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CURRENT AFFAIRS - SBI PO INTERVIEW ON 28.9.2019 questions asked and expected

Gd topic- should we allow immigrants in our country
Ge topic- suggestions to motivate a person after failure in exam.
PI que
1) why banking after mech engg.
2) Que about father occupation.
3)Que related to job
4) problems banks facing
5) agriculture related scheme
6) tell 2 international audit companies
7) where is panipat
8) what is current news related sharad pawar

Gd topic was : US and china trade war; is going to benefit india?
gd was good I initiated by quoting when this trade war started; who started and about 25% tariffs first US put on china and then china did the same then I told about the corporate tax relaxation by our finance ministry with data( as i learned it,all credit goes to you sir) and said that now it will benefit india after such huge tax cuts.
in 2nd turn i said this trade war is not going to be for a short span of time because US called china currency manipulator and in recent bilateral dialouge between US and india president trump said indirectly that even today all is not well between china and US.
as those who are in against saying that it is going to be only a short term opportunity so i contradicted them my saying that friends opportunities are always for short time we have to grab it and make it long lasting through our capabilities and our country is capable enough to do so.
ge topic was: there is a village named alipur suffering from unemployment, bad health conditions of children and women and high crimes and now a small budget is alloted to it then what will be your priorities in spending that budget.
1. on primary education 
2, on health of children and women
3 vocational training of youth 
4 providing employment opportunities
5 good law and order
one more was there could not remember sorry for that sir.
PI was amazing and the questions were like this
Q: so you live in thakurdwara tehsil tell me for what it is famous?
answered correctly
Q.: for what your district moradabad famous for?
answered as i was prepared for this question
Q: will you able to managed if posted some where else not in moradabad? 
answered yes i am flexible enough hence i will manage very well
Q you are a science graduate why should i hire you?
i said sir i am polite and i think politeness is the most important quality for being a banker because then only we will be able to make loyal costumer then said i have good communication skills, i am hard working. i am multitasking so i fit perfectly in the profile (he smiled)
Q. what do you mean by rupay card?
i said mam basically it is the replacement of foriegn card like visa and mastercard because they are very expensive and rupay card is indian and our pm modi is launching it in other countries also so one day it will become international (all of them smiled)
Q: follow up question from other mam in which countries rupay card is lauched? 
answered UAE, bhutan and singapore
Q: from which options costumer can take benefits of banking by not visiting the branch? 
i said ATMs as now apart from withdrawing money we can deposit also and our bank's yono app provides all banking services at mobile phone then she intrupted and said have you heard of pos i said yes mam it is point on sale and  it was highly used after demonetisation as petrol pumps and even tea stalls were using it
Q: follow up question from other mam how many times demonetisation had occured in india?
answered 3 times first in 1946 in which 100 and 500 notes get demonetised then in 1978 when 1000,5000 and 10000 notes get demonetised and recently on 8 nov 2016 when 500 and 1000 notes get demonetised
then she asked others if any question is there they said no and said thankyou and also thanked them and one of them asked me to take one toffee and pick one toffee and left.
out of the 5 penelits(3 male 2 female) only 4 questioned me one was silent
sir out of nervousness i wished good morning to mam and then realised and said good evening to everyone this small mistake i made.


[9:03 AM, 9/26/2019] +91 88703 98599: I attended my SBI PO interview yesterday
[9:04 AM, 9/26/2019] +91 88703 98599: GD topic : Impacts of smartphone on our lives merits/ demerits
[9:04 AM, 9/26/2019] +91 88703 98599: GE topic : measures for effective way of time management
[9:05 AM, 9/26/2019] +91 88703 98599: Interview @2:50pm in SBI lho Chennai
[9:05 AM, 9/26/2019] +91 88703 98599: Panel 5 members (4 male + 1 female)
[9:23 AM, 9/26/2019] +91 88703 98599: Question in order
1. My Name's correct pronunciation - Answered

2. About my shirt, readymade or stitched, brought from where, why you opt for stitching instead of readymade, length, price. - answered

3. As I got placed in campus interview, they asked me why you left the job and took the exam instead why cannot you prepare by still continuing ur previous job. Sub question: how did you managed being unemployed for 1 year isn't that risky. - answered as I have prepared the solution to the question multiple times.

4. Type of work done, nature of job, about company - answered

5. What genre of movie you like, recently watched movie. - answered

Now next person
6. What do you understand by disinvestment. - answered but was in my own words. He corrected me.

7. Why disinvestment? - answered

8. What is a bank and its function - answered

9. There are various roles and responsibilities for a PO, which one you prefer.- answered

10. Why farm loans are risky and what you will do to address it.  - answered

Next person
11. Is demonetization a good thing or a bad thing? - answered

12. What is gst, is it good or bad? Answered.

Next person (lady)
13. Do you read newspaper daily - answered

14. State one news in today's newspaper (25th sept) related to banking. - answered ( RBI - PMC issue)

15. Why RBI imposed a restriction on PMC? - answered

Next person
16. Do you have a bank account. - Answered

17. In which bank - answered

18. About yono app - answered.

19. About yono cash- answered.

20. Have you tried using yono cash? - answered.

That's all the questions asked to me.
Overall it was a great experience.
Interview lasted 10 mins.

