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Aman interview : interview was on 5 Aug..they asked introduce ur self..then..fmly bcground...then asked any problem in posting south....
Then asked nationalized bank ank private bank..then again... different bt sbi and icici..again public sector bank...why banks take deposits...
I confused why they asked for ....why don't you join ICICi bank...? There are more opportunities..
Again asked leave my pervious job wipro...
Then said thanks you can leave now...
But again they asked one question .... what is different bt mobile and internet banking...thn said ok tnks Aman.
Pls tell me why they were asking for join ICICI BANK.
[07/08, 1:16 pm] expertanil1: Jayant dixit interview- sir interview went well. Questions were related to my education and family background. They asked about idbi and md of the idbi . Thanks for all your guidance and support
[07/08, 3:01 pm] expertanil1: Manish interview : dear sir...
my interview process is over...
on 6th August 2019 at kolkata...
questions that were asked by me..
about myself
why I am so late in getting job so I have completed my graduation in 2012. they also made me write an application to the HR for getting get placement anywhere...for the same...
few questions from my job experience as a teacher...
how did I manage my time during my professional career...
how a bank earns profit?
types of accounts...
RBI functions...
few questions from my to measure GDP...
from banking section I answered almost all questions...with complete I have been through your banking awareness videos partially but that was enough to answer... 
thank u so much sir...
[07/08, 3:08 pm] expertanil1: Gaurav interview : sir my interview is over... sir iam very happy after my interview this is my first interview but i perform very well...... they asked too much questions.. first they asked me what is agreement and difference between contract and agreement.. why we hire you.... indian contract act was passed in which year..... they asked about my home town.... they asked about receivable ratio and interest coverage ratio and many more... but over all sir.... it is very good ....panel is very cooperative
[07/08, 3:20 pm] expertanil1: Babu interview: Sir my interview is done. three members in the panel. They asked only less questions bt they are deeply asked about family details.... tell me about ur self...about mudra scheme.... Self help groups nd joint liability groups............ Panel is very support to me
[07/08, 4:00 pm] expertanil1: Bignesh interview : Good Afternoon sir...
My interview is over today. It was good. They asked me the functions of RBI & How it regulates banks. What is bank and It's services. Then Why Banking though you are from Technical background. Then asked me questions from my engg subjects. Asked about family in details. Like How many members, what your father does, source of family income. Then they wanted to know the reason of my State preference. I've given almost every questions correctly. They are very cooperative. I didn't feel nervous as it was my 2nd interview.
Thank you so much for your guidance and all efforts.
[07/08, 4:36 pm] expertanil1: Anudeep interview : Today my interview got over in Banglore, it was good, panelist were friendly they only asked about personal question, some 2 banking question ..most of the questions were asked from the CV we have given
[07/08, 4:36 pm] expertanil1: Chander Mohan interview : Sir . My interview is over . They didn't ask anything related to banking . Lot of questions from my personal life . Why banking . They asked what is KYC.
[07/08, 5:28 pm] expertanil1: Vipul interview : Sir done with interview
And mostly question was asked about banking
What is banking
How bank earn
Repo crr slr
Base rate
Plastic money
Fiat money
Credit card k pros and cons
Digitization is good or not
And some science question
Like Newton's law and gravity
Then some question from my personal life family
That's all
It was good experience 
[07/08, 5:45 pm] expertanil1: Bhawani Shanker interview : Hello sir done with the interview
Question asked
What is banking , What is npa , What is kcc
What are the Facilities provided by bank
Personal questions related to hobbies,family
What is cross selling
That’s all it was a nice experience
Thanks for your advice
[07/08, 5:49 pm] expertanil1: Jeethu interview : My interview is over sir they asked about pan card and how banks helps in boosting economy rest of the questions are related to my personal life. And last question was Hindi atha he kya?
[07/08, 6:25 pm] expertanil1: Rahul interview : Sir My interview is done now, just like my Canara bank interview these guys also kept bugging me again and again about why I wanted to leave a people touching and people centric company TCS, they gave me different stress scenarios in bank and how I would react on such situations, I could answer those questions and they were OK with it, I also explained to them how I could bring my skills which I have developed in TCS to the bank, but 1 panel member was not that convinced, there were 3 in the panel and 2 of them felt good with my answers, 3rd one was only asking about TCS, overall no questions were asked to me by them regarding the Current affairs, banking affairs or about IDBI, it was all about my current job and how I can benifit them from my current job
[07/08, 6:33 pm] expertanil1: Richa interview : Sir my interview was all banking based. I am a commerce student. I guess that's why.. Didn't asked about my personal profile. Nothing. Asked about what is the name of manufacturing loan we give? I was not able to answer this. Asked about was is liquidity. Told but they seemed not convinced. Asked about nationalisation. Told them. Asked about why current ratio. Why current assets are more. Told. Asked about cc limit. Some questions I was able to answer. Some I was not.
[07/08, 7:17 pm] expertanil1: Tulika interview : Sir my interview was good they ask me about inflation mpc rates shrimati sushma swaraj demise deferred revenue expenditure bank defination as per banking regulations and negotiable instrument act defination i replied almost every questions except the last one but they give me positive positive remark but at last they ask me weight of a chair that i cant reply...overall good experience ..thanks sir you helped a lot...
[07/08, 7:51 pm] expertanil1: Deepshikha interview : My interview is over sir.. At first they asked tell about yourself.. Then most questions were from Cv and personal questions.. Why banking after engineering.. What if you get a higher package job.. I was selected in Indian bank pgdbf program but I didn't join,so asked me why? Then types of account and what type of account I have and what is the interest rate.. What are the states where you don't want to get posted to.. Overall the interview was good.. Thank u very much sir, your videos helped a lot.

