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Directions (Q. 66 -71):  Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step.  The following is an illustration of an input and its rearrangement:
Input:             question them 8 word 15 28 equal 23
Step I.             8 question them 15 28 equal 23 word
Step II.            8 15 question 28 equal 23 them word
Step III.          8 15 23 28 equal question them word
Step III is the last step of the above arrangement as the intended arrangement is obtained.
As per the rules followed in the steps, find out the appropriate step for the given input.
Input:             step 22 rule exit give 25 19 27 try world 18 13
66.    How many steps will be required to complete the arrangement of the above input?
         a) Four                b) Six               c) Five             d) Seven          e) None of these
67.    Which of the following will be at the fourth position from the right in Step IV?
         a) rule                 b) 27                c) step              d) 25                e) None of these
68.    If ‘world’ is related to ‘13’ and ‘try’ is related to ‘19’ in the same way ‘step’ is related to which of the following in step III?
         a) 22                   b) rule              c) 19                d) give             e) None of these
69.    What will be the position of ‘exit’ in the last step?
         a) 6th from the left          b) 5th from the right                 c) 4th from the right    
d) 7th from the left         e) None of these
70.    How many words/ numbers are there between 19 and 27 in the second last step?
         a) Three              b) Four             c) Five             d) Six              e) None of these
71.    Which of the following steps will be the last step but one?

         a) IV                   b) V                 c) VI                d) VII              e) None of these

     In the rearrangement numbers are arranged in ascending order from left to right and words are arranged in reverse alphabetical order from right to left in each step.
Input:             step 22 rule exit give 25 19 27 try world 18 13
Step I.              13  step 22 rule exit give 25 19 27 try 18 world
Step II.             13 18 step 22 rule exit give 25 19 27 try world
Step III.          13 18 19 22 rule exit give 25 27 step by world
Step IV.          13 18 19 22 25 exit give 27 rule step try world
Step V.            13 18 19 22 25 27 exit give rule step try world
66.c    67.a       68.b     69.d     70.b     71.a

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