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Test-III: General Awareness, Marketing & Computer
101. Insurance sale and services through a common service centre (CSC) were launched by TS Vijaya, chairman of the IRDA recently. The CSCs were setup under which of the following govt schemes?
a) MGNREGA   b) Digital India       c) National e-Governance        d) Bharat Nirman
e) None of these
102. Goolam E Vahanvati passed away recently. He had served as
a) Attorney General of India             b) Solicitor General of India
c) Advocate General of Maharashtra           d) All the above             e) None of these
103. The PAT mechanism is a new initiative introduced under the National Mission on Enhanced Energy improvement targets to the country’s most energy intensive industrial units. PAT stands for
a) Prioritise, Achieve and Trade        b) Perform, Achieve and Trade         c) Protect, Achieve and Trade
d) Prevent, Achieve and Trade e) None of these
104. The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards 2014 has been given to which of the following restoration projects in India? The award recognizes efforts of private individuals and organizations in restoring and conserving heritage structures and buildings.
a) Shri Sakhargad Nivasini Devi Temple Complex, Satara     b) Esplanad House, Mumbai
c) Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi              d) All the above             e) Only a) and b)
105. Which of the following states has become the first state in the country to launch a Health Adala? The problems encountered by the people in obtaining health services in govt hospitals are discussed in those Adalats.
a) Kerala b) Madya Pradesh   c) Kanataka          d) Andhra Pradesh         e) None of these
106. While on India’s visit, recently, the Australian PM Tony Abbott launched a plan which will ensure thousands of students from his country study in Indian universities. Name the plan.
a) New Colombo Plan    b) New Delhi Plan          c) New Sydney Plan                d) New Asia Plan
e) None of these
107. Certain savings account in a banking company are treated as ‘small account’ as per the RBI norms. Which of the following is NOT a condition to declare an account a small account?
a) Remittances from abroad are credited without completing normal KYC formalities.
b) The aggregate of all withdrawals and transfers in a month does not exceed  10,000.
c) The balance at any point of time does not exceed  50,000.
d) The aggregate of all credits in a financial year does not exceed  1 lakh.
e) None of these
108. As per the RBI norms, a non-bank entity willing to establish White Label ATMs should have a minimum net worth of what amount as per the latest financial year’s audited balance sheet, which is to be maintained at all times?
a)  50cr  b)  100cr c)  150cr         d)  200cr   e) None of these
109. Name the Indian scientist who won the 2014 Midori Prize in Biodiversity for his research, including research in climate change in the Himalayas.
a) Nalini Nadkarni   b) K Ullas Karanth    c) KN Ganeshaiah          d) Sandesh Kadur
e) Kamaljit S Bawa
110. Name the Indian movie which bagged two awards at the 71st Venice Film festival recently. It won the Lion of the Future Award for the best debut feature film as well as the best film in the Orizzonti or Horizons category award.
a) Court        b) Lunchbox                c) Finding Fanny  d) Mardaani                   e) None of these
111. A credit card holder faces which of the following constraints as per the currently prevailing norms?
a) Can’t withdraw cash from ATMs.         b) Can’t make payment at point of sale (POS).
c) Can’t busy stuff online.       d) Can’t avail EMI facility on big purchases.       e) None of these
112. The book titled Not Just an Accountant has been authored by who among the following?
a) Gopal Subramaniam  b) Ranjit Sinha               c) Vinod Rai         d) Shasi Kant Sharma
e) None of these
113. The Law Ministry, countering the views of the RBI, has opined that the Govt of India has all the powers to print currency notes of which of the following denominations?
a) 1   b) 2   c) 5    d) 10     e) None of these
114. The Centre has announced to set up a Central Tribal University in which of the following states? This Tribal University will help in study and research of culture and traditions of tribes.
a) Andhra Pradesh   b) Telangana     c) Chhattisgarh     d) Jharkhand        e) None of these
115. The National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) has been shifted from Environment Ministry to Water Resources Minisry. The govt of India gave River Ganga the status of a national river and constituted NGRB in
a) Jan 2007        b) Mar 2008           c) Feb 2009          d) Dec 2010                   e) None of these
116. The govt has set-up a committee to examine the unclaimed amount in PPF, Post Office and Savings Schemes. The seven-member committee, which will submit its reports by 31st Dec, is being headed by
a) HR Khan       b) Urjit Patel c) Subir Gokarn             d) Anand Sinha              e) None of these
117. Which of the following is NOT an action faced by a person or a firm if one is labeled a willful defaulter?
a) No additional lending facility is available from any bank or institution.
b) A willful defaulter is not permitted to float any new business for a period of five years from the date of being declared a willful defaulter.
c) Lenders are expected to initiate legal process against the borrowers/guarantors.
d) Banks and institutions have been given the right to change the management of willfully defaulting company.
e) None of these
118. The much-awaited merger of telecom PSUs, BSNL and MTNL, is likely to take place by Jul 2015. At present, BSNL offers services in the whole country while MTNL provides telecom services in
a) Delhi and Mumbai     b) Delhi and Kolkata     c) Delhi and Chennai
d) Delhi and Bangalore  e) None of these
119. During the recent visit of Australian PM Tony Abbott, four pacts were signed between the two countries. Which of the following in NOT among them?
