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1)      A collaborative network that uses Internet Technology to link business with their suppliers is ---

A)    Internet
B)    Intranet
C)    Extranet
D)    WAN

2)      ‘PIN’ in Smart Card is called ---

A)    Permanent Index Number
B)    Personal Identification Number
C)    Personal Index Number
D)    Permanent Identification Number

3)      The  usage of word  “ATM” in the banks  connotes –

A)    Automated Teller Machine
B)    Automated Teller Machine
C)    Accounts Transacting Machine
D)    Automated Tallying Machine

4)      ‘DOS’ floppy disk does not have –

A) A Boot Record
B) A File Allocation Table
C) A Root Directory
D )Virtual Memory

5)      ‘MICR’ technology used for clearance of cheques by banks refers to –

A)    Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
B)    Magnetic Intelligence Character Recognition
C)    Magnetic Information Cable  Recognition
D)    Magnetic Insurance Cases Recognition

6)      “Buy Now – Pay Now” is commonly used for ---

A)    Debit Cards
B)    Vault Cards
C)    Credit Cards
D)    E-purse
7)      Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model consists of –

A)    5-layers
B)    6-layers
C)    7-layers
D)    8-layers

8)      Internet is –

A)    Network of LAN
B)    Network of ATMs
C)    Network of  ALPMs
D)    Network of  Networks

9)      A passive threat to computer security is :

A)    Malicious Intent
B)    Sabotage
C)    Accidental Errors
D)    Espionage Agents

10)  Threats of physical damage to the hardware is from –

A)    Natural Calamities
B)    Power Fluctuations
C)    Electro Magnetic Effects
D)    All of these

11)  The network interface card of LAN is related to following layer of OSI Model

Data Link

12)  A result of a computer virus cannot lead to

A) Disk  Crash
B) Mother Board Crash
C) Corruption of program
D) Deletion of files

13)  Firewalls are used to protect against

A) Unauthorised Attacks
B) Virus Attacks
C) Data Driven Attacks
D) Fire Attacks

14)  Data related crime does not incorporate

A)    Data Didling
B)    Data Spying
C)    Data Leakage
D)    Data Mining

15)  The highest percentage of victims of computer crime are in –

A)    Banks
B)    Commercial Users
C)    Government
D)    University

16)  The ____ converts digital signals to analog signals for the purpose of transmitting data over telephone lines

A)    Modem
B)    Router
C)    Gateway
D)    Bridge

17)  The ___ directory is mandatory for every disk


18)  In the online world of electronic commerce, what do the initials CEM stands for ?

A)    Costly E-Commerce Marketing
B)    Customer Experience Management
C)    Customer Experience Misleading
D)    Cost Estimates are Mind Boggling

19)  The fastest 1/0 of RAID (Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks) is --

A) Level – 0
B) Level – 1
C) Level – 3
D) Level – 4

20)  RSA is –

A)    Symmetric Cryptosystem
B)    Asymmetric Cryptosystem
C)    Block Cypher
D)    Digital Signature

21)  Compiler is a ---

A)    Package
B)    System Software
C)    Process
D)    Application Software

22)  Smallest storage unit of a computer is ---

A)    Bit
B)    Byte
C)    Nibble
D)    Pixel

23)  Digital Signature consists of –-

A)    Message Only
B)    Random Number Only
C)    Both (A) and (B)
D)    None of these

24)  The management level responsible for making long range strategic decisions about which products and services to produce is the –

A)    Technology Level
B)    Application Level
C)    Operational Level
D)    Top Level

25)  A communication processor that connects dissimilar networks by providing the translation from one set of protocol to another is –

A)    Bridge
B)    Gateway
C)    Router
D)    Modem

26)  Any Crime accomplished through knowledge or use of computer technology is –

A)    Cyber – Crime
B)    Techno – Theft
C)    Computer – Crime
D)    Techno – Crime

27)  Smart Card is –

A)    Special purpose Cards
B)    Microprocessor Cards
C)    Processing unit contains memory for storing data
D)    Processing unit for software handling

28)  The  word “FTP’ stands for –

A)    File Translate Protocol
B)    File Transit Protocol
C)    File Typing Protocol
D)    File Transfer  Protocol

29)  A collection of raw facts is called –

A)    Output
B)    Information
C)    Bits
D)    Data

30)  The nucleus of all software activity is –

A)    Printer
B)    Word Processing Application
C)    Database Application
D)    Operating System



1.C       2.B       3.A       4.D       5.A       6.A       7.C       8.D       9.C       10.A

11.C     12.B     13.A     14.D     15.B     16.A     17.A     18.B     19.A     20.B

21.B     22.A     23.C     24.D     25.B     26.D     27.B     28.D     29.D     30. D

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