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Banking related General Awareness -- BANK PO / BANK CLERKS --IBPS / SBI

: General Awareness
(with Special Reference to Banking Industry)

121.     Who among the following has taken charge as the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Coal India Ltd with effect from 5 Jan 2015?
a) AK Dubey              b) S Narsing Rao                     c) Sutirtha Bhattacharya
d) Dinesh K Sarraf      e) None of these
122.     At present how many Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) are there in the country?
a) 52                b) 56                c) 64                d) 82                e) None of these
123.     In India, the “National Consumer Rights Day” is observed on which of following dates as the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was enacted on this day?
a) 21 Dec         b) 24 Dec        c) 27 Dec         d) 29 Dec        e) 31 Dec
124.     Which of the following terms is NOT associated with banking sector?
a) Corporate finance               b) Syndication             c) Prime Meridian       d) Sub-prime
e) Sub-standard assets
125.     Which of the following institutions is associated with the regulation of finance-related activities in India?
a) FMC            b) IFFCO        c) IDBI           d) ICERT        e) None of these
126.     After being adopted by the UN General Assembly in Apr 2013, the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) came into force on
a) 24 Nov 2014           b) 24 Dec 2014           c) 1 Jan 2015               d) 10 Jan 2015
e) None of these
127.     What is India’s position out of 146 nations in the Forbes’ list of the best countries for business for 2014?
a) 18th             b) 55th             c) 93rd              d) 105th          e) None of these
128.     Name the Konkani writer and a recent recipient of Sahitya Akademi award (for the book Manthan) who passed away recently.
a) Madhavi Sardesai               b) Uday Bhembre       c) Maria Aurora Couto
d) Pundalik Naik                     e) None of these
129.     What does the letter ‘S’ denote in the term IMPS as used in banking parlance?
a) Settlement               b) Service        c) Suspension              d) Supervision            
e) System
130.     Which of the following Acts enables banks to reduce their non-performing assets (NPAs) by adopting measures for recovery or reconstruction?
a) RBI Act                  b) Banking Regulation Act                 c) State Bank of India Act
d) SARFAESI Act     e) Negotiable Instruments Act
131.     Which of the following terms is NOT related to the field of sports?
a) Service        b) Birdie          c) Spider          d) Stalemate    e) None of these
132.     Who among the following have been conferred the nation's highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna, recently?
a) Madan Mohan Malaviya                 b) Atal Bihari Vajpayee          c) Dhyan Chand
d) All the above                                  e) Only a) and b)
133.     Who among the following is the present governor of Jammu & Kashmir?
a) Kalyan Singh          b) Vidyasagar Rao      c) Mridula Sinha         d) Urmila Singh
e) NN Vohra
134.     Which of the following institutions is formally known as the World Bank?
a) International Bank for Reconstruction and            Development (IBRD)           
b) International Monetary Fund (IMF)
c) Asian Development Bank (ADB)
d) World Trade Organisation (WTO)
e) None of these
135.     In accordance with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) notification, cheques, drafts, pay orders and banker’s cheques are valid for only __________ from the date of issue.
a) two months                         b) three months           c) four months             d) five months
e) six months
136.     The committee appointed to study the issue of balanced development of various regions of Maharashtra has recommended autonomous status for Vidarbha. Who among the following headed the Committee?
a) Montek Singh Ahluwalia                b) Vijay Kelkar           c) C Rangarajan
d) Duvvuri Subbarao                          e) Bimal Jalan
137.     The eighth Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was held on 17-18 Oct in which of the following cities?
a) New York               b) Sydney        c) Toronto       d) London       e) None of these
138.     Who among the following has been conferred with Yash Chopra Memorial Award 2014? It is the second edition of this award instituted in 2013.
a) Dilip Kumar            b) Asha Bhosle            c) Lata Mangeshkar    d) Amitabh Bachchan
e) None of these
139.     Credit cards are also known as which of the following?
a) Hard Money            b) Easy Money            c) Silver Money           d) Plastic Money
e) Elastic Money
140.     What is base rate?
a) Interest rate payable on demand deposits
b) Interest rate payable on fixed deposits
c) Interest charged by the RBI from PSBs on advances
d) Minimum interest rate fixed by banks below which they generally do not lend.
e) None of these
141.     With which of the following countries, for the first time, Pakistan has signed an energy deal worth USD 1.7 bn to lay a gas pipeline from Karachi to Lahore?
a) US               b) France         c) Russia          d) UK              e) Japan
