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Formats for letters -- Customers to Bank

Write a letter to the Bank explaining delay in payment of EMI. First let me write a letter as if written by a company to the Bank.

 R.S. Enterprises 
 (Dealers in Televisions, washing machines, music systems, home theatres...) 
 15 North Usman Road T.Nagar Chennai 600017
 Ref. IB/Term loan/1/2011 Date: 8th August 2011
 To The Manager
Fifth Third Bank
North Usman Road branch
 Chennai 600017
 Dear Sir,
 Sub: Our Term Loan account -- Request for EMI postponment
 We would like to thank your Bank management for having sanctioned us term loan of Rs. 200 lakhs, using which we were able to decorate our show room and provide AC and other facilities. We availed the term loan on 16th August 2010 and started the work in right earnest. However on account of delay in execution of work at different levels the full decoration of the shop could not be completed. In spite of that we commenced our sales show room on 15ht January 2011 and are receiving good number of enquiries.
 As you are aware there is a lot of competition faced by us from other leading companies like Vivek & Co, Vasanth & Co, Shah & co etc. and we are employing MBA graduates as Sales Marketing personnel to push up our sales. Our team is visiting different business establishments, offices and is canvassing for more sales of television, home theatres, music systems etc. We are hopeful of improved sales in the next few months -- say by January 2012.
 We were given a holiday of 12 months for payment of EMI (Equated Monthly Instalments) of Rs.5 lakhs. Our first EMI will have to be paid by 16th August 2011. Since the complete decoration work could not be completed on time and sales having not picked up well as per our estimates, we are unable to pay our EMI for August 2011. We request you to give us a further holiday of six months and we shall commence remitting our EMI starting from February 2012. We have been paying the interest on loan debited in our account regularly by debit to our cash credit account.
 In view of the reasons explained above, we are sure you will consider our request for postponement for payment of EMI to February 2012.
 Thanking you,
 Yours faithfully

 (General Manager(Finance) H.O.Fifth Third Bank, Anna Salai, Chennai 600002
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