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Bank Interview - Clarification -

A mail received from one Mr. Mohan of Bangalore.

This is mohan from bangalore. I had just completed my MBA finance. Prior to that I had done my B.Tech CSE. In both i have 75%.

I am following your blog from past 30 days. Its really very help full.

I had attended few bank interviews for po through my college and still I am attending interviews. In common i had faced a problem regarding few questions asked in interview. Please let me know how to answer those questions.

1. Why after B.Tech u did mba?

2. Why u want to get into banks?

3. Why u dint want to go to IT as ur background is CSE?

4. What is the gurantee that u work in banks for long time. u will gain some experience and u will shift to software again?

these are the tipical questions i dint have perfect answers. please guide me for these questions.


Please give me some tips regarding communication skills also.


tips regarding IBPS CWE also



Dear Mohan:
1. Why after B.Tech u did MBA?

When I completed B.Tech, I felt the opportunities for MBA for career advancement was good. I believed in one studying adequately in twenties. I have a fascination/liking for Finance/Marketing and that made me take up MBA

2. Why u want to get into banks?

Sir, now Banks offer a variety of opportunities for growth in career. Banks do offer scope for getting in touch with the customers closely. Banks have become an instrument of progress for our country -- right from education loan, agricultural loan, jewel loan, and big industries loans -- they all have a common purpose of helping the individual or company grow , thereby helps others living in our country by creating more employment opportunities. In Banks also my computer knowledge will be of use-- in core banking, ATMs, and for introducing new areas of service in banks.

3. Why u didn't want to go to IT as your background is CSE?

Sir, when I passed out B.E. job opportunities in IT industry was not much compared to the number of aspirants. There were no sufficient campus placements provided during that time. Once having come out of IT into MBA Finance/Marketing -- I have developed an affinity for this field and I have decided to join financial services.

4. What is the guarantee that u work in banks for long time. u will gain some experience and u will shift to software again?

As I told you now I have more liking for banking services-- Banks offer comfortable salary package, plus enormous job varieties, scope for working in different parts of our country. Now serving in Banks is my goal and I will study JAIIB and CaIIB examinations of Indian Institute of Bankers, get promotions and serve in Banks for minimum 3 to four decades. I am not enamoured over the foreign job opportunities in software companies.

Mohan, It is not that you have to tell the above answer only--You can modify and present. Whatever you say, you must be convinced of what you say. It is the confidence level that is counted in such interviews besides the sincerity and honesty in approach.

We may have other friends who are reading this blog and are in similar situation and they will also get in touch with you for further discussion. Thanks for posting the query to me.

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