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DATE 17/09/2019
Panel :1 
Session :3
As i reached the interview location all candidates are sitting in a Hall and waiting for their turn for document verification and after document verification and E-kyc they issued a I-card in which session number and candidate number is printed then we (a group of 10 candidates) were went for GD and group exercise . 
Our GD topic was How to Enhance employment and employibilty. Time limit was 20min.
After this there was a small group exercise (time limit 20min) in which they have given us a printed A4 sheet in which topic name and two column one is individual rank column and other one is group rank column was printed. The topic of group exercise was features of smart phones and features are randomly printed. In this exercise we have to rank it individually and after discussing all the points of topic we have to rank it as a group.
After GD and group exercise they sent us for PI. 
 As i entered the room for PI  I saw 10 (1 female and 9 male) members in a panel and in front me SBI chairman Mr Rajneesh Kumar was sitting .
First question asked by chairman sir himself why you are not doing your family business I responded him very well and he smiled.
Then second question was asked by different person he asked me about educational gapping and I also responded him with very satisfactory answer. 
Third question was asked me by different person as I already working in union Bank of India so he asked me about what are Officially verified documents I replied him satisfactorily.
Then fourth questions was asked by chairman sir about my branch NPA report I replied him with all the data of my branch.
Then chairman sir asked me about FATF (financial action task force) I answered him then he asked me again on which river bank Paris is situated . As I don't know about this I replied him sorry sir I don't know then he himself answered the questions and on happy note interview is over .

# The Interview of all the candidates in my centre went for avg 10-15min only.
# All the questions they asked mainly focused on current affairs which were in news in last 10 to 15 days.
# Interviewers are very polite and keeping things very normal as they are only judging you by your posture and gesture not by knowledge as they already said you came here only by cracking the toughest examination of banking sector.

This is all my interview experience.

All the very best to all aspirants 🙏


Interview experience SBI PO
Date : 17 September 2019
Venue : New Delhi

GD topic : work life balance a myth or a reality?
Group exercise on population control.

CGM took my interview
1. What does Saloni(my name) means?
2. Why are all engineers turning towards banking sector?
3. What is more important for you marriage or job?
4. If your family pressurize you for marriage, your spouse wants you to leave the job, will you leave our bank if selected?
5. If you are posted in a small place in Rajasthan where there is water scarity, will you Continue if selected.
6. Don't you think you are too young for this job?
7. What is recession?
8. Few questions from yesterday's newspaper.
9. How many princely states were there in India at the time of independence?
10. What is Mudra?

Interview panel consisted of 4 male and 1 female

I was the 3rd person from first shift, so the process started around 8:30 n ended by 12


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