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Banking related General Awareness

Banking related  General Awareness

1.      Who among the following has been selected for the “Social Media” Person of the Year” award?
a)   Amir Khan      b)   Sachin Tendulkar      c)   Amitabh Bachchan     
d)   Salman Khan      e)   None of these
2.       The International Year of Light 2015 is an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the breakthroughs in light science is adopted by ______?
a)   WTO      b)   UN      c)   EU      d)   World Bank      e)   None of these
3.       Recently, Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has become the first Hindu chief justice of which one of the Muslim majority countries?
a)   Pakistan      b)   Bangladesh      c)   Indonesia      d)   Turkey     
e)   None of these
4.       According to New World Wealth report, the number of High Net worth Individuals is highest in which one of the following religions?
a)   Muslims      b)   Christians      c)   Hindus      d)   Jewish      e)   None of these
5.       Which one of the following is the slogan of the Vistara airline which commissioned its operation, recently?
a)   Now Everyone Can Fly      b)   Fly the New Feelings      c)   A Great Way to Fly
d)   One World One Fight      e)   None of these
6.       Who among the following has been voted as 2014 “Asian Tour Players’ Player of the year”?
a)   Anirban Lahiri      b)   Shiv kapur      c)   Gaganjeet Bhuller     
d)   Jyoti Randhava      e)  None of these
7.       Who were the winners of FIFA Ballon d’Or award for 2014 in men and women category, respectively?
a)   Manuel Neuer and Nadine Kessler
b)   Cristiano Ronaldo and Nadine Kessler
c)   Lionel Messi and Abby Wambach
d)   Cristiano Ronaldo and Abby Wambach
e)   None of these
8.       Which among the following banks has gagged the “MSME Banking Excellence Awards-2014”?
a)   Corporation Bank      b)   Canara Bank      c)   Syndicate Bank     
d)   Vijaya Bank      e)   None of these
9.       Bhakti Sharma, who is in news recently, is associated with______?
a)   Swimming      b)   Tennis      c)   Badminton      d)   Volleyball     
e)   None of these
10.  Who among the following is the new chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation?
a)   Shailesh Nayak      b)   A S Kiran Kumar      c)   Arun Kumar     
d)   Sathish Singh      e)   None of these
11.   Who among the following has been chosen for the prestigious Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Award – 2015?
a)   Balakrishnan      b)   M Y S Prasad      c)   Ravi Srivatsa      d)   Arun Kumar
e)   None of these
12.   In a first of its kind in the country, which among the following state has separate ministry for cow affairs?
a)   Gujarat       b)   Rajasthan      c)   Madhya Pradesh      d)   Maharashtra
              e)   None of these
13.   Recently, the Archaeological Survey of India has declared the following monuments as Adarsh monuments. Identify the wrongly paired one?
a)   Hazarduari Palace – Murshidabad
b)   Vaishali Kolhua – Jharkhand
c)   Rang Ghar – Assam
d)   Konark Sun Temple – Odisha
e)   None of these
14.   Recently, which among the following countries has announced “Great Collaborations” programme to forge collaboration with Indian companies?
a)   USA      b)   China      c)   UK     d)   Japan      e)   None of these
15.   The Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC), a body to review and rewrite the legal-institutional architecture of the financial sector was set up by_______?
a)   Supreme Court      b)   Reserve Bank of India      c)   Ministry of Finance
d)   Parliament      e)   None of these
16.   Recently, the union government has said it has decided to accept the recommendations of the Bezbaruah Committee. Bezbaruah committee was set up to study the _____?
a)   Living status of Tribal people     
b)   Safety and security of people from North East India
c)   Welfare of Minority People
d)   Living status of SC/ST people
e)   None of these
17.   The Union Government is planning to launch Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan to create awareness among the students in_______?
a)   Science and Mathematics       b)   Science and Social      c)   Ancient History
d)   Classical Music      e)   None of these
18.   Which of the following bank won the “Asian Banker Achievement Award 2015”?
a)   State Bank of India      b)   Bharatiya Mahila Bank      c)   ICICI
d)   Axis bank      e)   None of these
19.   Recently, Ranil Wickeramasinghe was sworn in as new Prime Minister of Sri lanka. Fill the bank with correct option.
