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Date-: 28/12/2017
Time-: 08:30 AM 
Panel - II
Venue -: Haryana Tourism Corp Ltd. Tilyar Tourist
Resort, Rohtak.

I reached one day before the main day as my interview was going to be held in the early morning round. So I visited the venue before my interview day and it helped a lot. You have to be relaxed on interview day, so don’t go on the table with books but go out with friends and chill. I watched a movie ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ and traveled so much.

On Interview Day-
I reached with my simple dress and get all the documents verified and tried to talk friendly with everyone who talked to me. I wanted my turn to be in first ten students so that I would be given almost 10 minutes for my interview but suddenly I heard that everyone would be given just 5 to 6 minutes as this day was for General category students and the number of students was huge.

In Room of Panel -

I entered and greeted everyone, first to Madam, then Sirs.
There were 6 Panelists (F,M1,M2,M3,M4,M5).

F – Sit down.(I sat and said, "Thank you, Ma'am.")
M1 – Okay, what’s your name?
Me – Sir My name is Vishnu Pareek.

M1 – From where do you belong?
Me - Sirsa, Haryana.

M1 – What is your father's occupation?
Me – Sir, my father is a postman and the posting is in Sirsa.

M1 – Okay, did you help your father in his work?
Me – Yes sir when my father was Branch postmaster, then I filled all the application forms, Saving account of villagers.
M1 – Very good( with a smile ).

M1 – What’s your mother's occupation?
Me – Sir my mom is a homemaker.

M1 – Since your father’s income is low, is it easy to adjust with that?
Me – Yes sir, it is difficult to adjust but my parents are very sweet and they handle it very easily and happily.
F – Very good. (With smile)

M2 – Your father is in a post office, what’s the name of payment bank by the Post office?
Me – Sir, it’s Indian Post Payment Bank.

M2 – In the upcoming years, IPPB will open its branches in rural areas, then why will people go to RRBs instead of IPPB? (Since it was a tricky situation, I was expected to be diplomatic in it.)
Me – Sir RRB’s main focus is on Kisaans and kisaan toh desh ki aatma hote hai…..( M2 inturrupted suddenly)

M2 – Kya !!!! Kisaan aatmhatya kr rhe hain !!!!! (Female Panelist supported me before me – No sir Ye keh rha hai ki kisaan desh ki aatma hote hain..)
M2(Smiled) - Okay okay sorry … Go on.
Me – Sir, Kisaan are the backbone of our country and RRB is especially for Kisaans, so, undoubtedly Kisaans will prefer RRBs always.
F + M2 – Very good. (Smiled)

M3 – So have you heard about commercial papers?
Me – Yes Sir, Govt of India issues Commercial papers and days are in multiples of 91 and….( I forgot everything about it ) “Sorry sir aage main fansta hi jaunga, nhi pta”
M3 – It’s okay yaar, you’re not a machine. Just say I’m sorry sir, I don’t know.

M3 – Do you know why RBI changes repo rates from time to time?
Me - Yes sir. RBI’s main motive is progress of India and to control money supply in the market, RBI does changes in Monetary Policy rates timely.

M3 – Very good. Is india is in the mood of Progress?
Me – Yes Sir, India is progressing day by day.
( All smiled )

M3 – RBI fixed target of growth 7.8 % last year, but this time, they targeted only 6.7 %. Why don’t they fix it directly to 10 % ? (Again Diplomatic answer was needed.)
Me- Sir, Jo upper log hain unko jyada pta hai ki kaise dheere dheere desh ko us growth tak leke jana hai aur achhe ke liye wait to krna pdta hai sir. Reaction of everyone chaged as I spoke the last line.
Everyone – Very very good. (with smile)

M3 – As we are seeing China is progressing and we are behind it, what do you think about it?
Me – Yes Sir, we are behind it but definitely one day India will be on rank 1. Everyone admired me and said very good.

M4 – In which bank do you have your account?
Me – Sir, it’s in SBI.

M4 – Okay when does the bank give interest of saving account?
Me – Sorry Sir I’ve no idea but yes, the bank provides interest on some exact time.
M4 – Koi baat nhi.

M4 – What are the types of account?
Me – Saving and current account.

M4 – Any other account too???

M4 – Any other?
Me – Sorry sir .

M4 – Haven’t you heard about FD?
Me – FD is account!!!!

M4 – Haha bhai, jisme paise deposit karte hain, vo account hi hota hai.
Me – Okay sir, thak you.

M4 – Any account other than FD?
Me(Confidently) – Yes Sir, it’s RD.

M4 – Good, What’s difference in FD and RD?
Me – Sir, in FD, money is deposited in one time but in RD it is deposited monthly. Interest rate is same on FD and RD but total interest obtained is greater in case of FD.

M4 – Very good. Why the difference in interest?
Me – Sir, for example if we deposite the same amount of money in FD And RD then in case of FD interest will be given on whole money from first month but in RD interest on first deposit will be for 12 months and in second month’s deposite interest will be given for 11 months then 10 ,9,8…..1 .That’s why RD incures lesser interest than FD.
M4 + F – Very good.

M5 – So you have done B.Sc Non- Medical ?
Me –Yes Sir.

M5 – What do you mean by E= mc2?

Me – Sir It’s Energy-mass conservation relation. According to this, mass can be converted into energy and vice-versa. Here m is mass, E is Energy and c is speed of light.

M5 – Good , Who gave this Relation ?
Me – Sir, Einstein gave this relationship.
M5 – Very good.

F – Who is your role model?
Me – Mam, My parents are my role model.

F – Parents are everyone’s role model. Tell us about another one whose life inspires you?
Me – Yes ma'am, I have a friend whose life inspires me every time. (Everyone interested)

F – Okay, Why?
Me – Ma'am, she i the bravest girl I’ve ever seen in this life. She dedicates her all time for her family. She works like a son for her parents. I wish I become even 1% of her qualities one day.

F – Yes, you will. Very good .
Everyone smiled and wished me, “All the best”.

My interview was of almost 10 minutes luckily, as I wanted. I don’t know what will be my scores in the written exam but I am sure that my interview score will be good. Thank You for your time.

thank: bankersadda

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