)   Washington DC      d)   Paris
38. Gate No.2 at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium, New Delhi named after which cricketer recently?
a)   Sachin      b)   Gangulyc)   Sehwag      d)   Virat
39.Who has been awarded the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Asia-Pacific Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation?
a)   Royal Opera House       b)   Charni Road     c)   AbhaNarainLambah
d)   Maharaja of Gondal
40. The 7th Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable (AMER7) was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Which country co-hosted it?
a)   Thailand      b)   UAE      c)   Iraq      d)    Qatar
41. Indian naval ships made a five-day goodwill visit to Sri Lanka from November 3 to 7, 2017 and participated in a number of training exercises. Name these.
a)   Tir      b)   Sujatha     c)   Sarathid)    Both Tir and Sujatha
42. Consider the following statements regarding IQMP software:
                           I.          IQMP is web based software developed by Army Software Development Centre in association with M/s TCS Ltd.
                         II.          The application automates various logistics related functions of an Army Unit.
                       III.          The application will replace numerous legacy applications such as ‘Vastra’ and ‘Quarter Master Package’.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I      b)   Only II and III      c)   Only I and III      d)   All of these
43. A new species of orang-utan called “Tapanuliorangutan” has been discovered and it became the world’s most endangered great ape. It is found at which place?
a)   Sumatra      b)   Borneac)   Indonesia      d)    JAVA
44. The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has constructed the worlds highest motorable road in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir under Project Himank of the organisation. The road connects to which villages?
a)  Umlingla     b)   Hanlec)   Chisumle and Demchok      d)   Leh
45. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          DeenDayal SPARSH Yojana, a Pan India scholarship program for school children launched to increase the reach of Philately.
                         II.          SPARSH stands for Scholarship for Promotion of Aptitude and Research in Stamps as a Hobby.
                       III.          Every Postal Circle will select a maximum of 50 scholarships representing 10 students each from Standard VI, VII, VIII and IX under the scheme.
                      IV.          The amount of Scholarship will be Rs.6000-per annum @ RS.500-per month
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I, II and IV      b)   Only II and III      c)   Only I and III      
d)   All of these
46.  PAN is not needed for cash sale of agriculture produce up to how much per day?
a)   Rs. 1 lakh      b)   Rs. 2 lakh     c)   Rs. 5 lakh     d)   Rs. 7 lakh
47. Which company has launched first cyber insurance cover in India?
a)   Bajaj Allianz     b)   United India     c)   LIC     d)   SBI General Insurance
48.  At present, who is US Ambassador to India?
a)   Kenneth Juster     b)   Richard Verma     c)   Krishna Sobti      d)   None of these
49. Who has been chosen for 2017’s Jananpith Award?
a)   MitroMarjani     b)   Dil-o-Danish     c)   Krishna Sobti     d)   None of these
50. Which temple has won the UNESCO Asia Pacific Award of Merit 2017 for cultural heritage conservation?
a)   Jagannath temple     b)   Tirupathi temple     c)   Khajuraho temple
d)   Ranganathaswamy temple
51. Sonepur cattle fair observed in Saran district of Bihar. The fair is considered as Asia’s largest fair. Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi inaugurated the fair. The Sonepur fair majorly attracts cattle traders from all over Asia. It is known for the sale of which animal?
a)   Horse     b)   Elephant    c)    Camel     d)   Goat
52. 1stHeli Expo India and International Civil Helicopter Conclave-2017 held in which place of India?
a)   Bengaluru     b)   New Delhi     c)   Chennai     d)   Hyderabad
53. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          Balijatra, the biggest trade fair in Odisha literally means “A Voyage to Bali”.
                         II.          The fair began from the full moon day of the month Margashira every year as a reminder of Odisha’s rich maritime past.
                       III.          This festival is held in Cuttack at GadagadiaGhat of the Mahanadi river to mark the day when ancient Odisha mariners set to sail to Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I      b)   Only II and III     c)   Only I and III     d)   All of these
54. Aiming to host foreign armies in joint exercises, the Indian Army launched an independent and fully-integrated Joint Training Node (JTN) at Umroi cantonment in which north-eastern state?
a)   Arunachal Pradesh     b)   Meghalaya    c)   Nagaland     d)   Mizoram
55. Who was named ambassador of the AIBA Women’s Youth World Championships?
a)   Anu Bhatia     b)   Mary Kom    c)   Anju George     d)   ShakshiTanwar
56. Who became the first woman mayor of Gurgaon recently?
a)   Madhu Azad     b)   SunitaYadav    c)   PramilaKablena     d)   None of these
57. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          An indigenously developed light weight ‘Glide’ bomb has been successfully tested in Chandipur in Odisha.
                         II.          The guided bomb SAAW released from the aircraft and guided through precision navigation system. It reached the targets as greater than 70 km range, with high accuracies.
                       III.          A total of three tests with “different release conditions” and ranges were conducted and were all successful.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I     b)   Only II and III     c)   Only I and III    d)   All of these                       
58. Which country won the women’s Asia Cup hockey title at Kakamigahara Japan?
a)  India     b)   China    c)   Japan     d)   South Korea 
59. Who clinched the Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Open recently?
a)   Aditi Ashok     b)   Cheyenne Woods     c)   Georgia Hall     d)   Camilla Lennarth
60. Who won a bronze medal each at the prestigious 2017 Challenge Belgium Open Table Tennis tournament in the men’s doubles category at De Haan, Belgium.
a)   Sharath Kamal and G Sathiyanb)   Patrick Franziska and Ricardo Walther
c)   SanilShetty and Ricardo Walther      d)   None of these
61. Who emerged victories in the Elite Mens events at the Cyclothon recently?
a)   Satbir Singh     b)   T Manorama     c)   FarhanAkhtar    d)   None of these
62. Who has become the first woman to be appointed as senior Deputy Director General, Tamil Nadu, Telecom Enforcement Resource Monitoring, Department of Telecommunications?
a)   N. Poonguzhali      b)  T. Manorama       c)   T. Poonguzhalid)   N. Manorama
63. Consider the following statements:
                            I.          The Five-day Coastal Security Exercise ‘SagarKavach’ held recently.
                          II.          The exercise conducted to provide seamless seaward cover along the Goa Coast jointly by all security agencies from coastal belt area line to the limit of territorial water i.e. 12 nautical miles.
                        III.          This exercise provides all stakeholders and opportunity to fine tune standard operating procedure and test new operation concepts for coastal secutiry.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a) Only I     b)   Only II and III     c)   Only I and III     d)   All of these
64. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          An ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelligence) character was made an official resident of a busy central Tokyo district.
                         II.          The virtual newcomer resembled a chatty seven-year old boy.
                       III.          The boy named “Shibuya Mirai” does not exist physically, but he can have text conversations with humans on the widely used LINE messaging app.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I      b)   Only II and III     c)   Only I and III     d)   All of these
65. Which country has unveiled ‘Tian Kun Hao’, the ‘magic island maker’, a massive ship described as Asia’s largest dredging vessel?
a)   Japan     b)   Thailand     c)   China    d)   Bangkok
66. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          China launched two BeiDou-3 satellites into space via a single carrier rocket to support its global navigation and positioning network.
                         II.          The satellites were aboard a Long March-3B carrier rocket which took off from XichangStaellite Launch Center in the southwestern province of Sichuan.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I     b)   Only II      c)    Both of these     d)   None of these
67. Recently a Typhoon barrelled into Vietnam and made landfall causing devastation. What was its name?
a)   Damrey     b)   Nilofer    c)   Tsunami    d)   Hudhud
68. Some commodities have been granted Geographical Indication (GI) this fiscal year by the Indian patent office. Choose them.
a)   Banganapalle mangoes of Andhra Pradesh.b)   Tulapanji rice of West Bengal
c)   Darjeeling Tead)   All of these
69. Who clinched his first Asian Tour title by bagging the Panasonic Open by three strokes at the Delhi Gold Club?
a)   Shiv Kapur     b)   Anirbanlahiri     c)   Jyotirandhwa     d)   ArjunAtwal
70. Dishes of Hyderabad have made their way into India postage, as the Department of Post issued stamps on them. Choose them.
a)   Biryani     b)   Bagharebaingan     c)   Seviyand)   All of these
71. The Indian Railways has launched the main arch of the worlds highest bridge on which River in Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi district?
a)   Jhelum     b)    Ravi     c)   Saraswatid)   Chenab
72. Who is the most recent member of International Solar Alliance?
a)   Bangkok    b)   Madagascar     c)   Guinea     d)   None of these
73. Consider the following statements:
                            I.          Nepal inaugurated a bridge on thKaligandaki river at Jomsom area in Mustang district near China border.
                          II.          The bridge not only provides direct motorable connectivity to people of Mustang but also benefits thousands of tourists and pilgrims visiting the famous Muktinath temple and upper Mustang for trekking.

