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Candidates are advised to take 10 minutes only to answer these 20 questions. For each correct answer award yourself 1 mark. Congrats for those scoring 16 and above.


1. Combined US-India share of 2010 World GDP was
a) 25.5% b) 35.5% c) 15.5% d) 45.5%
2. Combined US-India share of 2010 World Population was
a)11.9% b) 21.9% c) 31.9% d) 1.9%
3. “Tektuma”, “Waltuma” , Defrasirox – are the patents for drugs rejected recently. These drugs were applied for by which company for patent?
a) Novartis, Switzerland b) Pfizer, USA c) Bayer, Germany
d) Thervance, USA
4. Which of the following companies has decided recently (August 2011) to exit desk topPersonal computer market, realising that laptop is commanding more market influence?
a) Dell b) IBM c) Hewlett Packard
d) Toshiba
5. Maruti Suzuki India has launched Maruti Swift at an introductory price ranging from Rs.4.22 lakhs to Rs.6.38 lakh. Company and its suppliers have invested over Rs.......crore
on the new car, said Mr.Shinzo Nakanishi, CEO of the company.
a) 100 b) 500 c) 5000 d) 50
6. In which of the following States Assembly was shifted to its previous building in May 2011?
a) Andhra Pradesh b) Kerala c) West Bengal
d) Tamil Nadu
7. Credit Default swap guidelines were issued by RBI in May 2011. According to that NBFCs and primary dealers with a net owned fund of Rs ----- crore will be permitted to act as market makers. The guidelines further said that entities will only be allowed to buy CDS contracts to hedge credit risk and not for speculation.
a) 100 b) 500 c) 1000 d) 750
8. Name the founder of Desiya Murpokku Kazhagam a party that won 29 seats in the recent State Assembly Elections:
a) Ms.J Jayalalitha b) Vijayakanth c) Rajanikanth
d) Kamal Hasan
9. Which public sector company that finalised its accounts on May 25, 2011, breached the Rs.10,000-crore mark in profit reporting a net profit of Rs.10,867.35 crore for 2010-11 against Rs.9,622 crore in the year before, recording a rise of 12.92 per cent.
a) IOC b) ONGC c) CIL d)CWC
10.`The Reserve Bank of India On May 27, 2011 directed banks to reimburse customers for amounts wrongfully debited from their accounts in failed ATM transactions within --------days of an account holder's complaint or else pay a Rs 100 per day compensation.
`a) 10 b) 15 c) 30 d) 7
11. `In respect of such ATM claims the RBI further said that all customers are entitled to receive such compensation for delays only if a claim is lodged with the issuing bank within --- days of the date of transaction.
a) 10 b) 60 c) 30 d) 90
12. Myanmar’s president is in Beijing for a state visit and talks with the leaders of one of his isolated government’s closest allies. Mr. ----------- arrived on his first state visit since being appointed president in February,2011.
a) Kim Jong b) Thein Sein c) Mir Gadaffi
d) Angela Merkel
13. In order to provide financial services to its Indian customers, the global electronics major ------------said it has been granted a non-banking lender licence in May 2011 by the Reserve Bank of India.
a) Samsung b) Apple c) TTI d) Siemens
14. ----------- India is eyeing 40 per cent stake in Indonesia's Golden Energy Mines for as much as $1 billion. The rare move to grab such a large chunk of an Indonesian miner would be the biggest acquisition deal in the country this year.
a) ONGC b) OIL c) CIL d) IOC
15. Which city in Uttar pradesh has become the first solar city?
a) Moradabad b) Varanasi c) Lucknow d) Kanpur
16. Which of the following suffered a drop of 31% in Indian exports during the year 2010-11.
a) Diamond b) Cotton c) Groundnut d) Onion
17. In which country the ex-president was held guilty of causing damages to its economy by cutting off mobile and internet services during protests in that country and he was fined heavily.
a) Libya b) China c) Egypt d) Indonesia
18. Who was the runner-up in the recently concluded IPL-4?
a) Mumbai Indians b) Royal Challengers, Bangalore
c) Chennai Superkings d) Deccan Chargers
19. Universal Handheld device developed by ---------- is set to help the company in view of RBI financial inclusion programme. UHD is a compact instrument with seven inch screen and a biometric finger print readers along with a thermal printer, which can be used by business correspondents hired by banks to take banking to rural and remote areas of the country.
a) Microsoft b) Dell c) Intel
d) IBM
20. The Chief Minister of which State has asked the banks to increase the average loan size for each group of women SHGs to Rs. 2.5 lakh from the existing Rs. 1.8 lakh. (May 2011)
The Chief Minister wanted the banks to play a more pro-active role in helping women SHGs in the light of the marginalised role of the micro finance institutions. He hoped that the banks would give a serious thought to the request.
a) Andhra Pradesh b) Tamil Nadu
c) West Bengal d) Bihar



1.A 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.C 6.D 7.B 8.B 9.C 10.D

11.C 12.B 13.D 14.C 15.A 16.D 17.C 18.B 19.C 20.A

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