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US lawmakers oppose changes in H-1B visa rules

US lawmakers oppose changes in H-1B visa rules

 | Updated: Jan 5, 2018, 13:52 IST


  • US lawmakers and advocacy groups have criticised the Trump administration's reported plan to curb H-1B visa extensions
  • Congressmen cited examples of Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella and Elon Musk to substantiate their point
  • A reported draft by Department of Homeland Security may lead to self-deportation of 5 to 7.5 lakh Indian Americans
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WASHINGTON: Some US lawmakers and advocacy groups have criticised the Trump administration's reported plan to curb H-1B visa extensions that could result in self- deportation of an estimated 5 to 7.5 lakh Indian Americans, saying the move would drain America of talent.
The proposal, which was part of President Donald Trump's "Buy American, Hire American" initiative that he vowed to launch on the campaign trail, is being drafted by Department of Homeland Security leaders, according to reports.

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The H-1B program offers temporary US visas that allow companies to hire highly skilled foreign professionals working in areas with shortages of qualified American workers. But since taking office last January, the Trump administration has been cracking down on the scheme.

Influential Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said: "Imposing these draconian restrictions on H-1B visa holders will tear families apart, drain our society of talent and expertise, and damage our relationship with an important partner, India.

"This proposal could lead to the deportation of an estimated 500,000 to 750,000 Indian H-1B visa holders, many of whom are small business owners and job creators who are helping to build and strengthen our US economy+ . This brain drain will stifle innovation and decrease our ability to compete in the global 21st century economy," Gabbard said.

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In a statement the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) sounded alarm over the Trump administration's proposal to deny extensions of H-1B visas to green card applicants and leaving them with no choice but to return to the country of origin or be deported.

"It's a baffling calculation. How would deporting hundreds of thousands of skilled workers, the very backbone of our STEM industries, in any way advance an 'America First' agenda?" Shukla asked.

Indian-American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi said while priority must continue to be improving advanced training for domestic workforce, ending H-1B visa extensions would kneecap American economy and encourage companies to further offshore jobs, instead of making those investments here.

"I hope the administration immediately rejects this proposal," he said.

Congressman Ro Khanna said the proposal was "anti- immigrant".

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