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SBI Associates PO -- 7th August 2011

Thanks to Miss Sudha I am posting a few descriptive questions that were asked in today's examination: 1. write a letter to bank explaining delay in payment of EMI.. 2.write a letter to friend choose bank career is best. 3. write a letter as a manager of small company write a letter to bank requesting credit facility as expanding business 4. cashless card 5. internet banking 6. can india achieve status of most developed economy 7. UID- AADHAR card (I am giving link: http://uidnumber.org/aadhaar/) 8. black money impact india 9. education loan importance Thanks Miss Sudha. In case other candidates are able to remember other questions and details please send email to me-samba.ssivan@gmail.com Please go through search in this blog for different topics and learn more.


  1. Can plz provide some fromats for various types of letters.
    every book gives a different format.. confused.. any guideline given by the banks , or can u shed some light over it ??

  2. Sohali : I have posted two letters. pl see.


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