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DigiLocker is yet another Digital India initiative launched by the Government of India in February 2015. Released by the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DEITY), Ministry of Communications & IT, DigiLocker is actually an e-locker to save your official and other documents. 
What is Digi Locker? 
This is a secured personal online storage space where you can store your documents. The service is open to all Indian citizens with Aadhaar cards. Each citizen, when registered with DigiLocker, will be allotted a storage space of 1 GB linked with his or her Aadhaar number. You can not only store your official documents like mark sheets, Pan cards, Passports, certificates, voter id cards, etc. but also store Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) link of the e-documents issued by various departments. You can digitally sign e-documents with the e-sign facility provided by this system. 
Sections Within the Digital Locker 
My Certificates: 
(a) Digital Documents: This contains the URIs of the documents issued to the user by the various government departments or other agencies. 
(b) Uploaded Documents: This subsection contains all the documents uploaded by the user. Each file should not be more than 1 MB in size. Only pdf, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png file types can be uploaded. 
My Profile: The user’s complete profile is seen here. 
My Issuer: The issuers’ names and the documents issued to the user are available here. 
My Requester: The requesters’ names and the documents requested by the requesters are available here. 
Directories: Complete list of registered issuers and requesters along with their URIs are available here. 
Signing Up Process: How Does it Work? 
Log on to the official site of the DigiLocker ( 
Click on Sign-in. 
In the text box “Enter Aadhaar Number”, type your Aadhaar number. 
For user authentication, there are two options to choose: “Use OTP (One Time Password)” and “Use Fingerprint”. 
If you choose OTP, the password will be sent to the mobile number and email-id registered with your Aadhaar. 
Once the OTP is entered, click on ‘Validate OTP’ button. 
Once the OTP is validated, the user can complete sign up by setting his username and password. 
If you choose fingerprint, you will have to put the thumb print on the finger print device. 
If it is valid, your identification is authenticated and you can set your own username and password to complete the sign up. 
Using Social Media 
You can also sign in using your Gmail ID or Facebook ID. 
Advantages of DigiLocker System 
·         Empowers the citizens digitally. 
·         Ensures easy availability of documents online. 
·         Reduces the use of physical documents and fake documents. 
·         Offers authenticity of the e-documents. 
·         Provides a secured access to documents issued by the government. 
·         Reduces administrative costs of government departments and agencies. 
·         Provides fast access to documents anytime and from anywhere. 
·         Enables easy sharing of documents across departments and agencies. 
·         Ensures complete privacy of residents’ data. 

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