142.     The Singapore-bound flight QZ8501, which crashed into Java Sea on 28 Dec after taking off from Surabaya Indonesia, belonged to
a) Lufthansa                b) Air Asia                  c) Qatar Airways         d) Vistara
e) Singapore Airlines
143.     Who among the following has won the inaugural USD 500,000 Dubai Open golf tournament?
a) Jyoti Randhawa                  b) Gaganjeet Bhullar               c) Shiv Kapur             
d) Wang Jeung-hun                 e) Arjun Atwal
144.     Which of the following is a probable private bank to function in India?
a) IFCI            b) IDFC          c) IRBI            d) SKS Microfinance             
e) Asirvad Microfinance
145.     Which of the following is NOT an example of a commercial bank?
a) Urban Co-operative Banks                                     b) Regional Rural Banks (RRBS)
c) Private Banks                      d) Foreign Banks        e) Public Sector Banks
146.     Who among the following has been named the under-secretary-general for field support, department of field support (DFS) at the United Nations?
a) Vjay Nambiar          b) Ameerah Haq          c) Atul Khare              d) Koul Panha
e) None of these
147.     The govt has ordered a cut of nearly 20 per cent in its 2014-15 healthcare budget due to fiscal strains. India spends about what per cent of its GDP on public health?
a) 1 per cent                b) 3 per cent                c) 5.3 per cent             d) 8.3 per cent
e) None of these
148.     Which of the following leading private sector banks in India has joined PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India programme with the launch of its own ‘digital village' project and adopting an entire village in Gujarat?
            a) HDFC Bank            b) Axis Bank               c) Kotak Mahindra Bank
e) ICICI Bank             e) Federal Bank
149.     Which of the following is NOT a function of banks in India?
a) Selling gold and silver coins          
b) Providing safe custody of customer’s valuables
c) Purchase and Sale of Foreign Exchange
d) Transfer of Funds
e) None of these
150.     What is a "pay-in slip’?
a) Another name of cheque                
b) A slip used to deposit money/cheque in one’s account
c) An instrument used for transferring money
d) A slip used for withdrawal
e) None of these
151.     Which of the following state govts has fixed minimum educational qualifications for contesting polls for panchayat samiti and district council elections recently?
a) West Bengal            b) Bihar           c) Uttar Pradesh          d) Rajasthan
e) Madhya Pradesh
152.     Beji Caid Essebsi is the new President of which of the following countries?
a) Tunisia         b) Yemen        c) Libya           d) Nigeria        e) None of these
153.     Who among the following has been named the Business Standard Banker of the Year for 2013-14?
a) Romesh Sobti          b) Chanda Kochhar     c) Aditya Puri             d) Abraham Koshy
e) Uday Kotak
154.     Banks do not allow their customers to avail which of the following services under ‘mobile banking’?
a) Loan application     b) Payment      c) Money transfer        d) Balance inquiry
e) None of these
155.     Who among the following is a deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) at present?
a) SS Mundra              b) Subir Gokam           c) Anand Sinha           d) KC Chakrabarty
e) Nachiket Mor
156.     Who among the following is the new Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)?
a) M Sathiyavuthy      b) Prabhat Kumar        c) Arun Mishra            d) Ashok Lavasa
e) None of these
157.     Which of the following countries has won the women’s Kabaddi World Cup 2014 title?
a) Pakistan       b) India           c) Iran              d) New Zealand          e) None of these
158.     Who among the following have been appointed as the two permanent members of the newly formed NITI Aayog?
            a) Arvind Panagariya and Sindhushree Khullar
b) Bibek Debroy and VK Saraswat
c) Arvind Panagariya and VK Saraswat
d) Bibek Debroy and Arvind Panagariya
e) None of these
159.     The govt has announced to continue subsidy on fertilizers. The govt provides urea to farmers at a fixed subsidised maximum retail price (MRP) of __________ per tonne.
a) Rs.4120       b) Rs.4,730      c) Rs.5,360      d) Rs.6,100     e) None of these
160.     Donald Ramotar was the chief guest at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2015 held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat from Jan 7-9. He is the president of

a) South Africa           b) Guyana       c) Suriname     d) Seychelles   e) Fiji


121. c              122. b              123. b              124. c              125. a
126. b              127. c              128. a              129. b              130. d
131. e              132. e              133. e              134. a              135. b
136. b              137. d              138. d              139. d              140. d
141. c              142. b              143. e              144. b              145. a
146. c              147. a              148. d              149. e              150. b
151. d              152. a              153. a              154. e              155. a

156. a              157. b              158. b              159. c              160. b

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