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I am happy to give hereunder collection of RRB PO interview experiences.  Thanks are due to

DATE: 17/01/17
TIME: 8:30 AM

I reached the hotel at 8:40 am. It took around 1 hr for biometric verification and documents verification. I was 7th in the queue for an interview. The real interview started at around 11:30 am. Below is my detail interview experience.

INTERVIEW PANEL: 1Lady and 5 gentlemen . All of them were senior bank officials above 50 years age.
I wished all good morning and the lady asked me to take a seat.

Personal Questions:

M1 (I thought he would be the panel head as he was most senior among them and asked maximum questions),

What is your name?
Sir, my name is Nilesh Tejsinghrao Moroliya

M1: Where are you from?
Me: I belong to a small village of Nagpur district.

M1: Which place in Nagpur?
Me: Sir, Taluka Katol

M1: Tell us about your family?
Me: Sir, my family includes six members, father, mother, younger brother, wife and 3 years old daughter. My father is a farmer.

M1: daughter? Ohh great

M1: Abhi khet me kaunsi fasal hai?
Me: Sir, gehu, chana

M1: Aap khet me jate ho?
Ha sir jab bhi waqt mile mai khet jana pasand karta hu

M1: Nagpur ka orange bahot famous hai, aapke khet me orange ki fasal hoti hai?
Me: Orange to nahi sir but mere khet me mosambi hai.

M1: Is sal kitne rupaye ki mosambi hui?
Me: Sir, 70000 ki, is bar demonetzation ki wajah se rate gir gaye the isliye income kam hua.

( I intentionally used the word demonetizationI i had reffered all the facts regarding demonetization. But they didnt ask any question on this)

M1: To abhi kaunsa bahar chal raha hai?
( Unable to remind , jaldi me bol diya)

Me: Sir, winter bahar

(All started to laugh)

M3: Ye kaunsa bahar hota hai bhai?
(Suddenly I reminded and said)
Me: Sir, Ambiya bahar bolte hai use

M2: Ambiya bahar kyo blte hai?
Me: Kyoki sir isi season me aam ke pedo ko bahar aata hai, isliye Ambiya bahar kahate hai.

M1: Aaj kal kya kar rahe ho?
Me: I have been working in Tirupati Urban Cooperative Bank as clerk cum cashier.

Me: Kitne sal se kam kar ho waha?
Sir, 2 sal aur 3 mahine se

M1: Which kind of work do you handle in TUCB?
Me: Sir I have worked in differnt areas of banking including cash, clearing, diposits, Rd/Fd, social schemes and all the counter work except loan.

M1: TUCB bhi Clearing me participate karti hai,?
Me: Yes sir

M3: Is it local bank?
Me: Sir the operational area of bank includes Nagpur, Wardha, Chandrapur, and Mumbai also.

M1: Where is the Head office of your bank?
Me: Sir in Nagpur

M1: Aurangabad me hai kya branch?
Me: Sir Aurangabad me bhi branch thi, as it was occuring losses, managment decided to shut it down.

M1: What is CD Ratio of your bank?
Me: Sorry sir muze yad nahi hai.
(I could easily answer the question as I knew total deposit and total loan given by bank, but CD Ratio ki actual concept yad nahi aa rahi thi)

M2: What is CD Ratio?
( based on my previous question anser, M1 said)

M1: Jitna pata hoga utna hi batao
Me: Sir, CD Ratio is related to loan. It is the percentage of loan given by bank.

M1: Right to some extent
( Then he explained the whole concept)

M2: What is Priority Sector Lending?
Me: Sir, RBI has made it compulsory for all commercial banks including pvt sector banks to reserve some percenatage of their total loaning for priority se tor i.e 40 %. Priority sector includes agriculture and allied activities, farmers, land labours, artisans, small and tiny industris. This sector reqires to be provided special attention by banks.

M2: where did you work before Tirupati Urban Cooperative Bank? 

(I was not able to recall the full name of company, and fumbled. In hurry I said) 

Sir, I was working With Cooperative society.

M2: Which cooperative society?

(Now I pressurised my mind, and then said)

Me: Sir, it was Samruddha Jivan Multistate Multipurpose Cooperative society. 

M1: News paper me aaya tha ke Samruddha Jivan me kuch fraud hua tha, kya hua tha waha?
Me: Sir, Cooperative societies can give loans but are not authorised to accept deposits from public. SEBI had warned the director against raising funds from small investors still the company continued the practice of accepting deposits from public. It is now under CBI scanner in connection with Odisha mega chit fund scam.It was running the business of chit fund. According to the SEBI the society was running the bussiness without proper approval.

M1: Accha to isliye aapne resign kar diya?
Me: Nahi sir, maine ye scam hone se pahale hi resign kar diya tha. I was always attracted towards banking sector and i preapred for banking exam a long time before. I wanted to join govt bank, meanwhile I got an opportunity to work with TUCB bank.So in order to enhance my skills and experience in banking area I resigned SJMMCS and joined TUCB.

( I expected a question ," you were working as Officer in SJMMCS then why did you join TUCB as clerk?"
I had prepared for this question well in advance but they didn't ask)

M1: Aapki bank bhi SJMMCS jaisi to nahi na?
Me: Not at all sir, it is doing good.

M1: You will be going to work for RRB in rural area, how will you help the farmers?
Me: Sir being a villager and rural oriented person I can understand the mindset of rural people. I am well aware of the problems faced by them (interrupting me M1 said)

M1: Kis tarah ki problems face karna padta hai rural area me?
Me: Generally they dont have sufficient money at the time of kharip and rubby season, so take loans from money lenders who charge high rate of interest. Sukha pad jaye to jo invest kiya ho wo bhi wapas nahi milta. In this case they tend to commit suicide.

M1: Agar sukaha pad jaye, aur kisan loan wapas karne me unable hai to being a banker aap kya karoge?
Me: Being a banker, I will make sure that all the schemes launched by govt related to agriculture reaches to farmers so that they will not go to money lenders.
As the RRBs are special purpose bank working for the development of rural economy and for up liftment of farmers it will be my responsibility to give more time to farmers to repay the loan in case of drought and not to harass them like money lenders.

