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1.  Greece made history in becoming first ever developed economy not to pay back the IMF on 30 Jun. The nation(s) which has/have failed to make their commitments to the IMF include(s)
a) Peru   b) Zambia  c) Sudan   d) Zimbabwe  e) All the above 

2.  India and which of the following countries signed agreements including the double taxation avoidance treaty and ratification on the extradition treaty, recently, during the visit of the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj?
a) Thailand  b) Nepal  c) Mauritius   d) Vietnam  e) Bangladesh 

3.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1 Jul launched the Digital India program. It comprises of various initiatives which include
a) Wi-Fi hotspots   b) Next Generation Network (NGN)  c) Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) app 
d) eSign  e) All the above 

4.  In a bid to revive dwindling interest in Test cricket, which of the following two teams will play the first day-night Test match in Adelaide later this year?
a) Australia and New Zealand   b) England and Australia  c) South Africa and Australia 
d) India and Australia  e) None of these 

5.  Which of the following banks has launched '30-min auto' and '15-min 2-wheeler' loan schemes, for which customers have to provide only their biometric details?
a) ICICI Bank   b) SBI  c) HDFC Bank   d) Axis Bank  e) Bank of Baroda 

6.  Which of the following Indian cities has won the United Nations Public Service Award 2015 in the category of improving delivery of public services recently? The city was declared as the first “open defecation free” district in country earlier.
a) Thrissur   b) Kollam   c) Belgaum  d) Nadia  e) Dhalai 

7.  Anisa Rasouli was nominated as the first female judge to the Supreme Court in which of the following countries on 28 Jun?
a) Bangladesh  b) Iran  c) Pakistan   d) Afghanistan  e) Indonesia 

8.  _________ is celebrated as the National Doctor's Day as a tribute to the legendary Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, a physician, former West Bengal CM and the Bharat Ratna awardee.
a) 29 Jun   b) 30 Jun  c) 1 Jul   d) 2 Jul  e) 3 Jul

9.  Sunil Mittal-led Bharti Airtel has become the world's third largest mobile operator with 303 mn subscribers. Which of the following is the world’s largest mobile operator as of now?
a) China Unicom   b) China Mobile  c) Vodafone Group  d) AT&T  e) None of these 

10.  Indian Railways and Indian Army are among world's biggest employers. What are their ranks, respectively, among the world's biggest employers?
a) 1st and 2nd   b) 1st and 5th  c) 3rd and 6th   d) 6th and 7th  e) 8th and 9th 

11.  The output of eight infrastructure sectors expanded by 4.4 per cent in May, the highest growth rate in past six months. Which of the following industries is NOT one of the eight core sector industries?
a) Fertilizer   b) Textile   c) Cement   d) Steel  e) Petroleum refinery 

12.  India and which of the following countries have signed an MoU to establish the Rs 50 cr ($7.9 mn) PACEsetter Fund which aims to accelerate commercialisation of innovation in off-grid clean energy solutions?
a) Germany   b) France  c) Canada   d) Norway  e) US

13.  The president of which of the following countries on 26 Jun dissolved the 225-member parliament, paving the way for fresh parliamentary elections in mid Aug, eight months ahead of the schedule?
a) Pakistan   b) Bangladesh  c) Sri Lanka   d) Bhutan  e) Myanmar 

14.  The ministry of Civil Aviation on 25 Jun approved a proposal for setting up a second airport in the National Capital Region at
a) Jewar   b) Mewat  c) Jhajjar   d) Rewari  e) Mahendragarh 
15.  Yevgeny Primakov died at 85 recently. The journalist, diplomat and a seasoned spy was the former Prime Minister of
a) Russia   b) Kazakhstan  c) Ukraine   d) Belarus  e) None of these 

16.  Bangladesh signed an agreement with which country to construct a 3.5-km tunnel under the Karnaphuli River in Chittagong at a cost likely to be over $ 1 bn recently?
a) Japan   b) South Korea  c) China   d) Malaysia  e) Singapore 

17.  A total of 50 nations, including India, signed agreement on China-led AIIB on 29 Jun in Beijing. China, India and Russia are the three largest shareholders whose stakes, respectively, are
a) 32 per cent, 10 per cent and 8 per cent   b) 30.34 per cent, 8.52 per cent and 6.66 per cent
c) 30 per cent, 9 per cent and 7 per cent   d) 29.41 per cent, 7.25 per cent and 5.33 per cent
e) None of these 

18.  Arun Shrivastava is the present managing director & chief executive officer of which of the following public sector banks? The Manipal-based bank is scaling down the pace of business expansion for 2015-16.
a) Indian Bank   b) Union Bank of India  c) Bank of India   d) Canara Bank  e) Syndicate Bank 

19.  The State Bank of India on 28 Jun said that its joint venture partner in SBI Life is keen to increase its stake from 26 per cent to 36 per cent. The SBI's JV partner in SBI Life is
a) American International Group   b) Tokio Life  c) Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 
d) BNP Paribas  e) None of these 

20.  The ICC made changes in the rules for ODIs recently on the recommendations made by the ICC's cricket committee headed by the former India captain
a) Kapil Dev  b) Saurabh Ganguly  c) Sachin Tendulkar   d) Anil Kumble  e) None of these


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