GD Topic-Will next  war be of water?
GE-You are good in banking. You want to open a profit making business of baking. Priortise them
1.Your target market
2-Cost Revenue analysis
3-Location of business
4.Your competitors
5-Approach a bank for loan
6-Raw material for baking
7-Baking equipment for business

Interview Questions:
From where you belong from
Ludhiana is famous for
Brand of cycle 
Hero Cycle CEO
Why banking after Msc IT
Why you have done Msc IT
What is Blockchain technology and how it is use
Block chain technology server less so data kaha save hota hai
Technologies used in banking
Diff bw GDP and GNP
Steps taken by govt to increase GDP
What is the business of IT companies
Name some IT companies of India
Why such big companies  like Google Microsoft Oracle are not established in India
What is Fintech and name fintech companies
Recently Sharukhan Khan is brand ambadassador of some famous education startup.Name that startup
What is financial disruption


2 Males were there in GD. 1 was GM and 1 was DGM.
11 students in GD.
We discussed and listened one another's point and reached on consensus in time.
Sirs said that your GD was very good. You guys did it well and within time.
GE - 9 points were given to maintain Professionalism.
Here we were given 15 minutes to write down our points and then we started discussion. We discussed step by step each point and then convinced each other. Finally we all reached to a common ranking of points. This process also went smoothly.
Then Sirs again said that you all done it in time.
Then we all gave our sheet of GE to Sirs. And came out of the room after saying thanks.
Here once i made a mistake which sir noticed. I was sitting in the middle  and 6 people on my left and 4 on my right. when i was saying my point i was looking at only my left. so i think that was my mistake. But while listening and again telling my point 2nd and 3rd tym i was looking at everyone.
After GD completed then sir told that you all look at everyone, don't look on one side. I think that was a indication to me. Except this all went well. I spoke not too much but when i spoke i kept a good point in my GD.
This is all about GD.
PI  - 2 males, 2 females = here M1 is Chairman. Interview lasted for approx 5 minutes.
I entered the room and greeted them by saying Good Afternoon Ma'am and Sirs.
They also said good afternoon.
M1 - greet me in hindi for good afternoon. (becos i had mentioned to give my intrvw in Hindi).
Me - Sir, actually i am unable to remember that word becos of habit of saying it in hindi.
M1 - Ok So tell me the process of a manufacturing firm.
Me - I got confused of his question, As i have done 
B.COM so i thought he is asking about accounting process. So i said sir actually i have done my B.COM 5 years ago so i don't remember exactly in detail.
M1 - So what, the process of manufacturing is always same.
Me - Sir actually i am unable to understand what exactly you are asking.
M1 - Suppose this is a pen (showing his pen), now tell me how this pen made.
Me - ok sir. then i told him the basic process which we all know. Like , buying good quality raw material and machinery then labour, management, appointing experts of raw material, then making it, then distributing it in market. then getting customers response and then improving our product as per feedback.
M1 - and Advertising?
Me - Ohh Sorry sir, i forgot to mention that. That is the most important part in present world.
F1 - Ok so your hobby is Watching youtube videos. tell me whose videos you see (I had mentioned watching videos of national/ International speakers).
Me - I told her and she asked me to tell in detail, and i told them one story which i saw 2 days ago.
F2 - Give me a brief analysis of urself.
Me - I am hardworking, honest, quick learner, and like to take challenging tasks and completing it.
F2 - and your Weakness?
Me - I think too much. And that has a positive and a negetive effect. Positive is that i get many new ideas and plans. And negetive is that it seems like i have loads on my head all the time. So for that i need some more rests.
F2 - What ideas you get, tell me.
Me - I told her a story of a businessman that how he expanded his business and reached in fortune 500. And then i related it with same expansion that can be done in banks to expand business of banks. I told that becos govt. has control over banks so the expansion can not be done easily but it can be done.I told them that i have not thought yet too much on it. But i will think upon it.
F1 - Ok tell me who is your inspiration?
Me - I told them about my father and 2 more person. They asked what inspires you in your father. I told them that he is hardworking, honest, completes his task carefully, completely on time. My father is not too much educated yet he is respected very much in his office.
M2 - Ok tell me that currently banks are going to merge. So do you think that will be successful and objectives will be achieved.
Me - Sir It depends on how it is handled after merger. And the problems caused banks to go into stress like governance structure and all other reasons if that will be solved and not repeated after merger then it will be successful.
M2 - Why are u coming to banks when they are in so stressed condition.
Me - Sir all banks are not in same condition. And in future these problems will be solved.
M2 - Suppose that those mistakes are again repeated then?
Me - Sir it is difficult to assume that becos all banks are not in stress or all will do same mistakes after merger, that is difficult. Becos when two or three banks are merging then with business, their ideas, plans, ways of doing business, all will be merged then they will take decisions. So I don't think that they will repeat same mistakes again.
F1 - Do you read newspaper and which newspaper?
Me - I said i read The Hindu and sometimes Business Standard.
M1 - Do you read Business standard hindi version?
Me - No sir i read English version.
F1 - Why dont you read Sanmarg? (becos my father works in that)
Me - Smiling.. Becos it does not have much good contents.
M1 - Ok thank you. You can go now.
Me - Thank you mam and sirs. Smiled and left.

Sir pls reply and give a feedback of yours that according to you how was my GDPI. And also tell me where i made mistakes.

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