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General awareness
121.  CAG is connected with:
         a) union budgets
         b) state finances and irregularities
         c) audit and related matters
         d) checking expenditure of Government of India        
         e) None of these
122.  Finance Industry Development Council is a self-regulatory organization for:
         a) Co-operative banks
         b) Non-banking finance companies
         c) Micro-finance institutions
         d) Regional Rural Banks
         e) Insurance companies
123.  ‘Easy Exit Scheme’ of the Corporate affairs Ministry refers to which of the following?
         a) Privatization of loss-making public sector companies
         b) Removal of names of defunct companies from the Register of Companies
         c) Closure of loss-making industries after paying off creditors
         d) Removal of SEZ status for companies not fulfilling export obligations
         e) Allowing loss-making companies to retrench workers through VRS schemes
124.  Medical tourism is related to:
a)   cancer patients undertaking tours and travels
b)   all patients going on a vacation
c)   a tourist spot having primary health care facilities
d)  a package covering travel, stay, medical treatment and the like a holiday package for people suffering from communicable diseases
e)   None of these
125.  A loan
a)   is a rental agreement between owner of a flat/house and the Tenant, whereby the Tenant pays a specified amount on specified dates to the owner.
b)   is a legal contract between the owner of an asset and its user, containing many conditions including payment of a specified amount by the user to the owner for use of the asset.
c)   is mainly used for machinery.
d)  is one of the ways resorted to by the companies
e)   None of these
126.  Factoring:
a)   is an easy way of raising capital from a factoring company by small business.
b)   is selling of account receivable on a contract basis for cash payment to a factor before it is due.
c)   is an arrangement for raising short term money against prepaid expenses.
d)  is a method discounting of long term bills.
e)   None of these
127.  Green House Effect:
a)   is the increase in the temperature inside the green house where people can live in.
b)   is the increase in the temperature inside a kiln due to the green brick line.
c)   is the rise in temperature that Earth experiences because certain atmosphere gases trap heat of Sun.
d)  All a), b) and c)
e)   None of these
128.  Many times we read about SHGs in financial newspapers.  What is the full form of the term?
         a) Small Help Groups
         b) Self Help Groups
         c) Small Hope Growth
         d) Self Hope Groups
         e) None of these
129.  Which of the following is a government owned Construction Company?
         a) Hindustan Construction Company
         b) National Housing Bank
         c) National Building Construction Corporation
         d) All of these
         e) None of these
130.  Which of the following is NOT a financial term?
         a) Acid Test       b) Double Fault           c) Gross Profit    d) Depreciation        e) Cash flow
131.  In the terms of economics, the recession occurring two times with a small gap in between is known as:
         a) Double Deflation                   b) Deflation                 c) Deep Recession      
d) Double Dip Recession           e) None of these
132.  ‘CAMELS’ rating refers to which of the following?
         a) Capital markets                      b) Banks                      c) Insurance companies          
d) Real estate companies           e) Credit rating agencies
133.  Rotterdam Convention refers to trade in which of the following?
         a) Chemical        b) Food products        c) Crude oil     d) Military hardware   e) Textile
134.  Which of the following terms is NOT used in Economics?
         a) Balance of Payment               b) Call Money             c) National Debt        
d) Elasticity of Demand             e) Boyl’s Law
135.  Hiroshima day is observed on which of the following dates?
         a) 6th August      b) 16th August   c) 6th September        d) 16th September        e) 26th July
136.  Human Rights Day is observed on which of the following dates?
         a) December 15th                        b) December 20th                     c) December 10th        
d) November 15th                       e) November 20th
137.  The term Demographic Dividend’ related to advantage enjoyed by a country because of:
a)   low per capita medical expenditure and high life expectancy.
b)   higher share of working-age people in total population.
c)   benefits from investments in knowledge based industries made over a long period of time.
d)  higher share of retired people in total population.
e)   a higher share of workforce in knowledge based industries such as software and biotechnology.
138.  Which of the following terms is NOT used in the field of banking and finance?
         a) Blue chip companies              b) Commercial paper               c) Hedge        
d) Premium Bonds                     e) Wobbe Index
139.  RBI known as lender of last resort because:
         a) It has to meet the credit need of citizens to whom no one else is willing to lend
         b) Banks lend to go to RBI as a last resort
         c) It comes to help banks in times of crisis
         d) All of them   
         e) None of these
140.  These days RBI uses Selective credit control measures rather infrequently because of:
         a) Deregulation of functions      b) Autonomy given to banks  c) Comfortable liquidity        
d) Reasonable inflation level     e) All of these
141.  The following is classified as a public sector bank:
         a) ICICI bank    b) IDBI Bank ltd        d) Axis Bank   d) Local area bank      e) None of these