M3: Which schemes have been launched by govt for farmers?
Me: ARYA( Attracting Rural Youth towards Agriculture), Pradhanmanri Krishi Sinchai Yojana, Soil Health Card, Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana, Price Stabilization Scheme, Krishi Dak Yojana.

M1+L1 : That’s all .. Nice talking to you, you can leave now .All the best.

This interview lasted for 15 minutes. Only the head of the panel seemed to be enthusiastic and was asking questions rapidly. The lady was given chance by the head of the panel but she didn't ask a single question.

Thank you all.

Hello guys! My name is Saurav Das and I belong to Assam. Today I'll share my 
RRB Officer scale-1 2017 interview experience.

As it was the very first interview of my life, I was really nervous. My interview was at evening shift. 1pm. Guwahati. Reached there at 12.30pm. 1st Biometric then document verification (all went smoothly). It took a long time. They were slow. Immediately after I was done with verification, I was called for interview. It started at around 5.15pm

There were 4 members in the panel. M1,M2,M3 and F1. I wished all the male interviewers together and then the female interviewer.

M1- So you've completed in chemical engineering, in 2014. Highly qualified! What have you done in these 2 years?
Me- answered.

F1- what are the things in banking that fascinate you?
Me- we get to interact with our customers in banking and being a people's person I can relate to this aspect of banking.

F1- what else? Because you can interact in many other sectors!
Me- In banking, we don't have to be an IITian or a graduate from IIM or any other top notch universities to reach the top level in banking. Eg. A. Bhattacharya of SBI. She's just a B.A in English and now She's the chairman of SBI.
They all were very impressed with the answer and were nodding their head.

M1- yes, you're right. Even I am an IITian.                        
M1- so you want to be at the top level. Good! What are the qualities we should have to reach there?
Me- Talent backed by hard work.

M1- what else?
Me- We've to be honest with our organization. We've to give few internal exams like CAIIB, JAIIB, etc.  
F1- In banking, there is a huge pressure and blah blah blah. Are you ready to take all these pressures?
Me- yes ma'am! M ready.

F1- will you be able to adjust in outskirts?
Me- yes, I can relocate anywhere.

F1- your strengths?
Me- answered.

F1- Your preference while filling?

F1- why Assam?
Me- as I have a dependent and she is my mother. So, I want to remain in my state itself. 
They got emotional and said...
M1- very good. You've responsibilities.
guys, you wanna ask anything else?  
M2- what is octet no.?
Me. I told him why it is used with examples but said sorry sir I don't remember the exact definition.

M1. It okay if you don't know, just say don't know. No worries.
M2. What is radioactive element?
Me. Sorry sir, I don't remember. (as I couldn't recall the definition)
They said. Okay! that's all. Thank you. :)

P.s.- M3 didn't ask a single question. And by their tone and facial expressions, I can say they were happy.                        
And fortunately, my interview was only for 5-6 mins whereas other's interview were around 10-12 mins.

Guys, I would say. Focus more on your graduation topics for RRB, because the other interviewees were asked a lot of questions from graduation.

Saurav Das

Disqus ID-AZAD™
17 Jan -Hotel Gagan Regency, Raipur
Afternoon shift - 1:00 (verification completed by 3:30 though it was unsuccessful they allowed me for interview and my turn came at around 6:45 pm)

As I entered the room, with a decent smile on my Face I wished all panel members Good Evening.
Panel included 5 male members and one female.

M1 (oldest person of all) - Baithiye to Tiwari ji kya krte hai aap?
Me- Sir mene engineering ki h mechanical branch se.
Fir kuch questions jo engineer se aksar pucha jata h itne saal kya kr rhe the beta kyun ana chahre banking me jab city m kuch aur kar skte kyun rural me are 30 35 hazar k lie bas.
In sab questions ka jawab haste hue dete hue fir unne kaha shuru kriye sir fir.

M2- 2000 ka note dekha hai apne? 
Me- Haan Sir.

M2- Kya kya features hain uske?
Me- Sir ye note pink colour ka h jisme Gandhiji ki tasveer ab beech m agai h is note ka paper quality changed hai aur is note ke piche MANGAL YAN bana hua h.

M4- Achha Tiwari ji isme koi chip h kya micro chip bahot videos are the aisa kuch hai?
Me- No sir as per my knowledge aisa kuch nahi h sir. Video jarur viral hue hai but chip nahi h.

M1 (ye beech beech m ajate the puchne cross question)- To matlab aap news padhte hai aur dekhte h?
Me- Yes sir

M2- To khabre sunao abi kya chalra h.
Me- Sir abi ATM withdrawl limit badh k 10000 hogai h. Niti ayog ne humare desh ka growth rate 8 percent expect kia h. Bharat ne england ko haraya.

M4- Achha ye GDP predict aur b koi kia h India ka?
Me- Ji sir hal hi me World Bank ne 7 pratishat kaha h. Morgan Stanley ne 7.3 percent( ye gk quiz me pdhe the islie boldia).

M1(agae ye sir fir se)- aur IMF?
Me- ab purana yaad ara tha i said 7.3 sir

M1(hanste hue)-6.6 aur RBI?
Me-7.1 percent.

M1(fir haste hue)- Matlab sab confuse hi hai abi k kya GDP ho sakta h India ka.
M3- Delhi ka CM kaun hai?
Me- Arvind kejriwal ji.
M3- governor?
Me- abi nae bane hai sir Anil (surname yaad ni ara tha kyunki mcq m funny way m yaad krlete to real bhul jata). Sorry sir surname yaad ni ara Anil naam h unka.
M3- Koi baat ni acha governor hota hai delhi ka?
Me- NO Sir. Lt Governor hota h.

M3 M4 M2 M5 ( sabne head nod kia) but M1( ye agle cross k lie taiyrai kr rhe the).
M5-First electric bus bharat me kis company ki hai?
Me- Ashok leyland Sir.
Fir head nod krte hue sab.

M5- aur electric car? Agai hai? Agar haan to kis company ki?
Me- (blank kuch yaad ni ara tha) No sir.

M1(turant beech me bol pade akhir) apko pata ni hai ya aap naa kehre hai?
Me- Sorry Sir meri knowledge k hisab se mujhe ni pata sir.

M1- Haan ye kahiye kyunki ye bahot pehle agai hai.
Me- Thank you Sir ab yaad rahega.
M1- Ok madam puchiye kuch aap.

