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Tips for English section -

A candidate has asked guidance for preparation for English test in the written exam where it is a qualifying test.

Qualifying test means you have to secure a pass mark in this. Marks scored in this test will not be taken into account for the purposes of ranking. Hence if you score high marks it will not help you. It is just sufficient you score minimum marks that is required.

Hence we may allot 15 minutes time for this and answer around 30 questions within that time.

If you are not good in reading fast the passages, then do not attempt comprehension but attempt only other questions like fill in the blanks, finding out error etc.

Even in comprehension questions you can take a chance by attempting Synonyms and antonyms after reading the relevant sentences only.

English preparation -- Improve your vocabulary. Learn 20/30 new words every day and revise them after a gap of 15 days.

Grammar - Wren & Martin - basic grammar revise

Objective English book by Harimohan Prasad published by Tata Mcgraw Hills Publication. This is a standard book.

Practice reading passages quickly every day so that you can attempt in the exam easily.

Attempt only questions which you can read, understand and mark within the time allotted - 15 minutes . Do not go on guess basis.

IN CWE PO English is carrying 25 marks only for 50 questions and hence accordingly say 20 minutes can be allotted. This can vary depending on your ability.

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