142.  The banker - customer relationship in credit card payment is:
         a) Creditor-debtor                      b) Debtor-creditor       c) Agent-principal      
d) Principal-agent                       e) None of these
143.  The availability of cash and other cash-like marketable instruments that are useful in purchases and investments are commonly known as:
         a) Cash crunch   b) Liquidity     c) Credit          d) Marketability          e) None of these
144.  As per newspaper reports.  India’s trade gap has been showing a negative growth for the last few months.  “Trade Gap” means what?
         a) Gap between total GDP and total consumption
         b) Gap between total imports and total exports
         c) Gap between available liquidity and expected demand in next five months
         d) Gap between budgeted revenue collection and actual collection of the same
         e) None of these
145.  On which day World Anti-Tobacco day held?
         a)  6th June          b) 6th October               c) 31st July      d) 31st May        e) None of these
146.  Which of the following currency is related to Argentina?
         a) Peso                b) Euro                        c) Dollar          d) Drain             e) None of these
147.  Kamal Beniwal, the former governor of Gujarat was recently transferred to which of the following states?
         a) Mizoram         b) Sikkim         c) Meghalaya   d) Nagaland    e) None of these
148.  Shailendra Bhandari has resigned from his post after taking charge of the Bangalore-based private lender.  He is a MD and CEO of which of the following banks?
         a) Yes Bank                               b) ING Vysys Bank    c) Karur Vysya Bank 
d) Kotak Mahindra Bank           e) None of these
149.  Joko Widodo was recently elected the president of which of the following countries?
         a) Malaysia         b) Vietnam      c) Indonesia    d) Belgium      e) None of these
150.  Who of the following was appointed the new Chairperson of the central Board of Director Taxes (CBDT)?
         a) K. V. Chowdary                    b) Anita Kapur            c) Arun Kumar Jain    
d) Nitin Desai                            e) None of these
151.  Which of the following banks has recently launched Facebook based funds transfer platform KayPay?
         a) Kotak Mahindra Bank                       b) Yes Bank                c) HDFC        
d) ING Vysya Bank                              e) None of these
152.  Which of the following banks has recently become the first Listed Indian Company in the list of 30 SENSEX companies having more than 75% shareholding by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs)?
         a) ICICI Bank    b) Axis Bank   c) HDFC Bank            d) RBL Bank  e) None of these
153.  Which of the following banks has recently introduced mobile banking service for its customers, to commemorate 50 years of its journey in the Indian financial sector?
         a) Union Bank of India              b) IDBI Bank              c) Kerala Grameen Bank        
d) Karur Vysya Bank                 e) None of  these
154.  Which of the following air carriers has recently become the first Indian carrier to join the largest global alliance, Star Alliance for civil aviation and became the 27th member airlines of the group?
         a) Air India Express       b) Air India     c) Spice Jet      d) Indigo         e) None of these
155.  Which of the following public enterprises has recently been granted Navratna status?
         A. Engineers India Limited      
B. Antrix Corporation
         C. National Buildings    Construction Corporation Limited    
D. National  Fertilizers Limited
         a) A and B         b) B and D      c) A and C      d) A and D      e) None of these
156.  Which of the following cities come under Master planning of 3 new smart cities in the Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor region as announced in the Union Budget 2014?
         a) Vellore (Tamil Nadu), Chittor (Andhra  Pradesh), Mandya (Karnataka)
         b) Ponneri (Tamil nadu), Krishnapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Tumkur (Karnataka)
         c) Tiruvallur (Tamil Nadu), Hindupur (Andhra Pradesh), Tumkur (Karnartaka)
         d) Vellore (Tamil Nadu), Krishnapatna (Andhra Pradesh), Mysore (Karnataka)
         e) None of these
157.  Finance Minister ArunJaitely has recently presented Economic Survey of India 2013 -14 in the Lok Sabha.  India’s economy in financial year 2014-15 is expected to grow in the range of _____ per cent?
         a) 5.4 – 5.9%      b) 5.5 – 5.8%   c) 5.6 – 5.8%   d) 5.7 – 5.9%  e) None of these
158.  Saina Nehwal, Indian badminton ace, has recently won 750000 US dollar Australian Open Super Series by defeating Carolina Marina.  Carolina Marin is related to which of the following countries?
         a) Denmark        b) Japan           c) Spain           d) Australia     e) None of these
159.  Narayanaswami Srinivasan was recently appointed the first Chairman of the International Cricket council (ICC) for a period of how many years?
         a) 1                     b) 2                  c) 3                  d) 4                  e) None of these
160.  AB de Villiers has recently replaced Virat Kohli as the number One batsman in the ICC ODI batsman ranking.  AB de Villiers is related to which of the following countries?

         a) South Africa  b) Australia     c) New Zealand          d) Sri Lanka    e) None of these

121.c 122.b      123.b   124.d   125.b   126.b   127.c   128.b   129.c   130.a   

131.d   132.b   133.a    134.e    135.a   136.c   137.b   138.e   139.c   140.e   

141.b   142.b   143.b   144.b   145.d   146.a    147.a   148.b   149.c   150.b   

151.a   152.c   153.b   154.b   155.c   156.b   157.a   158.c   159.b   160.a

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