F1- Digital Payment k bare me kya jante hai aap?
Me- Mam hum jo be transaction electronic star par karte hai unhe digital payment kehte hai jaise ke cards se mobile se online acount se paise tranfer karna.
F1- naya kya hua abi is me?
Me- Humare pradhanmantri ne BHIM app launch kia h jo ki unified payment interface me kaam karta h jisse hum apne account link kr skte hai aur usse hum kisi k bank account me  turant paise tranfer kar skte hai iske lie internet banking hona jaruri ni h.

F1- Ap digital payment krte hai?
Me- Ji maam aur lucky grahak scheme sun k aur jyada use kia kuch mahino me.
M1 ( inhe to ana hi tha ab fir haste hue)- to luckpati bane? (hanste hue sab members)
Me- No sir is baar wo lucky grahak ni ban pae.
They all laughed.
M1- sabko lakhpati banna h (apas m panel members se kehte hue).
(ab man se ari thi awaz bas kardo subah se bhukha hu :( aur kitna kuch puchoge)

M2- Achha kaha se hain aap Tiwari ji?
Me- Bhilai.
M1(fir agae)- Collector ka naam kya h?
Me- Smt. R Shangeetha
M1-Deputy Collector?
Me- Vikash Naik ji (ye naam islie yaad elder sister ne btaya tha unke batch mate the kaam agae aaj)

M4- Rural ke lie yojnae bataiye kya kya pata hai?
Me- Sir abi haal hi me Saur sujala yojana jo humare CG me hi hua solar irrigation pump subsidised rate me kisano ko dia jara hai. Fasal bima yojna.
M1(badi si smile dete hue)- thik h fir tiwari ji all the best apko ap ja skte hai.
M2 M3 M4 M5 F1 (  ye sab b smile k sath)
Me- (khade hote lga pair b sath ni dere itne der baith k wo b jawab dedie) Thanq maam thnq sirs broad smile k sath.
Sabne kaha all the best. 

Interview happened in hindi only. Throughout the interview they were smiling and yes listening when I was trying to explain them. In my interview M1 he was the oldest so he was cross questioning again and again.Overall it was a nice experience for me. But verification did not matched as I have skin peeling problem and exam happened in winter season and now my skin is fine so that might be a reason I told authorities there they to were supporting and told me not to worry and just focus on interview as they are allowing for it. After interview also I told the person who verified my documents he also said to be relax and they will see it if I make it to the final selection.

Disqus ID-AZAD™

Hello friends my name is ANITHA and i belong to A.P
DATE: 17th january 8.30 a.m

MY 1st interview experience:
Reached the centre by 8.00 a.m and i forgot to take the id proof xerox .As it was 8 a.m only , no xerox shop was opened .We asked the bank members they said there is still time you can get it done no problem.Then we are asked to sit in waiting hall my brother went and took xerox, then at 11.30 i was called for document verification.then the bank man who was checking my certificates said caste certificate should be 1 year back latest one , as i have 2013 .As, i was tensed i didn't answer him anything .He said ok and called for interview at 12.15
PANEL consists of 4males and 1female . The middle man sitting among 5 was the chairman with the name infront of him


M2: what were you doing after graduation ?
 me: as i have completed my graduation in 2013 then answered

CHAIRMAN(M3): what were your hobbies?
me: answered
CHAIRMAN(M3): hobby related questions?

FEMALE: what is banking?
me: answered

M4: what is the relationship between banker and customer?
me: answered

M1: when is 2nd nationalisation done and what are the bank names?
me: told but could not remember the bank names and told only 2 bank names and said could not remember

M2:who is the 1st governor general of india?
me:didn't answer

M1:who is the 1st governor of rbi?

me: didn't answer

CHAIRMAN:do you know who is the sponsor of this bank?

M1:who is the chairman of andhra bank?

That's it friends didn't ask questions from graduation and the interview was lasted for about 12min and the chairman was very friendly and remaining members also


Hello guys! 
My name is Sandeep Patil and I belong to Bihar. Today I'll share my RRB Officer scale-1 2017 interview experience.

As it was the very first interview of my life, I was really nervous. My interview was at evening shift. 1pm. MBGB PATNA. Reached there at 12.30pm. 1st Biometric then document verification (all went smoothly). It took a long time. They were slow. Immediately after I was done with verification, I was called for interview. It started at around 5.15pm

There were 5 members in the panel. M1,M2,M3,M4 and F1. I wished the female interviewer then all the male interviewers together.
M1 ask 
1. Kha se aye ho?
Then M3 Suddenly ask..

2. Sandeep patil kyn famous h?

3. Graduation kha se pass kiye ho?
M1 tell F1 to ask question then se says no.. and tell M4 to ask question to me.

4. Banking ki tayari kha se ki h?

5. BCA ki h to banking ke liye plus point h. But MCA wale v bht sare h mai unko          kyn na select kru?

6. Role of RBI in RRBs.
Answered... but he also help me in answering.

7. Tmhare  area mai kon se gramin bank h.. kvi waha gye ho?

8. Man lo bank branch mai bht bar technical failure aa jati h jisse customer gusse mai aa jate h to.. tm kya solution kroge...
Answer and they also help me.

9. Why RRBs?
Then M1 aur sabse bola kuch puchna h to puchiye... ya fir jane de.. fir F1 boli jane dijye.. then i thank to F1 and Thanks to all M and came out. 

And fortunately, there are no any question from BCA and Banking terms my interview was only for 5-6 mins whereas other's interview were around 10-12 mins.

Name - Arvind Singh
Centre - Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank head office Patna, Bihar
Timing -8.30 reporting time
I reached to the  centre at 8 am we were allowed to enter after 8.30 only
After entering to the centre they called for document verification and it's continued till 11.30 and my turn came at 12.05 pm.

