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 Computer Knowledge:
121. A kilobyte is equal to how many bytes?
a) 1000            b) 1035            c) 100  d) 1008            e) 1024
122. The Central Processing Unit is an example of
a) peripheral device     b) an output unit         c) software      d) a program    e) hardware
123. IT stands for
a) Information Technology     b) Integrated Technology       c) Intelligent Technology
d) Interesting Technology       e) None of these
124.Sending an e-mail is similar to
a) picturing an event   b) narrating a story      c) writing a letter         d) creating a drawing
e) None of these
125. To save an existing file with a new name or to a new location, you should use the _______ command.
a) Save b) Save and Replace   c) Save As       d) New File     e) None of these
126. Which type of software manages the computer’s processes, functioning as an interface, connecting user, the application software, and the hardware?
a) Integrated software b) Utility program                   c) Translator program  d) Operating system
e) None of these
127.A(n) __________ is a program that makes the computer easier to use.
a) operating system     b) application              c) utility                       d) network      e) None of these
128. Connections to the Internet using a phone line and a modem are called __________ connections.
a) digital                      b) dial-up         c) broadband               d) dish e) None of these
129. Which of the following represents the fastest data transmission speed?
a) bandwidth   b) bps  c) gbps d) kbps            e) mbps
130. What is the major feature of the World Wide Web that makes it simple to learn and use?
a) Database interface  b) Graphical text interface      c) Graphical user interface
d) Point-to-Point Protocol      e) None of these
131. The taskbar is located
a) On the Start menu   b) at the bottom of the screen c) on the Quick Launch toolbar
d) at the top of the screen       e) None of these
132. Another word for software is
a) input            b) output                     c) program       d) system         e) None of these
133. What type of device is a computer printer?
a) Input           b) Input/Output           c) Software     d) Storage       e) Output
134. What is the biggest number that you can get with 8 bits?
a) 256  b) 128  c) 1000            d) 255  e) 1 & 24
135. Two or more computers connected to each other for sharing information form a
a) network       b) router                      c) server                       d) tunnel                      e) pipeline
136. A computer checks the ________ of user names and passwords for a match before granting access.
a) website        b) network       c) backup file              d) database      e) None of these
137. Text in a column is generally aligned
a) justified       b) right c) center                      d) left  e) None of these
138. The background of any Word document
a) is always white colour         b) is the colour you preset under the Options menu
c) is always the same for the entire document            d) can have any colour you choose
e) None of these
139.Which of the following is an example of connectivity?
a) Internet       b) floppy disk              c) power cord              d) data e) None of these
140. __________ is the process of finding errors in software code.
a) Compiling               b) Testing        c) Running      d) Debugging              e) None of these
141. An example of a telecommunications device is a ________.
a) keyboard     b) mouse                      c) modem        d) printer                     e) scanner
142. Every component of your computer is either
a) software or CPU/RAM       b) hardware or software  c) application software or system software
d) input device or output device         e) usable or unusable
143. CDs are of which shape?
a) Square         b) Rectangular c) Round                     d) Hexagonal              e) None of these
144. This type of hardware consists of devices that translate data into a form the computer can process:
a) application               b) input            c) system         d) All of these e) None of these
145. A permanent memory is called
a) RAM                       b) ROM                       c) CPU            d) LCD           e) ALU
146. Personal computers can be connected together to form a
a) Server                      b) super computer                   c) enterprise     d) network      e) None of these
147. The most common method of entering text and numerical data into a computer system is through the use of a
a) plotter                      b) scanner        c) printer                      d) keyboard     e) None of these
148. Which keys enable the input of numbers?
a) Function keys          b) Numeric keypad     c) Ctrl, Shift and Alt   d) Arrow keys
e) None of these
149. The quickest and easiest way in Word to locate a particular word or phrase in a document is to use the ________ command.
a) Replace       b) Find c) Lookup        d) Search         e) None of these
150.Which of the following is NOT a computer programming language?
a) C                 b) C++ c) Java d) COBOL      e) Microsoft
151. Computers seem capable of performing almost every task as
a) they help control our automatics, medical, education etc.
b) they use a long process       c) they provide a large number of instructions
d) they are cheap         e) All of the above
152. By which feature of internet does the concept of “Teacher-centred learning” change to “Student-centred learning”?
a) E-commerce            b) E-education c) E-publishing            d) E-governance          e) E-mail
153. Find the odd man out.
a) Interpreter   b) Operating System   c) Compiler     d) Assembler   e) None of these
154. An assembly language is a division of
a) Middle level language         b) High level language                        c) Low level language
d) Machine language   e) None of these
155. A partially completed workbook that contains formulas and formatting but no data, is called a
a) prototype     b) template      c) model                      d) function      e) None of these
156. A byte can represent any number between 0 and
a) 2                  b) 255  c) 256  d) 1024            e) 1025
157. Which is not a basic function of a computer?
a) Store data    b) Accept input           c) Process data            d) Copy text    e) Accept and process data
158. ASCII is a coding system that provides
a) 256 different characters      b) 512 different characters      c) 1024 different characters
d) 128 different characters     e) 1000 different characters
159. In a sequence of events that take place in an instruction cycle, the first cycle is called
a) store cycle   b) execute cycle          c) fetch cycle               d) decode cycle           e) code cycle
160. Peripheral devices such as printers and plotters are considered to be

a) hardware     b) software      c) data d) information e) None of these
121. e) 122. e) 123. a) 124. c) 125. c) 126. d) 127. c) 128. b) 129. c) 130. a)
131. b) 132. c) 133. e) 134. d) 135. a) 136. d) 137. a) 138. d) 139. a) 140. d)
141. c) 142. b) 143. c) 144. b) 145. b) 146. d) 147. d) 148. b) 149. b) 150. e)
151. e) 152. b) 153. b) 154. c) 155. b) 156. b) 157. d) 158. d) 159. c) 160. a)

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