a)   6th     b)   8th      c)   10th      d)   12th      e)   None of these
20.   Recently, the United Nations General Assembly has adopted a resolution in favour of granting citizenship to Rohingya Muslims. The Rohingya Muslims are stateless People of _______?
a)   China      b)   Myanmar     c)   Philippines      d)   Pakistan      e)   None of these
21.   US dollar index is the trade weighted index of how many currencies?
a)   Five      b)   Six       c)   Seven       d)   Eight      e)   None of these
22.   Corporate office of Bharatiya Mahila Bank is located in
a)   Mumbai      b)   Kolkata      c)   Banglore      d)   New Delhi      e)   None of these
23.   Recently, the leading Indian Public sector bank Bank of Baroda (BoB) has partnered with which agency to offer Non-resident Indian (NRI) customers an instant cash transfer facility?
a)   USA Exchange      b)   UAE Exchange      c)   GULF stock Market
d)   Tokyo Exchange      e)   None of these
24.   Recently, which among the following became the latest country to join Euro currency zone?
a)   Poland      b)   Denmark      c)   Lithuania      d)   Sweden      e)   None of these
25.   Recently, World Congress on International law was held in ______?
a)   New Delhi      b)   Pune      c)   Mumbai      d)   Kolkata      e)   None of these
26.   Teixobactin, which is news recently, is a ______?
a)   A new antibiotic      b)   A new bacterial disease      c)   Nanofiber cloth
d)  Drug resistant bacteria       e)   None of these
27.   Recently, Indian Immunological Limited (IIL) has launched the “Raksha Blue” India’s first vaccine for ______?
a)   Swine Flu      b)   Blue Tongue      c)   Dengue      d)   Ebola      e)   None of these
28.   The “East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM)” is an Islamist terrorist group found by Uyghur militants in which country?
a)   Myanmar      b)   China     c)   Afghanistan      d)   Saudi Arabia     
e)   None of these
29.  The percentage of skilled people among the total workforce is highest in which one of the following countries?
a)   United Kingdom      b)   Germany      c)   South Korea      d)   Japan
e)   None of these
30.  Which of the following entity regulates Exchange Traded Funds?
a)   Russia      b)   Switzerland      c)   USA      d)   France      e)   None of these
31.   The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), is a proposed free trade agreement between the member of_______?
a)   SAARC      b)   ASEAN      c)  BRICS      d)  EU      e)   None of these
32.   The Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Award, an award for distinguished scientists is given by________
a)   Indian Space Research Organisation       b)   Ministry of Science and Technology
c)   Indian Science Congress Association      d)   Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Trust
e)   None of these
33.   Lima, the host of United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP20 or COP10, is the capital of which country?
a)   Paraguay      b)   Peru      c)   Brazil      d)   Liberia      e)   None of these
34.   Recently, Idukki has become the first district in the country to have high speed rural broadband network. Idukki district is in which state?
a)   Tamil Nadu      b)   Kerala      c)   Telangana      d)   Maharashtra
e)   None of these  
35.   Which among the following books is not authored by writer cum politician Shashi Tharoor?
a)   The Great Indian Novel      b)   The Five Dollar Smile and Other Stories
c)   Show Business      d)   The Blue Mountain      e)   None of these
36.   The “Indira Paryaavaran Bhavan”, India’s first Net Zero Energy building is located in which city?
a)   Hyderabad      b)   Mumbai      c)   New Delhi      d)   Shimla     
e)   None of these
37.  The 2016 UEFA European Championship or Euro 2016 for men’s national football teams will be hosted by which country?
a)   Greece      b)   France      c)   Italy      d)   Switzerland      e)   None of these
38.   The strategic oil- and gas bearing region called “Yamala Peninsula” is located in which country?
a)  Russia      b)   Norway      c)   Vietnam      d)   China      e)   None of these
39.   In a comparative study of grassland ecosystem and pond ecosystem, it may be observed that
a)   primary and secondary consumers are similar
b)   the abiotic components are almost similar
c)   the biotic components are almost similar
d)   both biotic and abiotic components are similar
e)   None of these
40.   The pyramid of energy is always upright for any ecosystem. This situation indicates the fact that
a)   Herbivores have better energy conversion efficiency than carnivores.
b)   Producers have the lowest energy conversion efficiency.
c)   Carnivores have better energy conversion efficiency than herbivores.
d)   Energy conversion efficiency is the same in all trophic levels.

