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Banking Related General Awareness--Pranab Sen Committee

Pranab Sen Committee for Slums
The Pranab Sen Committee has given a new definition for slums. It has defined a slum as “a compact settlement of at least 20 households with a collection of poorly built tenements, mostly of temporary nature, crowded together usually with inadequate sanitary and drinking water facilities in unhygienic conditions”.

The new definition of slum is different from the definition adopted by the 2001 Census of India. Accordingly to 2001 Census, slum areas broadly constitute of:

1. All specified areas in a town or city notified as ‘Slum’ by State/Local Government and UT Administration under any Act including a ‘Slum Act’;
2. All areas recognized as ‘Slum’ by State/Local Government and UT Administration which may have been formally notified as slum under any act;
3. A compact area of at least 300 population or about 60-70 households of poorly built congested tenements in unhygienic environment usually with inadequate infrastructure and lacking in proper sanitary and drinking water facilities.

As reported by the Office of Registrar General of India (ORGI), Census 2011 will use the same definition as used by Census 2001 for delineating the slum blocks in the notified, recognized and identified slum areas of each statutory town. In addition, the Houselisting and Housing Census data will be used for earmarking the “slum like” clusters uniformly through the country. The ORGI will also identify all the House-listing Blocks (HLBs) where at least 20 households satisfying the set criterion, as recommended by the Pranab Sen Committee exist.


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