Only 3 gentlemen and 1 lady took my interview
I entered in the room and wished them politely.
M1- to aapne kiya hai ,aur kahin try kar rahe ho yaa sirf banking me?
Me - answered

M1- tell me 5 such points which have positive impact on economy and 5 more points which are harmful for the economy ?
Me- answered only 4 points in favour and 3 points for harmful economy

L - beta shanti ke novel prize kise Mila hai 
Me - Suru me galat bol diya phir rectify karke sahi bol diya

L- what is the difference between service tax and service charge?
Me- answered

L- beta recently service charge ke bisaya me kuch news aaya hai kya ?
Me- answered

L- beta recently banking news kuch batao ?
Me- answered

L- what is NHB ?
me- answered

M2- OK beta Bihar me kitne Garmin bank hai ?
Me- answered

M2- uttarbihar Garmin bank ka sponsored bank kon hai ?
Me- answered

M3- what is difference between public sector and private sector bank ?
me- answered

Then all said thank u, you can go 
I wished them in polite manner once again, thank you mam ,thank you sir 
Have a nice day all of you
They all said very good to me.

Hope for the best, and rest on god

All the best all of you for rrb po interview 
Believe in yourself and one suggestion from my side they only check your commonsense and how you adopt certain situations
Thank you all

Name: Tarun 
Date of Interview: 20th Jan, 2017
Venue: Chaitanya Godavari Grameena Bank, Guntur

I reached the venue by 7.30 in the morning. At about 8.00 they told to sit in waiting hall and gave us a white paper. They asked us to write anything in Telugu. I prepared about demonetization. So I wrote at. Then for about an hr Retired GM of the bank gave a speech to make us tension free. 
At about 9.45 my name was called for document verification. At about 10.20 my document verification completed and then I went for an interview in assigned panel. At about 10.45 they called me into the panel.
Panel consists of 6 members. 1 female and 5 male members. I went in and greeted each person individually. They said no need to greet individually.

Then they started asking questions

Q: Tell me about yourself?
A: I started to tell . Then they stopped me after graduation details.

Q: So, what you read and what we should ask you?
A.I told 3 issues

Q: There is an issue going on in Tamilnadu regarding Jallikattu, like that in AP also one issue is going on one sport. What is that? 
A: I said I didn't recollect it sir. Then he gave a clue. Then I said Answer

Q: Asked How much time RBI Has given for NRIs and Indians who went abroad?
A: Answered one part and told didn't know for second part

Q: In how many RBI branches we can exchange money? First tell does all RBIs exchange Specified Bank notes?
A: Answered

Q: As you are from EEE, tell me why current rates are increased now as there is surplus current in our state?
A: Didn't answered.

Q: Tell me what is production and distribution?
A: Answered

Q: Now tell why Current rates increased ?
A: Answered now

Q: In how many ways electricity is produced?
A: Answered

Q: How many marks you are expecting?
A: Answered

Q: Since how many years you are writing bank exams?
A: Answered

Q: Have you undergone any Training?
A: Answered

Q: Is this your first interview? 
A: Answered

Q: Have you written gate?
A: Answered

Q: From 2 years what are you doing?
A: Answered

Q: Why you left your job in previous company?
A: Answered

Q: What is job satisfaction?
A: Answered.

Q: What is NPA?
A: Answered.

Okay Thank you, All the Best they said. I also wished them thank you. They seemed to be satisfied. They are very friendly in nature.

The final thing we should know is they are just testing our personality. They know we don't know anything about banks.

Hello Friends,

My name is Kavya and I'am from Karnataka.
Interview date:18/01/2017
Venue: Hotel Rajmahal Inn, Mysore
Panel: 3
It was morning shift 8:30 am
I reached the venue at 8.00 am, they called us for document verification by 8.30 am. Firstly they gave us a white sheet and asked us to write some format which they specified us(it was self declaration regarding submitting the necessary photocopies of the documents), later they did document verification and biometric verification.
Whose ever verification was done first, they were sent to the interview panel.
I was the first person to complete my document verification in panel 3 and I was sent to the panel around 9.45 am

My interview went around 6-7 min's. They were 5 members in panel. 4 male members and 1 female member.
I entered the room with smile and wished everyone.

M2: Tell me about yourself?
me: answered

M1: Why did you choose banking being an engineer?
me: answered

M2: What do you know about RRB's?
me: answered

M2: Question related to my hobby?(as i had said i read books of Swami Vivekananda)
me: answered

M4: Who is present state agriculture minister?
me: didn't answer(they only said me the answer)

M1: Who is the author of the book INDIA 2020?
me: didn't answer(they only said the answer)

M2: Asked any other book of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam which you know?
me: answered

M3: From how many years do you live in Mysore? Why Mysore got its name so?
me: answered

F1: What is direct and Indirect tax?
me: answered(seems they were not satisfied with my answer, then explained with an example scenario, they said yes)

M3: Are you willing to relocate? Even if we put you to rural areas?
me: answered

This was my interview experience friends.


Name: Maliha Minto
Interview: RRB- Scale I
Date: 21-01-2017
Location: Patna
Venue: Madhya Bihar Grameen Bank
Shift :       1 Pm
Panel: VI

Hi guys, I am sharing my first ever banking interview experience @ Bankers Adaa

Here’s a detailed review of my Interview day,
I reached my interview venue at 8 in the morning, as it was 100kms away from my home. There was this human chain formation event in bihar that day so to avoid any traffic issues I reached early. 
Entry inside the venue started at sharp 1 pm. The documentation process went smoothly. Although some candidates’ had issue with biometrics. (Always be careful when giving initial thumb print while giving mains exam-don’t rush through).
At about 2 pm we were told to wait outside the panel room. It was lunch break then. I was second to go in my panel.
At 2:45 I was called inside.
There were  4 panelist members. 3male and 1 female.
M1(middle-aged) ,M2(Middle-aged),M3(Elderly/head) and F1(Young)
I wished them Good Afternoon with a smile. They wished me back with more warmer smile. They seemed very energetic as well as supporting.

Now the questions
M1- Maliha ka matlab bataiye?
Me- Sir Maliha means beautiful and graceful

M1- Where do you live

M1-Apke Papa Mummy kya krte hain?

M1-What have you studied?
I said BBA in graduation and MBA –HR. (He said I mean what did u study for today.) everybody laughed.I also smiled and replied –Sir general banking and current affairs.
M1-okay so I have to frame a question relating current affairs and banking. Then he asked oki tell me whos the newly appointed deputy governor. He shot the question like a rapid fire round and gave me 3 options too. Hahhaaa

M1- What is the need of different banks? -

M2- Why general public is afraid to go inside a bank?- 

M1-When did you last visit a bank?
Me- Last month for bank loan regarding my father’s business. Then he started asking questions relating to it.

