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GD TOPICS:GD Is technology killing creativity ?

GE You are a HR Manager, attributes of hiring a new banker

About yourself
Work experience
Why banking after engineering
Role model
Subjects in ece--
Rbi functions


[9:18 AM, 9/23/2019] +91 98094 98641: My GD & PI experience

Batch 2
GD : Is technology killing creativity and imagination

GE : Qualities to select a candidate in a bank.
1. Education Qualification
2. Learning abilities
3. Analytical skills
4. Team Spirit
5. Calm and cool nature
6. Discipline
7. Punctuality
8. Listening skills
9. Work experience

interview experience

Ur name is sujith.. right?
Ur Qualification
I replied Pg in commerce

What all do u know in commerce?
Balance sheet
Diff between Balance sheet & profit & loss account
How can we understand economy is in inflation?
Economic crisis?
How long did the finance minister took to make a budget?
Corporate social responsibility
Balance of trade
Trade deficit.
Two sides of balance sheet

Panel was frndly & supportive
3 men 1 women- all r north indians
[9:18 AM, 9/23/2019] +91 98094 98641: No personal Questns were asked
[7:32 AM, 9/23/2019] +91 81976 22573: Should military training be made compulsory in our country or not?
[7:35 AM, 9/23/2019] +91 81976 22573: Prioritization topic

Over the qualities that coach must consider while deciding the players of cricket team.


Team spirit
Physical fitness
Cool and calm temperament
Killer instinct
Decision making skills
All rounder
Past performance
Mutual funds
Merchant banking
Bye elections
Mudra scheme
Why we should select you
Will u go anywhere in India

PL ack
Best wishes
5 members in the panel...

4 male 1 female.

M1-You are??
Ans- Sir, I am satyam singh

M1-What your father do?
Ans- He does his own business of submersible pumps.

M1- How many members are in your family??
Ans- Sir,I my mother,my father and a younger brother

M1- You aren't very good in studies.
Ans-Yes sir in my college I was involved in so many cultural activities so didn't studied well!!

M1- So now??
Ans- Sir as soon as I graduated I realised my mistake, and started preparing for competitive exama and In my very first attempt I have cleared pre and mains..

M1-This is your 1 attempt??
Ans- yes sir..

M1- What are the other exams you have appeared for??
Ans- Sir lic aao,rrb po,sbi clerk

M1- And cleared only this??
Ans- No sir,I have cleared lic aao pre but wasn't able to make it through mains, I have cleared sbi clerk pre and written mains,and rrb po pre also..

M1- What is retail banking??

M1-What is the full form of UIDAI?
Ans- I wasn't able to recall it!!

M1- Ceo of Apple?
Ans- Tim cook

F1- What u knw abt US China trade war??

M1- What U do in your free time?

M2- Aap n banking k bare m kya pdha hy?
Ans- Sir sbi,rbi common banking awareness

M2-What are different types of bank?
Ans- Sir regional rural bank, schedule commercial bank, development bank and cooperative bank are different types of bank..

M3- You are from varanasi?
Ans-Yes sir

M3- How many Ghats are in varanasi?
Ans- Sir there are 365 ghats, evry ghat denotes single day and we worship evry ghat on it's day.

M3-There is one ghat where no one visit.
Ans-Sir, I am not able to recall the name.

M3- That is Narmada ghat.

Yes sir.

M3-There is one ghat famous for deadboadies.
Ans- Yes sir manikarnika ghat.

M3-What is ganga arti?
Ans-Sir we worship maa ganga by showing arti ganga arti of dashaswamedh ghat is world famous and tourist attraction arti at that ghat starts around 7 PM.

M3- Smilied he was very happy

M3- Tell something else for which varanasi is famous.
Ans- Sir for saranath,bhu and varanasi is also famous for it's member of parliament.

M3-Who faught election against him in varanasi jinki jamanat japt hui thi..
Ans- Sir Mr ajay rai

Panelist Thank u you may leave..

Me- Thank u sir!
GD Topic- Are the retail investors in India ready for equity market?
GE Topic- What are the important qualities will you search in your employees to have an efficient customer support system?

1. Patience.
2. Attentiveness.
3. Knowledge about the product.
4. Showing positive body language .
5. Ability to read customers.
6. Empathy.
7. Persuading skills.
8. Time management skills.
9. Excellent communication skills.
10. Expecting surprises in queries.

My Interview was short. 
First I was asked about NRC and my opinion whether it is right or not.
Questions like why banking after engineering? How can a mechanical engineer be useful in banking? Then I was asked questions from my hobbies.
My hobbies were cricket and digital payments.
I was asked about what has cricket taught you? What qualities should a captain possess? How did you captain your side? Who is your favourite cricketer and why?
Then I was asked about the advantages of using Digital Payments? Types of Digital Payments? SBI digital payment products.
Finally I was asked to do a SWOT Analysis of myself.
Thank You.

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