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One of our friends Raja of Salem attended KVB PO interview and has sent the questions. Please go through the same for your guidance. He is a B.E. (Computer Science) with 88% marks from Anna University, Coimbatore. (2011 batch)

First i like to thank you sir. Because your guidance was very useful for me.

Actually they assembled us at, and started verifying certificates.
Then after 10.30am they sent candidates to attend interview.

My interview panel consisted of three interview members.

When i entered the room interviwer 1 asked me to take seat.

Interviewer1 : Introduce yourself.
After i told my answer inter.1 asked inter.2 to ask question. But inter.2 said “he is from computer back ground,so you yourself ask.”

interv.1: You are 2011 passout... k.. can you tell the name of the subjects you studied in your last semester?
I answered.(Here i mentioned project, it is related to search engine)

inter.1: Tell how the google search engine works?
I answered.

inter.1:In google how the auto completion concept works?
i answered.

inter.1: Tell the structure of WAN networks?
i answered.

inter.3: You say about google do you know yesterday there is a news about that company in newspaper?
i answered.

inter.3: you are a computer science student how will you be of use in banking?
i answered.

inter.2: Why you prefer to join in Karur vysya bank?
i answered.

inter.2: Do you know any language apart from written in the bio data form?
i answered i know hindi some what... but not able to speak, read,write... fulently

inter.2: Then how you will manage if we posted you in north india?
i answered i will be able to learn quickly.

inter.2: Tell whether your family will allow you to work in north india if you get the job?
i said “definitely my parents will allow.”

thatsol.... my interview got over. i thanked  all of them and came out.
It took 15 minutes.

Friends, you can see that the interviewers are normally helpful and they ask questions relating to the subjects you have studied.

now Detroit, USA

I thank Mr. Raja for sending the questions early.

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