M2- What is LLP(as I was from HR)- 

M1- Banking k liye kahan se padha?
Me- sir notes, Arihant ki books and daily news se updated rehtin hoon.

M1- What is the role of a guarantor?- 
I was answering very fast , so F1 told me to relax and take my time.

M1- offered me a chocolate. I took it.
Then M3 started asking questions-
What is IMF? Its role
Who represents the member Country In IMF?
Me- Started thinking then he asked who’s the governor of RBI- I said Urjit Patel then he asked me so any guesses who represents IMF. I understood his hint but gave my reply- Sir it could be either RBI governor or The Finance Minister, cause they both are dignitaries in the financial sector. He gave a warm smile and then said its RBI governor, but I like your thinking approach.

M3- what are the instruments of monetary control?
I answered but forgot to say bank rate.

M3- kuch bhool nhi rhin ap beta? _Bank rate. Accha mujhe bank rate ka standard definition digye?
Me- Answered

M3- Do you want to be a bank manager?
I said I will certainly try to make myself deserving enough to be that in the coming years.

M3- What changes would you like to have at your branch for villagers?
Me- sir I would like to make it more user-friendly. Villagers and illiterate people are intimidated by banks so I would try to set-up special counters for the, I would also like to create awareness by distributing pamphlets depicting easy flowcharts related to banking activities. He gave a good smile.

M3- again offered me a chocolate. I took it and said thank you sir , I will take this one for my sister.
Then all of them said thank you beta, you may go now!

Well it took around 20-25 minutes. I don’t know if I get selected or not, but I certainly enjoyed my interview. 
P.S. (For students)- don’t get intimidated by this whole interview process. They just check your confidence and personality. Banking knowledge nhi judge krte, unko pta hai ki sab last minute banking terms padh k jate hain.

Maliha Minto

My interview Experience 
IBPS RRB Scale-I 2016

Shivam Shrivastava , 
Graduate( BSC IT) from Datia M.P. 

Date- 20 Jan 2017

Reporting Time- 1:00 PM

Center –Aryavarta Training Centre, Lucknow

Biometric ENTRY and Biometric EXIT and Document Verification strictly.

There were 4M and 1F. 

My interview had started from 3:50 PM.

Me-May I come in and Good afternoon All of you

M1- Sit, Tell me about yourself and what are you doing for 3 years

Me- I told and I am preparing for banking exams.

M1- What are you prepared for interview.

Me- PMFBY, MUDRA bank, PMJDY,PMKVY  etc. I told that premium for Khareef-2%, Rabi-1.5% and for Horticulture-5%.

M2- How can you find, who is eligible for Loan?

Me- Describe.(80% satisfied )

M2- About Sishu, Kishore and Tarun?
Me- Describe( satisfied )

M1- Additional facility that gives on JhanDhan Account ?

Me- Accidental insurance and Pension Plans.(satisfied)

M3- What is basic banking and other services of Bank?

Me- Told him.

F1-How can you help in making Cashless India,Gov. Plans for doing so and Name some NON Government companies involved in Cashless India?
Me- Told her , she satisfied 60%.

M4- What is CBS and how can help It in Banking? And asked about some Business Type term that I didn’t know

M1- OK Shivam Good Luck.

Me- Thank’s All of You. 

This was my interview experience friends.

Shivam Shrivastava 

Name: Deepika
Interview: RRB- Scale I
Location: Bhopal
Venue: Central banking training college, MP
Shift :   1 Pm
Panel: I

Reached at venue at sharp 12:30 pm..done with documents verification (some problem raised as thumb impression not matched finally matched ) It was my 2nd interview which I faced !

#now I was 3rd in my slot
Entered in to the interview room

#greeted  all
Got permission to seats!
interview started !

#m1 --->  so, Deepika who came first you or dipika padokone
#me--> sir me ,
#m1--> on her name urs too
#me --> no sir, wen I was born , this name was famous as character of Ramayana (sita) is of same name

#m1---> what is full form of GPS & GPRS
#Me ---- replied

#M1---what is electronics & comm , relate them
#me --replied

#m2---> what is bank & its function
What r types of deposits
What is loan types
What to do to reduce NPA
(M3 & others were paying attention to my ans except m4  )

#F1 ---> how many rrbs
How many rrb in MP
What is nabard full form
What is nabard functions
Types of crops.
Elaborated all crops..
(Only M2 told thrice gud to my ans)

Finally told ! U can  go now

Thanks ☺☺


Name- anshul gupta
Venue-Gramin bank of aryavat,Lucknow
Timing- 8:30 am
Date- 20/01/2017
panel- VIII
Post- RRB scale 1 officer

After the biometric verification and document verification, the interview started about 11:30 AM.
My interview went around 12-15 min's. They were 5 members in panel. 4 male members and 1 female member.
I entered the room with smile and wished everyone.

F1- What are you doing have worked earlier or not?
Me- answered

F1- You got more marks in 12th comparison to 10th then what is the reason behind this.
Me- answered

F1- In how many exams you appeared this year and what were their results.
Me- answered
then they asked M1 to ask some questions

M1- Do you know about some norms which are related to identity of the customer?
Me- answered but they didn't ask another question so, I gave some more details on kyc norms.

M1- Do you know about banking products. what are the different types of products of bank.
Me- answered and they put another question from my answer 

M1- Tell me about locker facilities of the bank.Do you put your gold in the locker of bank.
Me- answered but I could not give correct explanation.I said no.

M1- Why do you not put your gold in the locker.
Me- answered. 
they laughed and looked satisfied.
then they asked M2 to ask some questions

M2- How will you manage in rural areas.
Me- answered 

M2- How will your family manage.will they live with you or not?
Me- answered

M2- Asked some questions about family and occupation.
Me- answered

then they asked M3 to ask some questions
M3- What do you want. I ask from technical or banking?
Me- I said technical they surprised and again ask are you sure then I said yes I am sure

M3- What is the difference between analog and digital electronics.
Me- answered

then they asked M4 to ask some questions.
M4- Asked one question from my city Bareilly.
Me- answered something related to that but exactly I don't know.

