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Interview guidance- Bank PO/clerks

Dear Friends,

I have posted a lot of blogs on bank interview. You may get them all in this if you make a search with terms Interview, Bank Interview. You have different labels given in this blog. That will also help you. You can go through descriptive papers given herein. I have posted tips 1,2,3,4 and 5.

There is no end to approaching for success in an interview. What is required is confidence. YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW AND ALSO KNOW WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW. Do not hesitate to say that "I don't know" in respect of questions where you are not confident.

One more step in this --I am giving the experience of a few people who attended interview recently for ur guidance. Each interview will be different depending on the place the interview is conducted and the ability of the candidate.

Please give a reading of the following for general guidance. I am grateful to these candidates for having shared their experience. PLEASE SHARE YOUR INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE BY EMAIL TO so that I can post them for guidance of candidates in future.


The documents verification was over by 10.00am.out of 11 candidates 8 were present for the interview.
There were 5 members in the panel. 4 men and a women.
I get inside after taking permission.
The first question was
what is the meaning of your name?
I answered that there is no such meaning for it and resemblance of the name of my brother was the reason for putting the name.
Then the same person asked to tell about my parents and siblings.
The third question,what is my hometown famous for?
I answered as it as for cashew factory and coir factory.
The same member asked me the names of the two famous bank coaching centres in my hometown and whether i studied there.
i told the names of the institutes and said that i didn't studied there.
Then the panel head asked me that are you that much confident?
I replied that yes sir, i am confident.
Then one other man from the panel asked the price of cashew nut?
answered as 360/kg.
Then he asked that how many factories are there in kollam?
I said that i don't know the exact number of the time everybody in the panel were smiling.
The same person again told the name of two persons and asked whether i know them.
I said straightly that i don't know.
Then he explained me who they are.
I replied, thank you for the information.
Suddenly one from the panel told that,'what is this'?
Then the panel head smiled and replied that he is just doing his business.
Then the panel head asked that do you know ratan tata?
I replied that he is the former cmd of tata industries.
Then he asked me the name of the low cost car they launched?
Then again he asked where was tata first planned to start the nano plant?
replied with confidence as singur and that now it is in gujarat.
Then he asked the reason for shifting of the plant?
I told that it was due to problems created by the locals there.
Then he asked the name of the one who led it?
After thinking, i replied that i cant recall it.
Then he told that why cant you recall the name of west Bengal chief minister mamata banerjee.
The panel head told me thanks and left the room after saying thanks and have a nice day.
Tell me friends how was my interview. The main thing is that they didn't
even asked a single question from banking sector.
my written test was not quite good. i expect 135 out of 200 marks and i am an obc candidate from kerala.
Please tell me friends how are my chances
punjab national bank management trainee interviews
me: May i come in sir
(i saw 4 person sitting in panel. p1 file mein dooba hua tha..p2 mujhe dekh raha tha, p3 chup tha, p4 was sardar uncle)
p2: yes come in come in...
me: good morning sir...
(p1 still seeing in file and was away from rest of world)
p4: plz have a seat...
p2:mr xxx right.
me: yes sir
p2: tell me something about yourself
me: sir i am.....(started)
p1 p2 hearing it carefully p4 seeing me
p2:xxx is ur mba of 3 year...
(actually wanted to ask me why the gap of one year between be and mba)
me: sir my mba is of 2 years and i have recently completed it....i have a gap of one year between graduation and pg
p4:why was there a gap?
me: sir i falled sick
p4: okok
p3:(finally bola to sahi)...u have done be in biotechnology and mba....hmmm???
me: yes sir i always want to do a government jobs(((face turned ...boring reply)))i quickly analyzed)) but i was not clear to enter banking field...but later on seeing a good career i can devlope in this i have done my mba in finance...
p4:you can get a government job in biotech too..then why banking..
me:sir surely u are saying right but most of the jobs in biotech sectors is for phd candidates having 5 to 10 years of experience....there is no scope for b.e. candidate govt jobs.
p2:what are main industries in rajasthan?
me:cattle,dairy,gems, marbles,textiles....
p3: ganganagar kisne basya tha?
me: sir i do not have any idea...
p3:why is bharatpur famous?
me; sir i cant recall
p2: yaar aap ko yaad nhi bharatpur have bird santury
me:yes sir sir.sir we know very less about where we reside..
p4:what were your subjects in mba?
(p1 abhi bhi khayalo mein gum)
me: management of banks & financial institution, value merger and corporate control,commodity markets and derivatives,portfolio management and security analysis
p2:what is corporate governance?
me: sir in finance it means doing everything for increasing profit, risk control...
p2:yaar ye to nhi hota...
p4:what is csr
(yaar koi ratio hota hai kya?)
me:sorry sir(i have hesitated to answer)
p2:so xxx what should we ask tou?
me:sir you may ask me something about banking
p4:yaar wo to aap padh k aaye ho(mba subjects they of subject was banking)
p4:aur kuch...
p2:what is corporate social responsibility
me:(finallly kuch aata hai) sir corporate social responsibilty is used by companies to create a goodwill among customers...etc etc
p3:is there any legal legislature about corporate social responsibility?
me:sir i dont have any idea...but many organization going 4 csr for goodwill..etc..
p2:what is the amount above which income tax is charged on saving account?
me:1 lakh
p2:r u sure?
me:not sure sir
p4:have u seen any banner ad of pnb?
me;yes sir
what u have seen in that?
menb logo and tagline...
p4:yaar logo to hoga hi...aur kya dekha ye hi dekha...?hum itna ad lagate hai paise lagate means no impact?
sir ye hi dekha...aajkal bank innovative banking kar rahi hai....(yaar yaad nhi actually what i replied exactly)
p2,p4k may go
(p4 makes ishara to p2)
(he said naa..he not sure---p4 sid to p2)
me:thankyousir,have a nice day
p4:nice day nice day
i came out
Horrible experience i do not think i will be selected...yaar taiyari karne k baad bhi yaad kiya wo jawab yaad nhi aa rahe bola dil se bola confidently bola...kyi baar unhone ajjeb se muuh banaya....actually i dont have any idea what will be the intention of there and what will be result?
i will surely post i will be selected or not/
Q: U R A SOFTWARE ENGINEER(as i m)....what r u doin in BANK???how will be ur presence beneficial for our bank???

