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IBPS PO INTERVIEW CONDUCTED IN JANFEB 2017 --(2016 ibps po selection)

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Date: 07/02/2017
Time: 1 pm
Panel: 3

NAMING M1, M2,M3,M4,F1 seated like this.
I sat before M3.
I:May I come in Sir?

M3:yes come in...
I:Thank you sir.

I went in. And wished all... First from F1 who is far right and she was busy with some paperwork.

M4- something he said but I couldn't hear properly.  So I went near the chair and stood there. Then he said YOU CAN SIT.
I: Thank you sir.

M3: then sumit you are a pharmacy student then why you want to join banks.
I: Sir banking is a fastest growing sector and it has more growth opportunities and in the other hand in pharmacy there are lesser opportunity in PSB and GOVT SECTORS.

M3:but you can go to industry they pay good..and he told me about healthcare sector and all. Because I thought he was not satisfied with my answer. So I told,
I:sir actually I had to do architecture but due to some family issues I couldn't pursue that so I joined b.pharm and also I am not a biology student.
Then he checked my +2/inter certificate and laughed.
Then M3 asked me about my job profile why I had not tried in b.pharm jobs.
I told him I got job 2 times both campus selections first was in aurobindo and other one a MR job. So I told my seniors suggested me to not to go both..

M3: how come you came to banking?
I: after b.pharm some of my friends went for m.pharm and some for banking.I took m.pharm. but those took banking they are now well settled in banks like SBI, Canara ,syndicate etc so by looking them I came to banking they inspired me a lot.
Then M3 passed to M4.

M4: then what preparations you made for this interview sumit.
I: (as a dumb said) sir I am from odia medium background and I had very poor knowledge in English so I tried very hard to fix this.
They all laughed and said it's OK we all are from odia background and you can talk in odia. But I talked in English only.

M4: which topic you covered sumit
I: sir banking awareness and general awareness.

M4:please specify so that I can ask you.
I:sir RBI, commercial banks ,psbs, payment banks etc sir.

M4: what types of deposits are there?
I: 2 types demand and term.

M4: and demand deposit divided into
I: savings and current account.

M4: why people use savings account.
I: told 3 points
He asked me more but I said sorry sir I couldn't recall at this time.
He said it's fine.

M4:what is interest on savings account.
I: sir each bank has different rates on their own.
I saw they were not satisfied that gave me examples. But I said the same.

M3:how interest calculated on them?
I:on daily basis
I saw F1 noded her head I felt relaxed.

He also asked 2 to 3 questions on banking which I forgot.
Then it's time for M1.
M1: on tablets it is written like IP USP what are those.
I:Indian pharmacopoeia sir.

M1:OK what is that.
I:explained well.

He noded his head.
M1:and what is USP.
I: I explained.

M1:what is composition of blood.
I: I explained.

They looked satisfied.
M1: which is commonly available blood group.
I: o positive sir (but I was nt sure)

M1: if I have one bottle of blood and there are 2 patients what will I do.
I: sir we have to give to the patient with most serious.

M1: both are serious then.
I: we have to arrange another one.

M1: can I add saline with blood and give the two.
I: no sir.

All laughed.

M3: OK sumit it's over very good sumit.
I: thank you sir.
M3: take a chocolate.
I: which one sir
Because there were 2 kinds of chocolate i.e. mango bite and chloromint.
They all laughed and said whichever you like.
I took the chloromint and thanked all individually.

M3: all the best.
That's all..

Good luck friends...

Name- Akshay Sharma
Interview Date- 7/02/2017
Venue- Lead District Office, PNB Sector 17-B Chandigarh
Panel 3 evening session 1:00pm

I reached there at 12:55 pm and people who were outside of the venue told me that everyone is upstairs,
so I went up immediately.Biometric attendance was going on when I reached there.
After biometric we were told to sit in the conference room and after that documents verification took place according to the list .
I had 13th number in the list of 25. Bell rang and the office boy opened the door

For me i took permission for entering "May I come in , please ?" 
Then after entering I wished them good afternoon and stood by the chair. 
4 male and 1 female.

 m2 : harbag se ho.
me  :  yes sir. 

m2  :  dehra.
m3  :  dehra gopipur?
me  : yes sir.

m2,3 : sit.
me  : thank you.

m2  : apki engineering 2013 me hui  h ya 2014 me? (this ques came bcoz i was asked by the person who was verifing documents to change the passing date to july 2014 instead of dec 2013)
me  : sir exam dec 2103 me hua tha and result 2014 me aya tha isliye cutting .
m2  : ok ok

m2  : to uske baad kya kiya?
me  : sir post graduation diploma k liye Canada jane  ka plan tha, ielts  exam bhi diya but finacial problems ki wajah se nhi ho paya. Uske baad se bank exams ki perparation kr rha hu.