Which of the above statements is/are false?
a)   Only I     b)   Only II     c)   Both of these     d)   None of these
74. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          Japan’s parliament formally extended a law banning disrespect of the national anthem to cover Hong Kong.
                         II.          With this, the National Anthem Law, which went into effect on October 1, 2017 has now been included in an annex of Hong Kongs Basic Law or mini constitution.
                       III.          This move undermined the Chinese-ruled city’s autonomy and freedoms.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I     b)   II and III     c)   I and III     d)   All of these
75. Army personnel of India and which country took part in the 7th edition of the joint training exercise named ‘Sampriti-7’ at India’s Jungle Warfare School in Vairengte, Mizoram and at the joint Training Node in Umroi, Meghalaya?
a)   China     b)   Myanmar     c)   Bangladesh     d)   None of these
76. Which institution opened its campus to an Isreal Centre and the centre was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Israel to India, Daniel Carmon?
a)   IIS      b)    IIMB      c)    IITB     d)    IITD
77. The Nobel Memorial Wall was inaugurated at which Metro station of delhi?
a)   Central Secretariat     b)   Rajiv Chowk     c)   ITO     d)   HauzKhas
78.Tata Steel has commissioned its largest Coke Dry Quenching (CDO) facility with a capacity of 200 tonnes per hour, at its greenfieldsteel plant in which place?
a)   Kalinganagar     b)   Jajpur    c)   Odishad)   All of these
79. Consider the following statements :
                            I.          The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)’s muti-wavelength space observatory ‘AstroSat’ has accomplished the extremely strenuous job of X-ray polarisation.
                          II.          A team of Indian astronomers has documented the results of the study and measured the variations of polarisation as this highly-magnetised neutron star spins around 30 times/second.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I      b)   Only II     c)   Both of these       d)   None of these

80. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          India conducted a flight test of its indigenously designed and developed long rang sub-sonic cruise missile Nirbhay.
                         II.          The state-of-the-art sleek cruise missile took off from the launch complex-3 of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur along the Odisha coast.

Which of the above statements is/are false?
a)   Only I    b)   Only II      c)   Both of these    d)   None of these
81. What was unveiled as the official mascot for 2017 AIBA Youth Women’s World Boxing Championship?
a)   One-horned rhino     b)   Bengal tiger     c)   Gujarat lion    d)   None of these
82.What was unveiled as the official logo for 2017 AIBA Youth Women’s World Boxing Championship?
a) Gamosa     b)   Samosa    c)  Khurasa     d)   Peerasa
83. What was unveiled as the official anthem for 2017 AIBA Youth Women’s World Boxing Championship?
a)   Make some noise      b)   Do some noise     c)   Have some noise  d)   Create some noise
84. Who won a gold in the men’s 50m rifle 3 positions event at Commonwealth Shooting Championships 2017?
a)  Satyendra Singh      b)   Sanjeev Rajput    c)   Amanpreet Singh    d)   GaganNarang
85. Who won Gold Medal in women’s 10m Air Pistol event at Commonwealth Shooting Championships 2017?
a)   PoojaGhatkarb)   HeenaSidhu    c)  Anjummoudgil     d)   Shreyasi Singh
86. Who designated as Finance Secretary recently?
a)   HasmukhAdhia     b)   Swapni Suresh Kusale     c)   Neeraj Kumard)   AnjumMoudgil
87. Which Indian short film has won the Best Short Film Award at the South Asian Film Festival of Montreal?
a)   The School Bag    b)   The School Gate     c)   The School Roadd)   None of these
88. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          Union HRD Minister PrakashJavadekar inaugurated a two-day National Workshop ‘ChintanShivir’ in New Delhi.
                         II.          The workshop was organized by Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development.
                       III.          The main aim of the workshop is to provide holistic education relevant for 21st century India and to bring together key stakeholders from various NGOs, private sector and individuals to deliberate on key themes in the education sector.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I     b)   Only II and III     c)   Only I and III     d)    All of these
89. The Kerala government launched a new scheme for school students in the state to ensure ‘menstrual hygiene’ among girls. What was that?
a)   Think pad     b)   Cool Pad      c)   She Pad    d)   He Pad
90. The Bank of China formally launched its operations in Pakistan. It opened its first branch in Pakistan’s
a)   Karachi    b)   Lahore    c)   Punjab     d)   Musalabad
91. The European Union Election observation Mission was officially launched to monitor the general and provincial polls in which country?
a)   Myanmar    b)   Bangladesh   c)   Sri Lanka    d)   Nepal                
92. Independent workplace provider, WorkoLab unveiled its first co-working space in which are of India?
a)   Gurugram    b)   Pusa Road   c)   Both of these   d)   None of these
93. Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi launched an online portal for registering complaint related to sexual harassment in non-government and government organisations. What is the name of that portal?
a)  SHe-box     b)   Cool-box    c)   Think-box     d)   None of these
94. Which social media giant has confirmed that it is doubling its well-known character count for good?
a)   Facebook      b)   Twitter     c)   Instagram     d)   Pinineterest
95. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          A new study has revealed that the most ancient spiral galaxy in the universe which believed to be existed 100 billion years ago discovered.
                         II.          The study has been published in the Astrophysical Journal.
                       III.          The researchers used a powerful technique that combines gravitational lensing with the Near-infrared Integral Field Spectrograph (NIFS) on the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii to verify the vintage and spiral nature of the galaxy.

Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I      b)   II and III     c)   I and III     d)   All of these
96. Consider the following statements:
                           I.          Researchers have discovered a new species of ant at Western Ghats.
                         II.          The new species of ant found in the Poona Tiger Reserve.
                       III.          The research was undertaken by KaleshSadasivan and Manoj Kripakaran, members of the non-governmental organisation Travancore Natural History Society’s Ant Research Group.

Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I     b)   Only II and III     c)   Only I and III     d)   All of these
97. Who became the first man to take two hat-tricks in the same first-class game in Australia recently?
a)    Mitcheli Star     b)   Jono Wells     c)   Jason Behrendorff     d)   David Moody
98. Who clinched a gold medal in the Light Flyweight category of Asian Boxing Championships in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam?
a)   Kim HyandMib)   Marry Kom    c)   ShakshiTanwar    d)   None of these
99. A new passenger train service, Bandhan Express was flagged-off recently. Who is/are involved in the flagging off?
a)   NarendraModi    b)   Sheikh Hasina     c)   Mamata Banerjee d)   All of the above
100. Consider the following statements:
                              I.          Under the Prevention of Money-laundering  (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2017, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) said about linking insurance policies with Aadhaar.
                            II.          In that gazette, Union government made Aadhaar and PAN/form 60 mandatory for availing financial sevices including insurance and also for linking the existing policies with the same.
                          III.          So, this norm of linking Aadhaar number to insurance policies will apply to both new customers as well as existing policy holders.
Which of the above statements is/are true?
a)   Only I     b)   II and III     c)   I and III    d)   All of these

1.  (a)      2.  (d)     3.  (a)     4.  (a)     5.   (d)     6.  (d)     7.  (c)   8.  (c)   9.  (a)    10.  (b)
11.  (b)   12.  (a)   13.  (d)   14.  (a)   15.  (d)   16.  (a)   17.  (a)    18.  (a)    19.  (b)   20.  (d)
21.  (c)   22.  (d)   23.  (b)   24.   (c)    25.  (d)   26.   (d)   27.  (a)   28.   (c)    29.  (b)   30.  (d)
31.  (a)   32.  (b)   33.  (b)   34.   (a)    35.   (c)   36.   (b)   37.  (a)   38.  (c)   39.  (a)    40.  (b)
41.  (d)   42.  (d)   43.  (c)   44.  (c)   45.  (a)    46.  (b)   47.  (a)   48.  (a)   49.  (c)   50.  (d)
51.  (b)   52.  (b)   53.  (c)   54.  (b)   55.  (b)   56.  (a)   57.  (d)   58.  (a)   59.  (a)   60.  (a)
61.  (a)   62.  (a)   63.  (b)   64.  (d)   65.  (c)   66.  (c)   67.  (a)   68.  (d)   69. (a)     70. (d)
71.  (d)   72.  (c)   73.  (d)   74.  (b)   75.  (c)   76.  (b)   77.  (b)   78.  (d)    79.  (c)   80.  (d)
81.  (a)   82.  (a)   83.  (a)   84.  (a)    85.  (b)   86.  (a)   87.  (a)    88.  (d)    89.  (c)   90.  (a)

91.  (d)   92.  (c)   93.  (a)   94.  (b)   95.  (b)   96.  (c)   97.  (a)   98.  (b)   99.  (a)   100.  (d)

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