M4- What are the functions of RBI.
ME- answered

M4- What is the monetory policy.Tell me its products.
Me- answered

M4- What are the different types of banks.
Me- answered 

M4- okk, then tell me about SIDBI. Is SIDBI a different type of bank.
Me- answered 

M4- What are the functions of Nabard.
Me- answered

M4- Tell me about fiscal policy. How is it different from monetory policy.
Me- answered

M3- What does your father-in-law do?
Me- answered

M3- okk thank you anshul.
Me- I wished everyone.

Anshul Gupta

hello guys,
I am putting in my interview experience of rrb po--by abhishek kumar
venue/date/time- madhya bihar gramin bank,Patna,24rth January,1pm

woke up at 5am,revised things esp. graduation paper till 10am, got ready and left home at 11am, reached at the venue via public transport by 12:40,21km from my home.

A policeman verified my identity at the entrance of the bank and then a guard verified it too at the entry of the building, went inside, I was asked to sit in a hall where around 200 students were seating. I sat in front of my panel ie 3. I was asked to write an affirmation page regarding documents and than thumb impression and then document verification took place,the banker who verified all those documents was a middle age man in his 40 and was genuine ,complemented me that u look quite good in ur passport photos and asked me about my spectacles,replied him ki abhi 2-3 mahine pehle he laga tym pe nahi tha..he asked me to put it down before taking those pics for confirmation...
I was 7th in my panel and was taken aback jab document verify hone k baad turant bola chaliye upar aapko number turant aa jaega.. a girl assisted me to the 3rd floor,..there i was asked to sit on the fourth chair.. i did the first mistake there by asking a boy about how it went...usne bola ..he was question were from banking...sirf situational base and than i asked about the medium in which they were talking... usne bola intro eng mein dia to usne bola muje kuch samajh nahi aaya...yaha pe i landed in two minds ..i was wholly prepared ki sabkuch english mein he bolna hai par phir laga chalo kuch hindi mein bhi bol denge..
went in ..there were four members m1-45yrs m2-65yrs m3-50yrs f1-50yrs.
wished them and was asked to sit.
m1 ne kuch bhi nahi pucha mere se ...he was just looking at me whole the tym
m2 grilled me whole of the tym with m3 and f1
m2- kya padh k aaye ho.
Me-basics of banking,about my village,hometown,and the place I am presently living in,about my father service profile,and basics of my graduation subject
m2-graduation me kya padha tha?
me-english hons
m3- kaha se
m2-kya kya padha hai eng hons
me-syllabus poora bata dala..
m2-william shakespear k bare mein batao-
me-bata dia
m2-uske novel batao
me-bata dia
m2-julius ceaser mein kaun sa character ko tum banking se relate kar sakte ho aur khud ko..
me-antony with reasons bata dia
m2-antony k speech bare mein discuss karo
me- bata dia..
m2- and he went deep into things ki usne is tym pe kya quote kia tha ye bataya..wo tab tak us topic pe puchte rahe jab tak unhone ye nahi suna ki sir i dont remember the exact quote..
m2- aur kitne languages aate hai tumhe?
me- replied with 3 ..hindi eng sanskrit
m3-school batao aur kuch school me kia ho to batao..
me- bataya and told them about being the only guy of my school who had conducted assemblies in all 3 languages with the conduct of pledge,quiz comp and news reading,debate and all..blah blah..
m3-dhatu roop sunao
me- suna dia
m3 - shabd roop sunao
me- suna dia
m3-- very good ,,acha academics raha hai tumhara..the f1 appreciated it too..all smiled
m2- shlok sunao..
me- suna dia
m2- hindi meaning batao
me-bata dia
m2-isis shlok ka koi english quote batao jo relational ho.
ab jo bataya usme har word mein kya difference hai uske bare mein bhi batao.
wo bhi explain kia..
m2-academics to acha hai..mfi ka cocept kaha se aaya?
me-bataya ,,
uske baad kuch banking k conditional question puche jo bahoot aasan se the.
last mein rbi ka recent comment,what in news wagarah pucha,,
me-nailed that part
f1-sir acdemically ladka bahoot acha ..jane dijiye bache ko
m3- yes mam,he is very good 
m2- acha abhishek jao..relax karo..u did well..
.. exit kar gaya bhai,...appreciation mein kafi kuch bola tha unhone,,sab yaad nahi,,lady was all the smiling after that rapid fire round jab tak maine nahi bola ki sirye nahi aata hai..
m1 remained silent all the way and at last smiled ..
yeah and in between I was asked to do whole of my interview in english coz i had spoken hindi in between..they asked me to do this because I was an eng hons graduate. 

Abhishek kumar

Name: Mohammed Hafeez Ahmed
Interview of IBPS RRB PO (Mysore)

The nodal bank that conducted interview is “Kaveri Grameena Bank”
There were 4 panels; my interview was at panel-2. There were 5 members in the panel (4 Male + 1 Female).
They are seated in this order (M1, M2, M3, F1, and M4) - M4 was sitting a side of table (little ‘bit closer to me)

When I opened the door all of them were discussing something among themselves.
Me : Excuse Me Sir…!!
< No one noticed>
Me : Excuse Me Sir…  
I was carrying a file (original mark memos) with me.

M1 : He asked me to keep that file a side on the table.
Me: Gently I have kept the file on table and greeted them with a smile (Greeted once by maintaining eye contact with all male’s)
Good Morning Mam’ Good Morning Sir.

M3 : M3 & F1 have asked me to take my seat.

Me : Said Thank you Mam and sat on it.

F1 : You are Mohammed Hafeez Ahmed right ??

Me : Yes Mam’

M3 : just tell us about your graduation stream, Passed out year & college name.

Me : started well but messed up at end by including other details also like project, native place and what I did after… (Little bit got tensed here)

M3 : what about family..?

Me : started answering with slightly in tensed manner..!!  and concluded well.

M3 : Why didn’t you opt for higher education i.e. M.Tech ??

Me : I am neither interested in teaching profession nor in core side jobs sir. I want to start my career ASAP that’s why I didn’t opt for it sir. (said this in a confused manner)

M3 : Ahmed..!! Well… did you remember something about your subjects?? Shall I ask few questions..??

F1 : Had Breakfast ??

Me :  Yes mam..! At this time I took a long breath and made myself comfortable with them..!! and answered yes sir (with little bit confidence)

M3 : What is your favourite subject?

Me : Communications sir

M3 : What is Digital communication & analog communication?