e)   None of these
Answer with Explanation

1.      (c) Amitabh Bachchan has been named Social Media Person of the year by the Interest andMobile Association of India.
2.      (b) IYL 2015 is a project of United Nations that aims to raise awareness about thebreakthroughs in light science and its application and its importance to humankind.
3.      (b) Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has been appointed as Chief Justice of Bangladesh.  Sinhabecame the first Hindu to hold highest judicial post in the Muslim-majority country.
4.      (b) Christians dominate the list of high net worth individuals, according to the report by NewWorld Wealth report.  Christians followed by Muslims and Hindu.  As per the report the totalwealth held by Christians stood at $ 107.280 billion, which account for over 55 per cent of     worldwide health, followed by Muslims at the second place with wealth of $ 11.335 billion(5.8 per cent) and Hindu with wealth of $ 6.505 billion (3.3 per cent).
5.      (a)
6.      (a) Indian professional golfer Anirban Lahiri, who currently plays on the Asian Tour, hasbeen voted the 2014 Asian Tour Players’ Player of the year.
7.      (a) Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Germany midfielder Nadine Kessler are thewinners of the FIFA Ballon d’Or award for 2014 in men and women category respectively.
8.      (a) Corporation bank has won the MSME Banking Excellence Awards 2014.  The bankbagged two awards under the categories Best MSME Bank award for other Bank and BestBank award.  The awards were instituted by Chamber of Indian Micro Small and MediumEnterprises.
9.      (a) Bhaki Sharma is open water swimming Champion, Recently, she set a world record byswimming 1.4 miles in 52 minutes in one degree temperature in the Antarctic Ocean.  Shebecame the first Indian woman and also the first Asian girl to achieve this feat
10.  (b) A S Kiran Kumar has been appointed as new secretary of the department of space and  also chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the space commission,     Currently, Kiran Kumar is director of the Space Application Centre, Ahmadabad.  He willhead the institute for three years from the date he assume charge.
11.  (b) M Y S Prasad, has been chosen for the prestigious Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Award2015.  Prasad is director of SatishDhawan Space Centre.  He has chosen for his outstandingcontribution to R & D in the field of space in his career at the ISRO.
12.  (b) Rajasthan has separate ministry for cow affairs.
13.  (b) The Hazadurai Palace in Murshidabad, Rang Ghar in Assam, world famous Konark SunTemple in Odisha and VaishaliKolhu in Bihar has been given the coveted Adarsh Monumenttag by Archaeological Survey of India.  These sites have been selected under the AdarshSmarakYojana.
14.  (c) Great Collaboration is a campaign launched by United Kingdom to seek better co-operation between the companies based in India and the UK on a range of sectors.  The campaign will over the time showcase and promote areas of collaboration that benefit both countries across a range of sectors such as energy, healthcare, advanced manufacturing,financial service and infrastructure.
15.  (c) The Financial Sector Legislative Reforms  Commission (FLRC) was set up on 24th March       2011 by Ministry of Finance, Government of India.  Former Judge of the Supreme Court Justice B N Srikrishna is the chairman of the commission.
16.  (b) Bezbauruah Committee was set up to look into the safety and security of people from      North East India.  In February, 2014 the Government had set up the Committee chaired byretired IAS Officer M P Bezbaruah, following killing of north-east student Nido Tania last year. The Committee handed over its report in July 2014, which had recommendations on ways to solve the apprehensions of the people of North East, with special regard to their  safety and security.
17.  (a) The union government will launch Rashtriya A vishkar Abhiyan to create interest among       the students in Science and Mathematics.  Abhiyan which will be launched from the next     academic session envisages to motivate and engage children in 6-18 age group in Science,       Mathematics and Technology through observation and experiment.