. What is Financial Inclusion, how many villeges are covered,eligibility of villege and its commitee.
2. What is Swabhiman.
3. Where one can open saving account except bank. Ans. Post Office.
4. One question from todays newspaper:'Haathi Mere Saathi' scheme launched by whom and for which purpose.
5.RBI and its functions.
6.Head office of Federal Bank.
7.Since you are appearing for other bank interviews, if selected in PSB then will you quit this job.
8.Question from subject; English- Shakespear and Midsummer night dream. New Indian Authors.
10.Diff, between credit card and debit card.
********************* background and educational quakification
2.what is a debit card? quality in you which would be benificial for the bank.
4.what is interpersonal skills
5.what do you mean by body language?
6.why you did mba -marketing and not mba-hr? will you sell product to customer?
overall it was a nice experience and expecting a +ve result

1.Diff. btwn Public Sector Banks and Nationalised Banks.
2.What is CASA? Why banks are giving much emphasise on CASA nowadays?
3.What is Cost of deposit and Yieald on Advance.
4.What is NIM & NII.
5.Is there any maximum ceiling of investment in SLR for banks.
6. What is the benefit of ASBA facility which is being offered by Public sector banks recently.

SHG-bank linkage programme
Under the SHG-bank linkage programme, NGOs and banks
interact with the poor, especially women, to form small
homogenous groups. These small groups are encouraged to
meet frequently and collect small thrift amounts from their
members and are taught simple accounting methods to enable
them to maintain their accounts. Although individually these
poor could never have enough savings to open a bank account,
the pooled savings enable them to open a formal bank account
in the name of the group. This is the first step in establishing
links with the formal banking system. Groups then, meet often
and use the pooled thrift to impart small loans to members for
meeting their small emergent needs. This saves them from usurious
debt traps and thus begins their empowerment through
group dynamics, decision-making, and funds management.
Gradually the pooled thrift grows and soon they are ready to receive external funds in multiples of their group savings.
Bank loans enable the group members to undertake incomegenerating
activities. Through the SHG-bank linkage program the RBI and
NABARD have tried to promote relationship banking, i.e.,
improving the existing relationship between the poor and
bankers with the social intermediation of NGOs

why banking?
ans : Banking sector is one of the fastest growing sector of service industry and with the pace our indian economy is growing ,in the coming days financial institutions and specially banking sector is going to play a very vital role.we need a strong banking system to support our indian economy.also with the promotion of financial inclusion plan in india banking sector is on boom.Banking sector will give us personal as well as organisational growth opportunity.Being a part of banking sector we have an opportunity to bring some changes in the lives of poor and socially deprived people through financial inclusion plan.
Main Functions of RBI
Monetary Authority:
Formulates, implements and monitors the monetary policy.
Objective: maintaining price stability and ensuring adequate flow of credit to productive sectors.
Regulator and supervisor of the financial system:
Prescribes broad parameters of banking operations within which the country's banking and financial system functions.
Objective: maintain public confidence in the system, protect depositors' interest and provide cost-effective banking services to the public.
Manager of Foreign Exchange
Manages the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999.
Objective: to facilitate external trade and payment and promote orderly development and maintenance of foreign exchange market in India.
Issuer of currency:
Issues and exchanges or destroys currency and coins not fit for circulation.
Objective: to give the public adequate quantity of supplies of currency notes and coins and in good quality.
Developmental role
Performs a wide range of promotional functions to support national objectives.
Related Functions
Banker to the Government: performs merchant banking function for the central and the state governments; also acts as their banker.
Banker to banks: maintains banking accounts of all scheduled banks.

PLEASE SHARE YOUR INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE BY EMAIL TO so that I can post them for guidance of candidates in future.

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