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Test-V : Computer Knowledge
121. The operation of combining two cells into a single cell in Excel is referred to as ______
a) Join Cells     b) Merge Cells c) Merge Table            d) Join Table   e) None of these

122. Which of the following can be used to store a large number of files in a small amount of storage space?
a) file adjustment   b) file copying      c) file reading     d) file compatibility   e) file compression

123. The binary system is a number system to the base
a) 12    b) 4                  c) 8                  d) 10    e) 16

124. Which of the following is not an example of hardware?
a) Scanner       b) Printer         c) Monitor       d) Mouse         e) Interpreter

125. Which of the following is not a function of the control unit?
a) Read instructions    b) Execute instructions                       c) interpret instructions          
d) Direct operations    e) None of these

126. Software for organizing storage and retrieval of information is a(n) ________.
a) operating system     b) database      c) database program    d) data warehouse
e) None of these

127. The term _______ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality.
a) digital device          b) system add-on        c) disk pack     d) peripheral device    e) None of these

128. An email account includes a storage area, often called a(n) ________
a) attachment              b) hyperlink     c) mailbox       d) IP address   e) None of these

129. What is the term for unsolicited e-mail?
a) Newsgroup              b) Usenet         c) Backbone    d) Flaming       e) Spam

130. What type of program controls the various computer parts and allows the user to interact with the computer?
a) Utility software                   b) Operating system    c) Word processing software
d) Database program   e) None of these

131. UNIVAC is
a) Universal Automatic Computer  b) Universal Array Computer c) Unique Automatic Computer
d) Unvalued Automatic Computer   e) None of these

132. Which of the following is NOT associated with Computers?
a) Bit   b) Binary         c) Pencil                      d) Mouse         e) Screen

133. A byte is a collection of
a) four bits       b) six bits         c) eight bits     d) ten bits        e) twelve bits

134. CD-ROM is an example of
a) input device b) output device          c) Both input & output devices          d) pointing device
e) None of these

135. Volatility is a property of
a) computer network   b) ROM           c) disk d) software      e) RAM

136. Java is an example of a(n)
a) machine language   b) assembly language   c) high-level language
d) fourth-generation language   e) None of these

137. What is the name given to the database management system which is able to handle full text data, image data, audio and video?
a) Full media   b) Graphics media       c) Multimedia  d) Hypertext   e) None of these

138. _______ is/are processed by the computer into information.
a) numbers       b) processor     c) input            d) data e) None of these

139. An example of peripheral equipment is the
a) printer                      b) CPU            c) spreadsheet d) microcomputer                    e) ALU

140. Which of the following commercial software products are examples of operating system software and application software respectively?
a) Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Word
b) Microsoft Office XP and Microsoft Windows XP            c) MS DOS and Microsoft Windows XP
d) UNIX and LINUX            e) UNIX and Java

141. The origin of internet can be tracked from
a) ARPAnet                b) Radio networks                  c) Satellite networks   d) Indian army networks
e) Air Force networks

142. To connect networks of similar protocols, _______ are used.
a) Routers        b) Bridges       c) Gateways    d) Dial-up routers        e) None of these

143. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a _______
a) tab   b) cell  c) box  d) range           e) None of these

144. To reload a web page, press the ______ button.
a) Redo           b) Reload        c) Restore        d) Ctrl e) Refresh

145. When data changes in multiple lists and all lists are not updated, this causes
a) data redundancy     b) information overload          c) duplicate data         d) data consistency
e) data inconsistency

146. What is the main folder on a storage device called?
a) Root directory         b) Interface     c) Device driver          d) Platform      e) Main directory

147. Which of the following is not an output device?
a) Plotter                     b) Printer         c) Scanner       d) Monitor       e) None of these

148. Which keys can be used together with other keys for special tasks?
a) Insert, Delete          b) Ctrl, Shift    c) Left Arrow, Right Arrow   d) Page Up, Page Down
e) None of these

149. The main directory of a disk is called the ______ directory.
a) root  b) sub  c) folder                      d) network      e) None of these

150. The physical arrangement of elements on a page is referred to as a document’s
a) features       b) format                     c) pagination               d) grid e) None of these

151. Which type of memory holds only the program and data that the CPU is presently processing?
a) CMOS         b) ROM                       c) RAM                       d) ASCII                     e) None of these

152. A button that makes character either upper or lower case and numbers to symbols:
a) monitor        b) shift key      c) icon d) mouse                     e) None of these

153. The clock rate of a processor is measured in
a) milliseconds b) microhertz               c) megabytes or gigabytes       d) nanoseconds
e) megahertz or gigahertz

154. A computer virus that normally attaches itself to another computer program is known as
a) Backdoor program  b) Target program                   c) Trojan horse d) Host program
e) Bluetooth

155. In the binary language, each letter of the alphabet, each number and each special character is made up of a unique combination of _________
a) eight bytes               b) eight kilobytes        c) eight characters                   d) eight bits     e) None of these

156. To access a mainframe or supercomputer, users often use a ______
a) terminal       b) node            c) desktop       d) handheld     e) None of these

157. The operating system is the most common type of ______ software.
a) communication                    b) application              c) systems        d) word-processing     e) None of these

158. When you quickly press and release the left mouse button twice, you are ______.
a) primary-clicking      b) pointing       c) double-clicking                   d) secondary-clicking
e) None of these

159. Checking that a pin code number is valid before it is entered into the system is an example of
a) error correction                    b) backup and recovery                       c) data preparation                  d) data validation
e) None of these

160. During boot-up, the memory test:
a) Is a superfluous step that should be ignored
b) Checks and verifies that contiguous memory is installed   c) Is an operational error

d) Displays what memory is installed, but nothing else         e) None of these


121. b) 122. e) 123. a) 124. e) 125. e) 126. c) 127. d) 128. c) 129. e) 130. b)

131. a) 132. c) 133. c) 134. e) 135. e) 136. c) 137. c) 138. d) 139. a) 140. a)

141. a) 142. c) 143. b) 144. e) 145. e) 146. a) 147. c) 148. b) 149. a) 150. b)

151. c) 152. b) 153. e) 154. c) 155. d) 156. a) 157. c) 158. c) 159. d) 160. b)

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