m2  : to apne ielts ka exam diya hai. IELTS ki full form kya hoti h ?

m2  : kitne bands aye the ?

m2  : kya padh k aye ho? 
me  : sir kuch specific nhi basic terms and thoda thoda sab kuch .

m1  : thoda thoda padh k aye ho hum to apko poora officer bnayenge 
(everybody laughing)

m2  : economic survey  pta h kuch kya h?
me  : sir kuch points padhe h.

m2  : btao 
told them one baki yaad nhi aaye 

m2  : acha budget k kitne points bta skte ho?
 told about 8-9 main points of budget 

m2 to others : ok sir ab aap banking poocho

m4  : rbi k functions bta dijiye 
asnwered about 6-7 functions 

m3  : ye rbi jo currency print krta h ye kis base pe krta h koi criteria h ya jitni chahe print kr skta h?
i didn' know so i said sorry sir i dont have any idea about this 

m3  : currency print kahan kahan hoti h?
answered three places

m3 :  rbi k governor kaun  h?

m3  : governor se pehle kis post pe the?

f1  : acha apne mudra ka suna h kuch?? uske bare me bta do.
 pehle full form  bta do
 told full form then few basics of MUDRA

ok thank you 
 after that I was not moving from my chair they said thank you again and you may go now  
After that I moved.
they were neither friendly not harsh all of them looked pretty serious.
Date : Feb 06/02 Shift 1:00
Location : Lucknow Grand JBR

I was 11th or 12th in my list after verification which went by smoothly I was taken to the 2nd floor and told to wait as the panel went to have lunch.

At around 2:30 my turn came bell rang and I knocked the door and peeped inside but since the room was such that the panel members were not visible form the door so I didn’t shouted may I come in and straight away went in.

I wished good afternoon to all of them starting from ma’am.
They replied good afternoon and told me to have a seat . I thanked them and sat down .

Ma’am : Kahan se ho ?
Me : Kanpur

Maam : kya kara hai and kab ?
Me : in electronics and instrumentation in the year 2013 .

Ma’am : kahan se ?
Me: Lucknow

Ma’am : why not HBTI in Kanpur itself ?
Me : counseling mein BBD mila.

Ma’am : okk , uske baad kya kar rhe the 2013 se ab tak ?
Me : Job in plastics manufacturing company in silvassa .

Ma’am : ye kahan hai ?
Me : D&NH ka capital hai .

Ma’am : confused ..
SIR : arrey ma’am union territory hai.
I added ma’am Daman & Diu ke paas hai Gujarat border.

Maam : okay okay.kitni salary de rhe the wahan .
ME : told

Sir : itne dur bula ke kam salary kyun dete hain manufacturing mein .
Me : sir growth nahi hai jyada and north mein to manufacturing job milti nhi hai easily .

Sir : Accha sach sach batana ki bank kyun join karna chahte ho ye mat bolna ki stable and salary acchi hai .
ME: sir ye dono reasons to hain hi plus I love traveling and interacting with new people which are prerequisite for banking jobs and also there is growth opportunity which was not there in the job I was doing.

Sir : Good. Hobbies and strength jo bank mein help karengi ?
Me :  as I told you I love travelling and interacting with new people reading books are my hobbies and about my strength I have good communication skills , good time management skills and I am a good team worker and can lead the team as well.

Sir 2 : agar aapko bolun koi kaam karne ko to kaise karna pasand krenge akele ki team ke sath .
Me : sir as I told you main dono hi case mein accha kaam karta hun I can work in team and if situation demands then I can work alone too .

Sir 1 : accha news paper padhte ho ?
Yes sir.

Sir 1 : Current affairs mein interest hai ? to btao kal ki do news .
Me: sasikala got nominated CM .

Sir 1 : Ye nahi RBI se related btao koi .
Me : law passed that 3 lakh se upar cash transaction banned hain.

Sir 1: arrey ye nahi kuch digital banking k liye kra hai RBI ne kal .
ME: sorry sir I cant recall .

Sir 2: Okay thankyou .
Me: thankyou sir and ma’am.

Bahar aake check kiya MDR se related news thi ki banks ab khud hi MDR rate decide kr skti hain .

That’s all . 
All the Best
Name: Balakrishnan Natarajan
Date: 09/02/2017
Place: Central Office, Chennai.
Reporting time: 1.00 pm
Panel: VI

I was there exactly at 12.30pm. Marked my entry in security office. They directed me to the building where the interview was being held. The panel number 6 was in 6th floor. There at 6th floor, I was given a paper and a printed format for self declaration. I was instructed to write it and I wascalled for biometric verification. Though I had some problem in Biometric, I completed it successfully (felt little relieved). Then I was given number 11. They verified my certificates. They only got my photocopies. Nothing they verified.