Me : Explained them in detail along with (modulation types)

M3 : Which one is secure?? Analog or Digital??

Me : As we can encode digital signals with various techniques, Digital Communication is safer sir...

M2 : How data transfers in Optical fiber cable?

Me : Data travels in the form of light sir.. With the phenomenon of TIR (Total internal reflection)
< I have noticed that M4 was watching my body language>

M3 : What have you prepared about banking ?

Me : Sir, I have prepared about RBI, Its functions and about monetary policy.

M3 : Explain functions of RBI..!

Me : I have explained them very well about 2 minutes and included about LAF and then concluded with MSF & Bank Rate.

M3 & M4 : Good, Very Good..!!

Me : smiled at them by maintaining eye contact.

F1 : You see, You will be posted in rural areas how will you handle you job there ?? or how you will contribute to the bank ??

Me : explained clearly.. & included points like (rural people have internal fear to approach banks.. If we, as bankers get down a step & communicate friendly with them then they feel comfortable to approach bank. First I will try to remove the internal fear in them)

F1 : Good

M1 : Can you name some private banks in India??
Me : Yes Sir.. ICICI, HDFC, ….

M4 : What is the interest rate on savings account??

Me : initially it was 4% and later it was de-regulated by RBI sir. Now Banks can fix their own interest rate on savings account.

M4 : Then… can we fix 8% ??

Me : Yes sir.. we can.. But, if we do like that then cost of funds of bank will increase which will invariably effect the net interest margin. It will be a threat to bank

M4 : Yes.., Very Good…!!

M1 : What is Financial inclusion?

Me : Explained them in detail.. along with Deepak Mohanty committee. 

M2 : Good..!!

M4 : corrected me by saying its not individuals. its to every household.

Me : Thank you sir

M1 : What are covered under financial services?? Name few services.

Me : Opening bank accounts (zero balance), providing life insurance, accidental insurance etc..

M2 : asked some question.. “I did not understand it”

Me : sir.. didn’t understood sir..!!

M2 : repeated it… (again I didn’t understood it)

Me : Sorry, sir.. I have no idea about it. (I have thought that if I ask him once again there may be any negative impact on me so I have said like this)

M2 : Its ok no problem (said with a smiling face)

Me : With a smiling face greeted them thank you mam’, thank you sir and stood up.

F1 : wait a minute.. what about kannada (as local language was kannada they asked this) ??

Me : I can write and read in kannada madam. But, I can’t speak this language mam. I am confident that I will learn speaking also with in no time mam.

F1 : you will be given 6 months’ time after joining & you have to be proficient in kannada.

Me : Sure.. mam’ I have started learning this language from last 1 month madam. Within 1 month I have learnt how to read and how to write. If I be in Kannada speaking environment then within no time I will learn speaking also mam’

F1 : Okay then..!! Don’t wait till results are out..! start from now itself, make an habit of  watching kannada channels and movies. It would be helpful (Said with a smiling face).

Me : Thank you mam’ thank you very much

M4 : Will you play any games ??

Me : Yes sir.. I Love to play chess

M4, M1, M3, F1 :- you may leave now

Over all my interview was Good. It lasted for 12-15 minutes. Panel members were friendly 

Hi friends my name is bhasker
my venue @ Hyderabad

I went inside the verification room at 1:00 pm after waiting for a while they called me for biometric verification tried two three times verified and went for certificate verification and completed 

Now waiting for interview after some time  
Entered the room asking may I come in sir...they nodded yes
Offered to sit I thanked them  
There were 3 males 1 female

M1: Okay mr bhasker tell me about yourself?
A : told shortly

M3: which year u passed out?
A  : told

M1: what u did from then onwards?
A   : I told preparing for bank exams sir

M1 : faced any interviews?
A   : yes sir dccb nizamabad clerical

M1 : tell me about banking?
A : told

M1 : What are types of deposits?
A:   I told them sa ca rd fd

M1: classify them in two types?
A   : I told demand deposits fixed deposits they given hint
M2 : What is insurance what are the types
A    : I struck and said life insurance vehicle insurance they said life and nonlife insurance

M1 : tell me what are the insurance companies
A: told

M2 : If a ship started which type insurance applicable?
A  : I said don't know
Marine insurance they said

M2 : tel me about jan dan yojana?
A : told

M2: tel me about mudra yojana?
A : in that moment i didn't recall abrevation 
Told about sishu kishore tarun
But little bit confused

M3: tell me tagline of swachha bharat?
A   : told

M1 : he asked F1 if any qns to  ask
She noded no..

M1 : okay mr all the best

I said thank you sir thank you madam

Left the room checked the time it took 10 minutes 
The only thing i felt bad is that i lost coolness , worried and hurried  but answered
Over all i dont know whether i am going to place or is upto my god spvbs

I suggest you guys .. though those are easy q.ns i feel tensed & worried 
Feel free and  manage with smile on your face..

Name- Kamal Narayan Thakur
Interview Venue- Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank Head Office (Patna, Bihar)
Timing- 01:00 pm
Date- 24/01/2017
Panel- VII
Post- IBPS RRB scale 1 officer

After the biometric verification and document verification, the interview started about 05:25 pm.
My interview went around 09-10 minutes. They were 4 members in panel. 3 male members and 1 female member. All are aged group between 60-65. 

When I entered the room they asked me how many students are waiting for the interview?
Me: Replied with a smiling face, about 4-5 candidates are waiting for the interview. Then I wished Good Evening first to the Maam as there was only one lady amongst 4 board members for the sake of gratitude.

S1: Introduced yourself to the Ma'am?
M: with a smiling face replied introduced yourself not only me but to the whole board members.

Me: Hello sir and Maam I am Kamal Narayan Thakur. My Father is Sri Mahesh Thakur. I belong to Madhubani District of Bihar. I have one brother and one sister. Then I told them about educational qualifications as I did B.COM, M.COM.

S1 said to S2: For putting up the question from me on Commerce subject as I am from Commerce Stream.
S2: From which place/college I completed my Post Graduation (M.COM)

Me: I Completed my Post Graduation from IGNOU, New Delhi. 

