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I Am Determined To Teach A Lesson To These Corrupt Officials Even If It Cost My Life-- a real story of Deshmukh Dishendra (February 2016)

“I have read of inhumane incidents happening in many parts of the country. But you won’t totally believe unless you encounter one. Now onward I can totally believe them.

I frequently travel to China for my official trips. One thing I always adored by Chinese people is their use of electrical or foldable bicycle which they carry with them in the subway.

This time, after coming to India I desperately started looking for such bicycle if available in India. At last, I found one BTWIN HOPTOWN bicycle at Decathlon. I immediately bought and started using it. Once I was carrying it with me on the train between the route KR PURAM to Bangalore Cantonment. I am proud of the fact that I am not the one contributing to the pollution in Bangalore.

On 9/2/2016, while exiting from Bangalore Cantonment railway station one ticket checking officer lady caught me and started demanding fine for carrying a bicycle with me. I tried to convince her, once folded it is not a bicycle at all, it weights hardly 14 kg and it is very much portable. But she insisted on asking for 6 times the fare of travel. I asked her for the railway rules regarding this and the receipt of the bill. She took my pass and made me wait for another 30 minutes and later came with an excuse that she doesn’t know the luggage rules. I was getting late and told her 6 times my fare of travel is 60 rupees and that she can have 100 rupees and let me go. But she demanded 300 rupees.

I told her even if it is 1000 rupees I will pay but I need the receipt. She presented the same excuse that she doesn’t know the luggage rules. At last, I lost my patience and started to call her corrupt. After which she slapped me, pushed me and called her police constable colleague to take me to the jail for misbehavior. He took me to the jail and started beating me. His other colleagues joined him, they undressed me and started beating me with hand, leg and sticks 5 people at a time. I was sure that I was going to die that day and only my body will be found next day. I begged them in all the possible way I can. At last, after an hour, one guy listened to my plea and asked me to pay 5000 rupees. He asked me to call any of my friends to come with 5000 rupees and then can take me back.

I called my manager Harish Haswani who came with two mutual colleagues of ours. All three had to plea to the railway police for more than an hour on my behalf as Railway police have threatened them that they will file a case against me of misbehaving with a lady officerand that I have tried to press her breast. I was very much shocked to see to what level character of a woman can fall. After too much of plea and the bribe from my colleagues they released me. The lady officer fined me 190Rs stating my bicycle weight is 40kg although it is 14kg only. Also, she fined me for ticket-less traveling though I was having the monthly pass. Also, the receipt she issued is of date 8/02/16 and not 9/02/16 on which date I travelled and the incident took place. We all were too much afraid and didn’t dare to ask her for the mistake in the receipt. All of our focus was just to save my life and get me out of there.

I am undergoing the treatment. My left hand is fractured. My friend Sarfaraz is taking care of me. I am determined never to travel by train in Bangalore again. My fold-able  BTWIN bicycle will never get used again. But at the same time, I have lost all the focus at my work. Fortunately, my mobile has done the voice recording of the entire incident. My mobile recording along CCTV camera recording at railway is enough to prove if I have done remotely any kind of misbehavior with the lady. I am determined to teach a lesson to these corrupt officials even if it cost me my life. I have written letters to all higher police authorities as well as human rights commission seeking action in this regards. They will respond but very unfortunatly as per indian goverment office time.”

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