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[08:08, 1/19/2018] +91 77024 37227: BANKING AWARENESS - ONE LINER 📚📕📕
👉 Banking ombudsman is appointed by – RBI
👉 Tax free union territory – Pudhucherry
👉 Maximum age for retirement of MD/CEO for all private banks – 70 years
👉 New savings schemes introduced by SBI for children – pehlaKadam and PehliUdaan
👉 Financial inclusion – Ensuring accessibility to bank accounts for many/all.
👉 Vijay Mallya ‘willfull defaulter is declared by – United Bank of India
👉 Mutual funds are regulated by – Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
👉 Equator- the term associated with Banking operations
👉 U.T.I officially changed by – Axis bank
👉 Regulatory authority of rural banks – RBI and NABARD
👉EBT – Electrical Benefit Transfer
👉 BMB Smartbanking – internet banking facility launched by BharatiyaMahila Bank
👉 NABARD – Handles refinance for agriculture and rural development in India
👉 ICICI – allow to open bank account for children above 10
👉 Kotak Mahindra Bank – launched FACEBOOK based social networking instant fund transfer
👉 SBI – introduced first multi-currency international debit card
👉 The foreign exchange reserves are kept by – RBI
👉 Bank of Rajastan merged with UCO bank
👉 Drawer in bank cheques – who issues the cheque.
👉 Drawee in bank cheque – always the banker
👉 Union bank – first bank to set up talking ATM
👉 SBI Associate banks – initially seven banks
👉 During inflation tax should be increased.
👉 Industrial sector – biggest tax paying sector in India
👉 SBI – first Indian bank to touch market capital up to Rs.100000 crore
👉 Insurance sector regulated by – Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA)
👉 United commercial bank – Expanded form UCO bank
👉 TRIPS and TRIMS associated with – WTO
👉 SBI and Bank of India – first two Indian banks to open branch in Pakistan
👉 The merchant banking activities in India governed by - SEBI
👉 RBI establish in – April 1, 1935.
👉 Original name of SBI – Bank of Calcutta and Bank of Bengal
👉 SBI comes into existence in – 1955
👉 Hum Hai Na is the slogan of ICICI
👉 World bank established in 1944
👉 Headquarter of world bank is Washington DC.
👉 World bank 12th president – Jim Yong Kim
👉 SIDBI – Small Industries Development Bank of India
👉 NHB – National Housing Bank
👉 NHB established in 9th July, 1988
👉 NDTL – Net Demand and Time Liabilities.
👉 KYC – Know Your Customer
👉 Inflation – increase in general level of price for goods and service
👉 Bearer cheque – payable to any person who present it for payment at the bank counter
👉 Capital market deals in – Long term funds and Debt and Equity
👉 Banking commission established in – 1972
👉 IRDA headquarter – Hyderabad
👉 SBI formulated under – SBI Act 1955
👉 ICICI – first universal bank established in country
👉 Scheduled commercial banks got license under – Banking Regulation Act 1949
👉 Laxmi commercial bank merged with Canara bank
👉 If ATM is out of order it is called operational risk
👉 When computer is not worked in banks is called operational risk
👉 Credit risk – If loans are not repaid in time
👉 Market risk – If the bank products failed to service in market
👉 IFSC denotes Branch code of any bank
👉 IFSC consist of 11 digits
👉 Global bank – Take over by Oriental bank of commerce
👉 RBI does not issue one rupee note
👉 Bank of baroda – first bank to open branch outside India at London
👉 NRI deposits called as Hot Money
👉 LAB – Local Area Banks
👉 Oriental bank of commerce – first bank to issue capital to public.
👉 SEBI consists of chairman and five members
👉 Bank rate – when RBI desires to restrict expansion of credit it raises.
👉 Dishonour of the cheque – when bank returns the the cheque unpaid
👉 Mortgage is the security on immovable property
👉 FINO – Financial Information Network and Operation Limited
👉 When the purchasing power of money decreases then rate of inflation increase.
👉 DICGC – Deposits Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited
👉 Money laundering – conversion of money which is illegally obtained

source: whatsapp group smartstudy  thanks

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