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Directions (Q. 111-120): In the given passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. Against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Calculations that previously took more than 20 hours to complete on the banks' own systems are now done in 20 minutes. Big banks are also renting resources in the cloud (111) they need safe test environments in which they (112) mirror their own computer systems and then make changes (113) updates without the risk of crashing the (114) bank. Many banks are reconfiguring their (115) computer systems into private clouds — a hybrid (116) in which they have sole use of a data centre. But they (117) some efficiencies from using software and systems that run public clouds. (118) are, however, concerns about cloud computing. One is the (119) over security and data protection. For small banks with (120) resources, the large data centers provided by firms such as Microsoft are probably safer and more reliable than any that they could build themselves. But large banks, which have already built secure data centers, are reluctant to hand over client data to outsiders.

111. a) that                  b) when                       c) though         d) later            e) perhaps

112. a) able                  b) try                           c) want            d) can             e) capable
113. a) not                   b) other                        c) only             d) to                e) or

114. a) disagree           b) collapse                   c) entire           d) default        e) best

115. a) some                b) specially                  c) fully             d) own             e) bulk

116. a) crop                 b) power                      c) circuits         d) step             e) degree

117. a) basic                b) arise                         c) originate      d) derive          e) advantage   

118. a) Then                b) There                       c) What           d) Where         e) This

119. a) concern            b) thought                   c) take             d) wrong         e) anxious

120. a) limited             b) inadequately           c) reduce         d) restrict         e) failed

111.b               112.d               113.e               114.c               115.d  
116.d               117.d               118.b               119.a               120.a

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