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Date - 28/12/2017
Time - morning shift

There were 24 candidates in my panel. And I was 3rd last candidate. I think they were tired and that's why my interview ended in 5-7 minutes.
There were 4 members in my panel.3 men and 1 woman.

I - may I come in sir
M1- yes come in.
I- Gud afternoon sir and especially maam
Maam- why especially me ?
I- because this is the era of women empowerment and women deserve extra attention.
Maam-  thank u.

Maam-  your Dob is 1990 .1990 se abhi tak kya kya kiye .
I - I explained from class 10 to mba . And also explained my sports achievement.

M1- what is need theory ??
I - mujhe thik se yaad nhi aa raha tha. So I said sorry sir maine padha tha but abhi recall nhi kar pa raha.

Again back to back 3-4 marketing term pucha. Jisme maine 2 ka ans diya.

M2- what is fund flow??
I explained
M2 - what is cash flow ??
I- explained.

Maam-  kitne amount k transaction me PAN ki jarurat hoti hai.
I- above 50000

Maam- aur agar exact 50000 ho to ???
I - kuch second soch kar bola 50000 and more than 50000 dono me pan essential hai.( I was not sure)

M2 - ok thank u .
I - thank u sir  thank u maam .

Maine kuch qst ka ans diya . But in spite of that maine apna confidence level thora v kam hone nhi diya.

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