18.  (c) New Jersey is the venue for the International Hindi Conference-2015 that will be held in April 2015.  Theme of 2015 edition of this conference is Expanding World of Hindi.         Possibilities and Challenges.
19.  (c) Ranil Wickermassinghe is the tenth Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.  He was the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka thrice, from 7th May 1993 to 19th August 1994, from 9 December 2001 to 6th April 2004.
20.  (b) The Rohingya are a Muslim minority population living mainly in the State of Arakan, in Myanmar.  Recently, the United Nations general assembly adopted a resolution urging Myanmar to grant citizenship to its Rohingya Muslims minority and grant them equal access to services/
21.  (b) US dollar index is a trade weighted index of the six most traded currencies globally viz. Euro (57.6 % weight), Japanese yen (13.6% weight), Pound sterling (11.9% weight), Canadian dollar (9.1% weight), Swedish krona (4.2 % weight) and Swiss frane (3.6% weight).  It has been a key gauge for measuring risk aversion among global investors in Indian equities and the investment outlook in global risky assets.  It has lost relevance in recent times.
22.  (a) Noted scientist and space veteran Vasat Gowrikar, who made valuable contribution to the fields of space research, weather and population was chiefly known as father of Indian Mansoon Model.
23.  (b) Pakistan is the most dangerous country for journalist, according to International Federation of Journalist.  In Pakistan 14 media persons lost their lives in 2014.  As per the report.  Asia Pacific region was the most dangerous region for journalists and media staff in the world for a second consecutive year.  The Middle East is the second most dangerous region with 31 fatalities followed by America with 26.  Africa came fourth (17 killings) and Europe reported nine deaths.
24.  (c) Lithuania has become the 19th member of euro currency zone.
25.  (a) World Congress on International Law was held in New Delhi from January 9-11. It was organized by Indian Society of International Law.
26.  (a) A new antibiotic Teixobactin is the first new class of antibiotic announced in decades.  Teixobactin shows great activity against some of the problematic Gram positive superbugs like MRSA, entercocci and C, difficile and has activity against tuberculosis and B, anthraces.
27.  (b) Raksha Blue is India’s first vaccine for blue tongue disease prevalent among flocks of goats and sheep across the country.
28.  (b) The East Turkestan Islamic Movement is an Islamist terror group in China.  It was founded by Uyghur militants in western China.  Its stated goals are the Independence of East Turkestan from China.
29.  (c) The percentage of skilled people among the total workforce is highest in South Korea, which has 96 per cent.  Japan has 80 per cent, Germany has 75 per cent and UK 70 per cent.  In India it is just 2 per cent.
30.  (b) Stan Wawrinka is a Swiss professional tennis player.  He is currently ranked World No.4.  He defeated Aliaz Bedene of Slovernia 6-3, 6-4 to become the Chennai Open champion.
31.  (b) Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a proposed free trade agreement between the ten ASEAN member states and the group’s Free Trade Agreement partners, Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand.
32.  (c) The Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA), a premier scientific organization of the country has been giving this award.  The awards carry a gold medal and given  in alternate years.  Indian Science Congress Association was established in 1914.
33.  (b)
34.  (b) Idukki is a district in Kerala state.  It has become the first district in the country to have high speed Rural Broadband Network i.e. National Optical Fibre Network internet connectivity.  In Idukki, 8 block offices and 52 villages panchayat out of 53 will benefit from this project.
35.  (d)
36.  (c) Indira Paryavaran Bhavan, India’s first net zero energy consumption building is in New Delhi.  The building is constructed in such a way that it can meet its most of its annual energy requirement through solar power.  The net zero energy building is a structure with zero net energy consumption where the total amount of energy used in the premises on an annual basis is more or less equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site.
37.  (b) France will host the 2016 UEFA Championship for men’s national football teams.  It is scheduled to be held from 10 June to 10July 2016.
38.  (a) The Yamal Peninsula stretches some seven hundred kilometers into the Arctic Ocean from the believed that his region has one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world.
39.  (c)                 
40.  (a)

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