All the staff seemed very friendly. They were too caring. They made me to wait. There were other 22 members with me. We started talking to each other. The supervisor appointed for us was so jovial. He  tried to make us to feel relaxed. He tried to vanish our tensions. I was called at 4.05 pm. Herewhat happened...


Me: May I come in sir.

M4: Please come in.

They all looked very cool and they were at their 50+. Tried to ease my efforts.

M1: So, Balakrishnan. First tell us about urself briefly.
Me: ***told***

M1: Tell us the basic duties of an officer.
(I was bit confused) 
Me: An officer should overview the works done by the subordinates under him who is performing bank 
related works.

M1: In that case, imagine that we have appointed you as a Branch manager for marketing especially. How will you improve the profit of the branch?
Me: ( after waiting for a second) Sorry sir. I don't have any idea about marketing.
(But they didn't let me down. They want me to say something valid) 

M1: Come on Balakrishnan. If you are appointed you will be given such tasks. You should say something, so that we will believe that you are really capable.(They told me some points to improve the profit)
Me: (gaining confidence) Yes sir. I ll mostly attract current account and saving account so that we can improve the CASA ratio which will lead to the profit of a branch. And also I ll analyse the certain limit of people on whether they need any aid financially or not, which suits each of them.

(They were satisfied)

M4: you are a mechanical engineer right? Okay what is the difference between a two stroke and four stroke engines?
Me: ***told***

M3: Who is the prime ministers of Pakistan? Sri Lanka? And also the cheif minister of Telangana?
Me: ***told*** (except Sri Lanka PM)

F1: (again she started similar kind of question) What will you make to attract a customer towards your bank?
Me: Mam, the way we treat reflects in the customer we get. The proper way of servicing a customer will surely attract them towards the branch.

(They added few points in it)
Me: Yes sir. A satisfied customer is a good ambassador of a bank.

All together: Exactly Balakrishnan. All the very best. You can leave now.

Hoping for the positive results. Let's wait for the day of destination. Thank you.

Venue: the grand jbr hotel, Lucknow.
Panel 3
My name is Archana Gupta. I m from Lucknow.
Mine was afternoon shift. Certificate verification completed at 1:30 pm.
Faced interview at 2:15 pm.

Mine interview was just after panel's lunch one of the male members said "Jo lunch ke bad phla candidate hota hai usse hum jada marks dete hai ... wait krna pdta hai naa use

M3: apne bare me brief me btao
me:(as he asked me in Hindi so I gave the answer in Hindi only) I confidently replied.

M3: aur bhai behen kya kr rhe
me: replied

M3: aapne 2013 engineering ki uske bad kya kia
me: sir 1 saal mene apne field me govt sector ki preparation ki mera gate bhi qualified hua but marks itne acche nhi the ki acche college mile use bad mene apni abilities ko banking sector me lagayi.

M3: ibps dia tha last time
me: yes sir 1 marks kam the sir mains qualify krne me

M3: interview dia tha
me: yes sir Bob ka is year mains qualify kia tha me 0.4% se ruka

M3: border pe hai aap mtlb

M3: bank gyi hai
me:( with a smiling face) yes sir

M3: kya kam krte hai wha employee
me: I start telling about role of po in bank
he interrupted me bole po ka to job krne bad smjhngi kya krte hai .... bank me basic kam kya hota
me: told them in simple words they looked satisfied ...

M2: bank related news btao
me: told one of the HSBC news and other from budget
M2: kuch housing loan ki news hai naa
me: sorry sir I don't know

M2: I m giving hint
me:(I was not knowing anything about that) I replied sorry I m not recollecting
then its lady's turn

L: kuch aur banks aaye hai kon se hai
me: I said with a question marks look mam payment bank

L: you have to give me the answer
me: (smiled ) mam payment bank, small financial bank

L: kyu laya gya inhe
me: mam bank n customer k bich k gap ko fill krne k lie (I was a bit hesitate that time but I manage) sum more cross questioning over this point

L: kisi payment bank ka interest pta hai
me: mam airtel payment bank - 7.25%

L: post payment bank ka
me: sorry mam don't know
again M3 RBI k function kya h
me: monetary policy control and bank supervision ( I should tell more )

M3: aapki koi hobby
me: as every one has same hobby in interview sir mujhe ghumna accha lgta ,song sunna ,kabhi kabhi dance krna

M3: kaha ghumi hai aap last time
me: sir Agra

It takes 13-15 mints...
OK fine Archana .... thanku
me: thanku sir thanku mam

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