S2: What You have learned/studied in M.COM
I replied (in Hindi): Sir, maine M.COM m mostly sare subject cover kiye. But mujhe jo yaad hai main unn topic me Balance Sheet, LIFO, FIFO, Assets, Liabilities, International Business Marketing, Auditing, Goodwill, Top Line, Bottom Line, Cost Accounting, Income Tax, Mean, Median, Mode etc. hai...

S2: What is Balance sheet?
Me: Answered 

M asked: What you understand by Break- Even Point?
Me: Answered but she has not satisfied to my answer 

M: Kuch aur btao Break- Even Point k baare m?
Me: Sorry ma'am. Mujhe PG kiye hue more than one year ho gye to itna hi pta hai.

S2: Mujhe graduation kiye more than 40 years ho gye lekin maine to nhi bhula. and all  started launghing

S1: What are you doing now?
Me: Currently I am working as a freelancer in a content developer of Reasoning subject.

S2: Are you working as a faculty of Reasoning?
Me: No sir I am not a faculty of Reasoning.

S1 asked: In alphabetical series what is the position of O alphabet?
Me: 15th position

S3 asked: What is differnce between Cheque and Demand Draft?
Me: Answered (They satisfied with my answer and said Good).

S2 asked: Have you ever visit bank?
Me: yes sir

S2: Do you have any account in bank and also have you ever seen cheque book?
Me: yes sir

S2: How many types of party in cheque?
Me: Regular cheque holding 3 parties.

S2: Name them all the three parties of cheque?
Me: Drawee, Drawer and Payee (They satisfied with my answer and said Good).

S3: What is PSL?
Me: Answered

M: Do you know Rajendra Prasad
Me: yes ma'am

M: Tell us the 5 qualities of Rajendra Prasad?
Me: Answered

M: What is the Date of Birth of Rajendra Prasad?
Me: 03rd December

M: Was he indulged into the freedom movement?
Me: No sir
They explained me about Rajendra Prasad that he was not indulged into the freedom movement.
M: she asked other members of panel if they want to ask any question
All said no.

S1: okay Kamal all the best

With smiling face I said thankyou sir thankyou ma’am

I would like to thank bankersadda for their great service to the student's community. But from my experience, interviewers only check your intellectual and confidence level. I hope my interview experience will be useful to other candidates.

Name: Bindiya Arya
Interview of IBPS RRB PO (Ajmer)

The nodal bank that conducted an interview is Baroda khetriya gramin bank.
There were 6 panels; my interview was at panel-2. There were 5 members in the panel (4 Male + 1 Female).

They are seated in this order (M1,F1, M2, M3, and M4).

I was carrying a file (original mark memos) with me.

When I opened the door all of them were discussing something among themselves.

Me: May I come in?

They: yes, come in.

Me: gud afternoon sir ....gud afternoon mam...

F1: apka shubh nam btaye....

Me: told

F1: apke nam ka matlab kya h ?

Me: explain.

F1: acha to apne graduation khan se kiya h?

Me: mam....mne apni graduation apne hometown gharsana se ki h ....

(Then ma’am asked me in middle)

F1: ohhh Gharsana...vo to pichle Dino bht chrhaon  me rha tha...btao kyunnn rha tha?

Me: told (about that water agitation )

F1: what were the results of that agitation? 

M1: told ... (but she said or kya kya result rhe..)
I said... sry maa’m...agitation kafi phle hua tha...abt 7 or 8 yrs I don't remember. ..then said it's OK you have told very gud ... 

( I feel relaxed)

M1: what is debit card and credit card?

Me: told 

M2: present time me country charcha me kyun h? 

Me: told ( about demonetisation ) 

F1: who regulates demonetisation? 

Me : told ( RBI)

M3: what is your qualification? 

Me: sir I hv done in 2013 and I am also post graduate in accounts.

M3: Then told what is prepaid expenses or inhe balance sheet me khan show krte hain?

Me: explain  (they all were being seen satisfied with my answers..)

M4: what is consignment & who is consignee? 

Me: told ( but he was little bit unsatisfied with my answer.)

M1: what is joint venture? 

Me: explained

Then they said very gud u can go ...nd all the best for your results...
I said thank u sir's and thank u ma’am.... it was a nyc meeting with you.... 
They all were smiling...

It lasted for 12-15 minutes. Panel members were very polite.

Name: Minakshi Kaushik (BE,IT,completed in 2014)
Date: 17/01/2017
Venue: Hotel Gagan, Raipur
Reporting Time:8:30

After document verification called at around 12:15, faced problem in biometric but thankfully they allowed me for an interview. There were 5 sirs, and 1 ma’am. I wished them. They replied with a smile.They asked me first in which language I am comfortable, I said in Hindi, they asked further in Hindi only.

S1- meaning of my name-answered, related with God

S2-asked to tell the meaning in Tamil-answered

S1-where is the biggest temple of Minakshi Devi-answered

S2- asked me to give a brief introduction -gave

S3-asked me the reason of not choosing teaching as profession(I mentioned my father as a teacher)

M-Do you know about the case happened recently with a girl in Bangalore- yes

M-Will you blame society or girl's dress for that- answered

M-how will you teach all these things to you future son?- answered

S4-how will you adjust in village?-answered

S4- from which village you are?- answered

S4-In which block it is? answered

They answered me about an MLA that is he your relative-I said yes(and actually he is , they might have asked because of the same title)

S2-have you went any coaching classes for banking exams preparations-answered


S1-Tell me some thing about PMJDY-answered

S4-What you know about the locker faclity-answered

S4- Do they charge for it, and if yes then how- I said I don't know about this.

Futher no technical questions.It was my first PO interview lasted about 5-7 minutes.
Mains attempted 129 only.

TIME-8:30 am 18/01/2017


M1- what is your name?

M1-what is your father doing?
me-sir railway employee.

M1-who is the railway minister?
me-sir suresh prabhu ji.

M1-what is trinetra srevice in railway?
me-answered.then ok

M2- ask question in my electrical streem.what is transmission losses.

F1-in how many states the election was going on?
me- answered the four state and say sorry about 1 state.

F3-ask question in banking how many types of banking, what is saving account,  what is a current account,  what is stale cheque,  post-dated cheque.

F4-beta budget nahi aaya abhi tak.
me- sir union budget and railway budget merge ho gaye h and then 1 FEBRUARY ko aayega.

and then they told to me okk beta.
me wishes them thanku sir and mam.have a nice day.




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