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sbi po interview questions asked


Why do you want to join bank? 
About father's business
About graduation like fossil fuels and diff between cng and lpg
Lil about previous work
Hobbies.. how do your hobbies help you? (Volleyball) 
Biggest issue faced by banks
How much your father earns😅
What other sports do you play?

Couldn't ans 2-3 out of 5-6 qus related to graduation

1) asked me about being a banker like my dad. 2) to recite a poem because i wrote poetry writing. 3) went way too deep into history geography asking who discovered goa etc etc. Didnt know, the middle guy asked this and grilled a lot. 4) central banks, its functions, about banking regulations act, fiscal deficit, current account deficit. 5) situation based if im an exporter and the currency depreciates. 6) chandaryaan 2 names of rover and lander, what does rover do? 7) lady complimented me on my handwriting and said how can we judge a personality on the basis of handwriting. All in all i answered confidently. They were very cheerful but the middle guy grilled, important thing is you can't know everything but jo ata hai vo ache se btao. And don't forget to smile. It was late and they were tired and wanted to finish things fast as well.

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