IDBI Assistant Manager interview experience of various candidates: Interview experience of Nikhil : [06/08, 8:55 am] C IDBI Nikhil: Yesterday i gave the interview
First question was to introduce your self so i introduced my self
2nd question was related to one subject of my degree and i was not able to answer that but i told them that sir i passed out in 2016 and rignt now i am not able to recall those terms then one of the officer said ok Nikhil no problem lets talk about banking terms.
Then they asked me about 6-7 questions of banking like IBC monetory policy fiscal policy etc then some current affairs and i answered 90% of the questions accurately.......
[06/08, 8:57 am] C IDBI Nikhil: Approximately 15 questions they asked and i answered 13 out of that.... hoping for the best sir....
[06/08, 8:57 am] C IDBI Nikhil: They also asked about my personal life about my family.....
[06/08, 9:10 am] expertanil1: Sidhant Jain interview I also gave my interview yesterday
First they ask me to introduce and as I told them that my father is in lic so they asked some questions from lic , then they ask about on pros and cons of online transaction and 2-3 questions like why banking and are you comfortable in travelling all over India It was a short interview around 8-9 min .
[06/08, 9:11 am] expertanil1: Mangesh interview [06/08, 9:05 am] C IDBI Mangesh Babode: I have done with my interview sir banking term they ask me about
1.ibc    2.balance of payment  3. Negotiable instruments
4. And other opinions based questions
1.which newspaper you read and what is today headlines
2. As I hvae wrote in my CV about good communication and leadership skills they ask me ..where I showcase these skills
 I almost answered each and every question: Theey ask me about IDBI: About family background and farming related option based questions I told them that my family father is farmer: Wheather u will leave IDBI if you get chance in other psb: Overall ..I'm able to answer all questions they ask... interview went for almost 15 minutes: Hope for best 
[06/08, 9:24 am] expertanil1: Hemraj interview My interview start with
What is banking ( bank and their functions)
[06/08, 9:25 am] expertanil1: Rahzul interview They asked about self introduction, information about IDBI bank, details of PCA, then general HR questions related to why should we hire you, how will you sustain in retail and sales services from engineering background, whats the difference you expect from engineering and bank job....
I had already prepared all these questions as per your videos sir, so i did not have much difficult in answering them
😇 exactly the topics whichever you had asked to prepare sir....thanks a lot for your invaluable guidance sir😊
[06/08, 10:01 am] expertanil1: Sukanya interview Sir my interview was good.. Wen they asked a situation based question I got stuck sometime and it affected my language flow a little. They asked nothing about banking and all. They asked nly my personal life, my graduation school education Father's job siblings, hobbies etc. But I felt myself a little bit tensed during interview.. They asked my marks in written test. I said 135.75.
[06/08, 10:45 am] expertanil1: Darpana interview: introduce yourself, about family, why banking..why not upsc nd others, since my graduation subjects were banking and finance they askd me about npa.. lending rates of bank.. functions of bank.. questions on accountancy ..
[06/08, 11:00 am] expertanil1: Arpit Rawat interview : They asked basic question like-introduction, about article 370, npa, past job experience, hobbies, digital banking.
[06/08, 12:59 pm] expertanil1: Krishna interview : sir my interview went well they asked me about
- introduction about myself ,  - what is banking?
- why banking ?
- latest government schemes from past few months related to banking?,  - financial inclusion,  - Artificial intelligence questions
- SIDBI, - About IDBI bank
- NBFC vs Bank – PCA, - self help groups
My interview went for 20 mins sir and I am able to answer questions confidently and I accepted if I don't know the answer sir . Hoping for the best😇
[06/08, 5:57 pm] expertanil1: Kumar interview [06/08, 5:40 pm] C IDBI Kumar Manglam: Sir interview was superb..Answered everything.Your videos was of great help.
A million thanx Sir.
Since I was already working as an executive ,they asked my regarding my job profile and my experiences.
Once again thank-you Sir.
[06/08, 5:40 pm] C IDBI Kumar Manglam: Me#
[06/08, 5:58 pm] expertanil1: Arpit interview : [06/08, 5:55 pm] C IDBI Arpit Rakshaskar: Asked questions abt family background and my civil engg knowledge as I was pass out this yr
C IDBI Arpit Rakshaskar: Asked abt ur field(civil engg ) importance in bank
C IDBI Arpit Rakshaskar: Again they asked abt will u prefer to sell banking products and how will u do
C IDBI Arpit Rakshaskar: How u will convince people
C IDBI Arpit Rakshaskar: Amrapali group scandal they asked me
expertanil1: And direct indirect taxes , Basel reforms, recovery of npa , money market instruments
[06/08, 7:52 pm] expertanil1: Akash interview : Sir my interview was very good your videos helped a lot. They asked normal banking questions like Financial Inclusion, financial literacy, Inflation, KCC, NPA and some questions on my BCOM background like balance sheet and Fiscal deficit. Altogether it was very good. Thankyou so much sir.
[06/08, 8:06 pm] expertanil1: Ajay interview : Thank sir giving important guidance . My interview was also good . Question asked like crr slr Basel norm repo rate. Banking ombudsman .
[07/08, 12:09 pm] expertanil1: Suchitra interview :[07/08, 12:00 pm] C IDBI Suchitra Biswal: Sir my interview was good they asked me to introduce then 2 question from my bsc background then asked what is bank, what is npa, I answered as per ur vdo, they said u have defined npa very well from where u have prepared, I told about ur you tube channel, then asked famous in my place.
[07/08, 12:01 pm] C IDBI Suchitra Biswal: Tq for ur help sir...ur vedios helped me a lot
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