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Naveen Raaj.
Venue: Lucknow Gramin Bank of Aryavrt staff training center.

I completed my RRB scale -1 interview. Here, I would like to share my experience. I am from Bihar but I had filled up the form from UTTAR PRADESH. The interview was conducted in my regional language ie., HINDI. My timing was 1:00 p.m. After completing verification, I went for the interview around 2:30p.m. They called me around 3:00p.m.

The panel consisted of 4male and 1 female.

Me: May I come in sir,
M1: Yes, come in.
Me: Good afternoon ma'am and good afternoon sirs.
M1: Good afternoon take Your seat.
Me: Thank you, sir.
M1: Kaha se ho NAVIN?
Me: From Bihar.
M1: Bihar me kaha se?
Me: From east ChamparannMotihari.
M1: But you mentioned Delhi Kalkaji.
Me: I told them about my education from Delhi, graduation and post graduation.
M1: Apkaapna house yakirayeperhte ho?
Me: I told no sir rent perehtehai, then all the members are laughing and told me both are the same. Yes sir.
M1: Family me konkonhai?
Me: I told them.
M1: Tell me about your city.
Me: Explained.
M1: Tell me about your family background & educational background.
Me: Told.
M2: Some questions related to my father.
Me: Answered.
F1: Gone somewhere away from her seat.
M1: Some questions related to my brother and sister.
Me: Told.
M1: Abhikyakrte ho?
Me: I m teaching 8-12th class students.
M1: Kitna earn krlete ho?
Me: Told.
M1: Good.
M1:Banking ombudsman kyahotahai?
Me: Explained with example.
M1:Kitne banking ombudsman haiabhiaurkiskis state me hai?
Me: I told them 20 and some examples from Delhi Kanpur.
M1: Apne RBI ke bare me sunahai?
Me: Yes sir, told them about RBI.
M1: Functions kyahai RBI ka?
Me: I told them in brief, but they asked me, "aurbtao", then I moved to Monetary Policy details.
M1: Ok. He asked me SLR, CRR, RR, RRR.
Me: Told them in detail.
F1: (Back to her seat).
M1: NDTL ke bare me sunahaiapne? kyahotahai ye? 
Me: Told.
M2: Agar Bank ki last year business 3cr thiauriss year 18% increase huihaitoh total business kitnahua?
Me: Told them immediately and they all smiled.
M1: Asked the other person, "aurkuchpuchnahai?" tohbakisabnekaha, "nahi sir..."
Me: Thank you ma'am and sirs, have a nice day...

It lasted for 11-12 mins. Overall, my interview was good. Only two members were asking questions and others were judging my performance I guess.

Centre: Ajmer Aryan College
Date: 29-Dec.-2017
Panel: 2
Time: 8:30 am

I was 2nd to give the interview after documents verification.

Panel- 4 male, 1 female

I wished them all, "Good Morning".

M1: Are you from Ganganagar?
Mere yes bolte hi unka mood change hua coz 2-3 din se continuously wahin se log aa rhe to mujhse reason puchne lge sb wahin se aa rhe ho 2 din se aisa kya h
I replied- I don't know all of them par main wahan se hu.

M2: Coaching kahan se ki?
I replied – from Ganganagar

M3: Gk kahan se padhte ho?
I replied – From newspaper and online sites.

M4: Okay means u know all about GK?
I replied – Not everything. But a little.

F1: Tell me names of Mahasagar nd Mahadweeps?
I replied- 2-3, but not all.

F1: Rajasthan ki boundary se touch hone wali states ke naam btao, then India ki boundary se bhi.
I told some of them but not all.

M2: Tell me 5 functions of NABARD?
I told 3, then M2 was from NABARD, he asked very tough questions jo mujhe samjh mein nhi aye and I said sorry.

M3: What is SHG?
I replied then they asked me the ratio in which they take the loan from a bank. I didn't know and said sorry.

Then they asked me the questions related to my subject.

M1: What is Industrial Law?
I didn't know and said sorry.

M2: What is market economics?
I replied but they were not satisfied.

M4: What is the corporate accounting?
I replied but they were again not satisfied.

F1: What did you do in these 3 years. Because I was a non-college student.
I did my graduation with a private job so, they said that’s why you are not able to answer our questions now.

Then they asked me to Go and have a good day. Overall It was not at all a good experience. It was my first interview. Ab IBPS PO ka bhi hai interview. I hope wo is se acha ho.
I wish u all the best for the interview and result. 

Venue: Lucknow, UP

Finally, I am done with my interview for IBPS RRB OS 1. What I noticed, Log pehle se hi bank me Officer Scale 1 hain, wo bhi exam de k fir se OS 1 ka interview de rhe hai. Reason, apne area me chahiye Job. 60% candidates bankers the. Let’s talk about my interview.

I entered the room.
May I come in Sir?
Wished everyone.
4 Male, 1 Female.
Sat on the chair.
First question.

M3- Where is Shahdol?
Me- It’s near Katni, MP.

M3- You have changed many jobs within 5 years.
Me- Since I am working in Pvt. sector, to increase my salary and fulfill my financial needs to survive in a metro city I changed.

M3- That’s good. I appreciate your thinking.
Tell me about your Job?
Me- Told.

M3- You do Job by traveling?
Me- Yes sir, I visit industries in my Circle.

M3- Who’s there in your Family?
Me- Told.

M3- What do your father and brother do?
Me- Told.

M2- What is the difference between sales and Marketing.
Me- Told.

M2- How your product works and where.
Me- Answered.

M2- On a scale of 10, how much you would rate yourself in Banking knowledge.
Me- Sir, I would rate myself 6.

M2- What is Monetary Policy and who controls it?
Me- Answered.

M2- Who manages it?
Me- I don’t know sir.

M2- Whenever there is a tie in voting in MPC, what happens?
Me- RBI governer vote makes the decision.

F1- What are your hobbies?
Me- Watching and playing cricket.

F1- No interest in music?
Me- No Mam.

M2- YouTube pe to dekhte hoge?
Me- No sir. I watch only study related videos.

M2- Bhai hum to movie bhi usipe dekh lete h. Aajkal har movie 2-3 month me uspe aa jati h.
Me- Yes sir.

F1- What is Financial Inclusion.
Me- Told.

F1- What is SHG?
Me- Answered.

M4- SHG me kaun hota h?
Me- Told.

M4- To wo loan dete h ya lete h banks se?
Me- Answered.
All right. Thank you.

M2- You did Good. I must say.

I Thanked everyone and left.
This was all about my interview in Lucknow, UP.

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