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Friends, I am happy to give below the mail received from Mr.
Sreevasthava. He has done MCA after B.Sc Maths . Good in communicating in English.A confident person. I am posting the mail received from him as it is--Please give your comments in the comments column along with your email id so that I can communicate my comments on it.

hi Sir,

Firstly i wanna thank you for your valuable guidance. here is my experience regarding the interview.

Today (30.08.2011), i’ve attended my KVB interview in Aditya park hotel, ameerpet in Hyderabad.

My interview was scheduled @9am. Totally there are three venues; i was in the 1st one.The total strength of our venue is 38, only few of them reported @9. I’m third in the list, but i was the 1st person to be interviewed, coz 1st and 2nd didn’t come.

At first they verified my certificates, then asked me to wait @the interview hall. @925 they called me in.

I entered with their permission. There are 3HR (P1, P2, P3) people in the panel. p2 asked me to seat, p1 remained silent, p3 started observing me.

1. p2 asked to introduce myself

i detailed about me n my family.

few questions about my family.

2. about core banking solution, detail it (answered)

3. what you have studied in your MCA?(all the three years) (answered)

4. difference b/w HTTP & HTTPS (i said about HTTP, but dint answer HTTPS & said i don’t know)

5. why banking? why not IT? (answered)

6. about RBI & its functions (answered)

7. difference b/w public & private banks (answered)

8. can an individual open an account in RBI? (answered)

9. about dad’s profession (answered)

10. have you been to north India anytime? if you post there will u b comfortable to work? (answered)

11. difference b/w RBI& commercial banks (answered)


1. how atms are useful? which one you prefer to withdraw money? (answered)

2. apart from withdrawal, how an atm card can be used? (answered)

p3 remained silent throughout the interview. then they asked me to leave for the day. I asked a question at the end.

Q: wat r the steps tat KVB taking in support of Go Green policy?

they answered it, then I left by thanking them.

my interview finished by 9.40am

Sreevasthava -- I think you would have done well. I say this based on telephonic interview I conducted for you a few days back. Balance --it is in God's hands. You have done well.

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  1. Thank You for this post sir...
    Would it be possible for you to post some of the example answers against each Ques.- ****... Ans.- Answers should be like this.

    It would help in answering interview question in the real time.

    Thanks Once again for the post!!


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