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Test-V: Computer Knowledge
161.     Computers process data into information by working exclusively with
a) multimedia              b) words          c) characters                d) numbers
e) None of these
162.     Which of the following memory chip is programmed during the manufacturing process?
a) RAM           b) ROM           c) PROM         d) EEPROM               e) None of these
163.     The output is
a) what the processor takes from the user
b) what the user gives to the processor
c) what the processor gets from the user
d) what the processor gives to the user
e) None of these
164.     An error is also known as
a) bug              b) debug          c) cursor          d) icon             e) None of these
165.     The simultaneous processing of two or more program by multiple processors is called
a) multiprogramming               b) multitasking            c) time-sharing           
d) multiprocessing                   e) None of these
166.     The device which helps you communicate with computer is called
a) input device            b) output device          c) software device       d) storage device
e) None of these
167.     __________ acts as temporary high speed holding area between the memory and the CPU thereby improving processing capabilities.
a) ROM                       b) RAM           c) Temporary memory             d) Cache memory
e) Flash memory
168.     A document that explains how to use a software program is called __________ manual.
a) user              b) system         c) software      d) program      e) technical
169.     Press the __________ key to move the insertion point to the first cell in a row in Excel.
a) Page Up      b) Page Down                         c) Home          d) Tab              e) None of these
170.     How many margins are there on a page?
a) Two (headed and footer)                            b) Four (top, bottom, right, left)
c) Two (landscape and portrait)                      d) Two (top and bottom)
e) None of these
171.     Another name for software is
a) programs                 c) CPU            c) options        d) folder          e) None of these
172.     A program which helps, create written documents and lets you go back and make necessary corrections is
a) spreadsheet             b) personal writer        c) word printer            d) word processor
e) None of these
173.     What is an e-mail attachment?
a) A receipt sent by the recipient       
b) A separate document from another program sent along with an e-mail
c) A malicious parasite that feeds on your messages and destroys the contents
d) A list of CC or BCC recipients
e) A friend to whom e-mail is sent regularly
174.     Which of the following is a type of software that controls the internal operations in the computer and also how the computer works with all its parts?
a) Shareware                           b) Public domain software      c) Application software
d) Operating system software             e) None of these
175.     Which of the following is not a function of the control unit?           
a) Read instructions                b) Execute instructions           c) Interpret instructions
d) Direct operations                e) None of these
176.     Software for organising storage and retrieval of information is a(n)
a) operating system                 b) database                  c) database program   
d) data warehouse                   e) None of these
177.     A CPU contains
a) a card reader and printing device
b) an analytical engine and control unit
c) a control unit and an arithmetic logic unit
d) an arithmetic logic unit and a card reader
e) None of these
178.     A powerful key that lets you exit a program when pushed:
a) arrow key                b) spacebar                  c) escape key               e) return key
e) None of these
179.     Numbers and formulae entered in a cell are called
a) Labels          b) Numeric entries       c) Intersection                         d) Text            e) Fillers
180.     What is software?
a) A type of computer code                                        b) A computer language         
c) A set of instructions for your computer                  d) A cover for the computer
e) None of these
181.     You can use the tab key in MS-Word to
a) move a cursor across the screen                  b) indent a paragraph
            c) move the cursor down the screen               d) Only a) and b)
e) None of these
182.     A string of eight 0s and 1s is called a
a) megabyte                 b) kilobyte       c) gigabyte      d) byte             e) None of these
183.     In MS-Access, a table can have __________ primary key/keys.
a) one              b) we               c) Three           d) Four            e) None of these
184.     __________ software allows users to perform calculation on rows and columns of data.
a) Word processing                                         b) Presentation graphics         
c) Database Management System                   d) Electronic spreadsheet
e) None of these
185.     Which is the best definition of a software package?
a) An add-on for your computer such as additional memory
b) A set of computer programs used for a certain function such as word processing
c) A protection you can buy for a computer
d) The box, manual and license agreement that accompany commercial software
e) None of these
186.     You cannot link Excel worksheet data to a Word document
a) with the right drag method
b) with the hyperlink
c) with the copy and paste special commands           
d) with the copy and paste buttons on the standard commands
e) All of these
187.     Which of the following peripheral devices displays information to a user?
a) Monitor
b) Keyboard   
c) Secondary storage devices 
d) Secondary storage media
e) None of these
188.     When we move any row or column, the text of moved cells
a) moves with the cell            
b) remains at its place but formatting moves
c) moves witl1 cells and formatting is lost
d) moves with cells and some formatting are changed
e) None of these
189.     What type of resource is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer network?
a) Printers        b) Speakers      c) Floppy disk drives              d) Keyboards
e) None of these
190.     The vast network of computers that connects millions of people all over the world is called
a) LAN            b) Web            c) Hypertext                d) Internet       e) None of these
191.     Which of the following types of tables constraints will prevent the entry of duplicate rows?
a) Primary key             b) Unique        c) Null             d) Foreign key            
e) None of these
192.     Which type of switching uses the entire capacity of a dedicated link?
a) Circuit switching                                         b) Virtual Circuit Packet Switching
c) Datagram Packet Switching                       d) Message Switching
e) None of these
193.     Which of the following refers to the memory in your computer?
a) RAM           b) DSL            c) USB                        d) LAN           e) CPU
194.     Information travels between components on the motherboard through
a) Flash memory          b) CMOS        c) Bays            d) Buses          e) Peripherals
195.     How many different documents can you open at a time?
a) Not more than three           
b) Only one                
c) As many as your computer memory can hold
4) Not more than your Taskbar can display
e) None of these
196.     To make the number pad act as directional arrows, you press the __________ key.
a) shift             b) arrow lock               c) num lock                 d) caps lock
e) None of these
197.     For opening and closing of the tile in Excel, you can use which bar?
a) Formatting              b) Standard     c) Title             d) Formatting or Title
e) None of these
198.     Which of the following controls the manner of interaction between the user and the operating system?
a) user interface           b) language translator              c) platform      d) screen saver
e) None of these
199.     You can start Microsoft Word by using __________ button.
a) New            b) Start            c) Program       d) Control Panel          e) None of these
200.     In Excel, Charts are created using which option?
a) Chart Wizard          b) Pivot Table              c) Pie Chart     d) Bar Chart

e) None of these

161. d              162. b              163. d              164. a              165. d 
166. a              167. d              168. a              169. c              170. b
171. a              172. d              173. b              174. d              175. d 
176. d              177. c              178. c              179. b              180. c
181. b              182. d              183. a              184. d              185. b 
186. d              187. a              188. a              189. a              190. d
191. b              192. c              193. a              194. d              195. c 
196. c              197. c              198. a              199. c              200. a

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