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Banking Related General Awareness - 2011 FOUR (EXPECTED QUESTIONS)


1. Through which one of the following sources domestic funds are raised by Companies ? 
1. IPO only 
2. FPO only 
3. Commercial papers. 
(A) Only 3 
(B) All 1, 2 and 3 
(C) Only 1 and 3 
(D) Only 1 
(E) Only 1 and 2 

2. Which one of the following was the reason owing to which Govt. wants Reserve Bank of India to tighten prudential norms for NBFCs ? 
(A) To reduce liquidity in the market 
(B) It is as per Basel II requirements 
(C) It is as per Bank for International Settlement (BIS) directives 
(D) It is to protect NBFCs from any impact of possible economic slowdown 
(E) None of these 

3. According to World Economic Forum, which one of the following risks is the greatest risk faced by the world in the year 2011 ? 
(A) Credit Risk 
(B) Country Risk 
(C) Counterparty Risk 
(D) Sovereign Default Risk 
(E) None of these 

4. Which one of the following decisions has been taken by Govt. in respect of MGNREGA ? 
(A) The wages should be revised by the State Governments 
(B) The wages are to be revised by Planning Commission 
(C) The District Authorities who allot work can give differential wages 
(D) The wages shall be linked to inflation 
(E) None of these 

5. What are teaser loan rates charged by banks ? 
(A) Fixed rate of interest charged by banks 
(B) Floating rate of interest charged by banks 
(C) Rate of interest in the initial period is less and goes up subsequently 
(D) Rate of interest in the initial period is more and it goes down subsequently 
(E) None of these 

6. On which one of the following subjects Pranab Sen Committee has submitted its recommendations to the Govt. of India ? 
(B) Food Security 
(C) Inflation 
(D) Food processing industries 
(E) Definition of slums 

7. Expand the term CCEA as used in administrative circles— 
(A) Cabinet Committee on External Affairs 
(B) Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs 
(C) Cabinet Council on External Affairs 
(D) Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 
(E) None of these 

8. What the full form of the term LIBOR as used in financial banking sectors ? 
(A) Local Indian Bank Offered Rate 
(B) London-India Bureau of Regulations 
(C) Liberal International Bank Official Ratio 
(D) London Inter Bank Offered Rate 
(E) None of these 

9. In which one of the following States, Patratu Thermal Power Plant is proposed to be set up ? 
(A) Madhya Pradesh 
(B) Bihar 
(C) Jharkhand 
(D) West Bengal 
(E) Kerala 

10. Who is Montek Singh Ahluwalia ? 
(A) Chairman, Planning Commission 
(B) Dy. Chairman, Planning Commission 
(C) Cmmerce Secretary, GOI 
(D) Economic Advisor to Prime Minister 
(E) None of these 

11. Expand the term FSDC which is used in financial sectors ? 
(A) Financial Security and Development Council 
(B) Financial Stability and Development Council 
(C) Fiscal Security and Development Council 
(D) Fiscal Stability and Development Council 
(E) None of these 

12. According to US Department of Agriculture, which one of the following countries in the world is the largest producer of dairy products ? 
(A) Australia 
(B) USA 
(C) China 
(D) Norway 
(E) India 

13. Which one of the following is largest producer of power in India ? 
(A) Reliance Power 
(B) Tata Power 
(C) National Hydro Power 
(D) Adani Power 

14. For which one of the following reasons Basel II norms are to be followed by Commercial Banks ? 
(A) Risk management 
(B) Adoption of international accounting standards 
(C) Restriction on bonus payments to bank executives 
(D) Transparency in disclosures 
(E) None of these 

15. Which one of the following will set up core banking infrastructure for rural banks ? 
(A) RBI 
(D) IBA 
(E) None of these 

16. Who is Robert Zoelick ? 
(A) IMF Chief 
(B) World Bank President 
(C) ADB President 
(D) Chief UNIDO 
(E) None of these 
17. Growth for 2011-12 has been -8.8% was the news in major news papers. This means which of the following grew at this rate during that period?
B) Money supply
C) Foreign Exchange Reserves
D) Inflation
E) Price Index

18. What is the full form of  LAF?
A) Liquid Advance & Finance
B) Liquidity Adjustment Facility
C) Legal Adjournment Facility
D) Local Advance Finance
E) Late Arrival of Finance

19. Headquarter of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is in?
B) Paris
C) London
D) Manila
E) Washington DC

20. As per newspaper reports ANZ was given licence to open branch in Mumbai. ANZ is a bank based in?
A) Australia
B) Argentina
C) Afghanistan
D) Angola
E) Austria

1.D 2.D 3.D 4.A 5.C 6.E 7.B 8.D 9.C 10.B

11.A 12.E 13.C 14.A 15.B 16.B 17.A 18.B 19.E 20.A

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