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Static Awareness Questions:

1. Vienna is the capital city of which country?
Ans: Austria

2. Ukai Dam is situated in which state?
Ans: Gujarat

3. Balphakram National Park is in which state?
Ans: Meghalaya

4. Achanakmar wildlife sanctuary is in which state?
Ans: Chattisgarh

5. Hand in Hand military exercise is between India and which country?
Ans: China

6. Venue of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit 2017 
Ans: Astana, Kazakhstan

7. BD Mishra is governor of which state?
Ans: Arunachalal Pradesh

8. Headquarter of UCO bank 

Ans: Kolkata

9. Dhirubai Ambani Solar park is in which state?
Ans: Rajasthan

10. JRD Tata sports stadium located in which city?
Ans: Jamshedpur

11. Benghazi port opened in which country?
Ans: Libya

12. Headquarter of National Chemical and Fertilizer located in which city?
Ans: Mumbai

13. The constituency of Surendran Singh
Ans: Madhya Pradesh

Banking Awareness Questions:

14. Kisan Vikas credit card cannot be issued by?
Ans : Payment Banks

15. Interest rate risk is which type of risk?
Ans: Market Risk

16. Bharatiya Reserve Bank note mudran press is located in Salboni and 
Ans: Mysore

17. Term used for savings and current bank account is 
Ans: CASA Ratio

18.Term Initial coin offering belongs to
Ans: Crypto currencies

19. NBFC 's are regulated by 
Ans : RBI

20. Tenure of Call Money is
Ans: One day

21. A question based on the increase in FDI limit of PF.

22. CRISIL is what type of company? 
Ans: Analytical Company

23. Characteristics of D-SIB is?
Ans: size, cross-jurisdictional activities and complexity

24. A question based on types of banking.

25. Term period of Varistha Pension Bima Yojana?
Ans: 10 years

26. In NACH , 'H' stands for 
Ans: House

27. In FATF , ' A' stands for 
Ans: Action

28. In LAF , ' L ' stands for
Ans: Liquidity

29. In SFMS, 'M' stands for
Ans: Messaging

30. In MPC, 'P' stands for 

31. In ELSS , 'L' stands for 
Ans: Linked

32. GDR full form is
Ans: Global Depositary Receipt

33. CAGR full form is 
Ans: Compound Annual Growth Rate

34. A question based on credit risk

35. Headquarter of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency?
Ans : Washington DC

36. A question based on National Institute of Security Market

37. Number of days to clear FDI application?
Ans: 60 days

38. Bank which provides loan with only written undertaking is
Ans: Investment bank

40. One question based on definition of Amortization

Current Affairs Questions:

41. Lek Tandon, who died recently belongs to which field
Ans: Indian Film maker and Actor

42. Who is the vice chairman of NITI AYOG Committee?
Ans: Rajiv Kumar

43. Who won the china open men's singles title? 
Ans: Rafael Naal

44. 2017 Nobel prize for Economics given to whom
Ans: Richard Thaler

45. Sanjeev Stalin is associated with which game
Ans: Football

46. Which city hosted 48th Interstate Governor meeting?
Ans: New Delhi

47. 3rd International Conference on Yoga wellness held in which city? 
Ans: New Delhi

48. Head of India- China Relationship committee
Ans : Shashi Tharoor

49. First Indian state to start online adjournment for legislatures?
Ans: Rajasthan

50. One question based on NAFCC.


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