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Here is my gd/pi experience. Thank you so much for your invaluable guidance and hard work.
Anmol Jain

SBI PO Gd/pi experience:
#bhopal 27/09/2019
Panel 2
Interview experience:
Gd: Should immigration be allowed in India?
GE: One student failed. What will be ur advice to him/her on priority basis.
1 Don't fret about it.
2 Don't be too hard on yourself.
3 Analyse, why he/she failed.
4 With same strategy, work harder.
5 Use different strategy
6 Be positive for next exam
7 Give your best.

Chairman ma'am:
Q. Tell me about yourself.
Ans told
Q. what was ur research paper about?
Ans told
Q. What was case study about?
Ans. Told
Q. What is solid waste management and liquid waste management?
Ans. Didn't know, ans partially.
Q. Why do we do waste management?
Ans Told about recycling, 3 'R's
Q. What are functions of RBI?
Ans. Told 3-4 points.
Q. You have solid profile, why don't you opt for higher studies?
Ans. Ma'am I tried writing Gate. Qualified but didn't get enough marks to get a good Psu or institution. So I understood that one need a neck for the subject to get there. So I am trying for bank job instead.
Q. Who is governor of RBI?
Q. Who was previous governor of RBI?
Q. Who is previous than him?
Q. Who is finance minister?
Q. Who is CEO of Niti Aayog?
Q. What is Niti Aayog?
Ans. Committed blunder here, explained Planning commission. They didn't correct me.
Q. Where do you see India in 2035?
Ans. Told India will be a super power with significant progress. Will achieve all the planned goals.
Q. He asked what about traffic congestion on roads?
Ans. Sir it is a problem already but steps are being taken like odd even, metro, public transportation etc. So I believe govt will tackle the situation properly.
Q. What is significance of Howdy Modi? Tell 2-3 points.
Ans. Told Donald Trump wants Indian votes. US-China trade war is going on. US firms are leaving China. India wants them here so they are trying long term strategic alliance with US. It was a good step towards it. It happened in Texas. Forgot to tell, Oil (fuel) matter.
Q. Who is CEO of Pmc?
Ans. Sorry sir, forgot.
Q. What is PMC? Why in news?
Ans. Told about HDIL with a little blunder. Corrected myself.
Q. Why is CEO in news?
Ans. Said, Sorry sir, I Don't know.
Sir explained that he was involved too.
M3. Ok Go.

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