a) Civil nuclear deal
b) Cooperation in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) pact
c) Water Resources Management agreement
d) Agreement to develop Mumbai on the lines of Sydney with Australian assistance
e) None of these
120. Who among the following won the women’s singles title of the US open tennis tournament recently?
a) Peng Shuai     b) Ekaterina Makarova    c) Caroline Wozniacki    d) Serena Williams
e) None of these
121. Who among the following is the new United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights?
a) Hashem bin Al Abdullah     b) John William Ashe    c) Navi Pillay
d) Zeida Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein         e) None of these
122. India signed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in services and investment with which of the following groupings recently?
a) SAARC    b) SCO     c) EU d) ASEAN  e) None of these
123. Jitu Rai is associated with which of the following games? He qualified for 2016 Rio Olympic after winning silver medal at the World Championships recently.
a) Shooting   b) Archery c) Discus throw              d) Triple jump      e) None of these
124. The Uttarakhand got has declared which of the following dates as Himalaya Diwas, a day which would be celebrated across the state to spread the message of conservation of the Himalayan ecosystems?
a) 1 Sep        b) 5 Sep    c) 9 Sep      d) 11 Sep    e) 12 Sep
125. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) does not have the authority to issue bank notes of which of the following denominational values?
a)  10,000   b)  5,000 c)  1,000    d)  500      e) None of these
126. which of the following converts all the statements in a program in a single batch and the resulting collection of instructions is placed in a new file?
a) interpreter b) converter                 c) compiler           d) browser  e) None of these
127. Which of the following contains information about a single entity in the database like a person, place, event or thing?
a) Form         b) Record  c) Table       d) Query     e) None of these
128. Which is the most popular medium for direct access to secondary storage of a computer system?
a) Magnetic tape b) Magnetic disk     c) RAM                d) PROM    e) None of these
129. Which of the following addressing modes facilitates access to an operand whose location is defined relative to the beginning of the data structure in which it appears?
a) Ascending b) Sorting c) Index                d) Indirect   e) None of these
130. Whenever a new device is attached to a computer, such as a printer or a scanner, which of the following must be installed before the device can be used?
a) Device driver        b) Device image                   c) Buffer     d) Operating system must be reinstalled
e) None of these
131. Which of the following combinations is used to select an entire row in the Excel sheet?
a) Ctrl + space   b) Shift + space      c) Ctrl + tab                   d) Shift + tab        e) Alt + space
132. A separate document from another program sent along with an e-mail is called
a) e-mail body    b) e-mail recipient   c) e-mail attachment                d) mail merge       e) None of these
133. Which of the following is correct regarding booting process of the computer system?
a) All the peripheral devices are reconnected with the system.
b) The hard disk is defragmented.
c) Portions of operating system are copied from disk into memory.
d)All the unsaved documents get saved automatically.  e) None of these
134. It is most likely that a user will need a word processor if he/she
a) is writing his/her autobiography   b) maintains an inventory       c) prepare a live presentation
d) searches the web for a favourite songs             e) None of these
135. When a user saves and deletes multiple files, many scattered areas of stored data are created which are too small to be used efficiently. This phenomenon is called
a) bugging     b) disorder          c) disarray  d) fragmentation   e) None of these
136. What is ‘intranet’?
a) Internal network designed to serve the internal information needs of a single organization
b) Internal Internet used to transfer information internally
c) Internal Internet used to transfer information to an outside company
d) Internal network designed to transfer information between two organizations.
e) None of these
137. Which of the following is a set of inter-related components that collect, process, store and distribute information to support decision making in an organization?
a) Hardware  b) Information system c) Network           d) Communication technology
e) None of these
138. What happens when you save a presentation?
a) A file is created for each side.                 b) A file is created for each animation or graphic.
c) All sides in a presentation are saved in the same file.
d) Two files are created – one for graphics and another for content.
e) None of these
139. When same data is stored in many places, it is termed as data
a) enumeration   b) iteration    c) concurrency      d) redundancy      e) None of these
140. A software applies which of the following, also called algorithm, to process data?
a) Rules        b) Arithmetic      c) Procedures        d) Objects   e) None of these
141. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is managing company’s interaction with
a) current and future customers                  b) sales team        c) services team
d) Direct Selling Associations (DSAs)        e) None of these
142. The one which is NOT involved in the growth strategy of a company is
a) Vertical integration    b) horizontal integration c) diversification   d) intensification
e) None of these
143. What does lead generation mean?
a) Likely source for prospective clients   b) Tips for selling tactics   c) Tips for better production
d) Motivating the sale s force  e) None of these
144. An efficient marketing style does not require which of the following?
a) Teamwork b) Knowledge of products     c) Proper planning         d) Good communication skills
e) None of the above
145. which of the following is NOT  a part of the modern style of marketing?
a) Digital marketing       b) Tele-marketing           c) e-commerce      d) e-mail solicitation
e) None of these
146. What do you mean by customization?
a) special products to suit each customer             b) Acquiring more customers
c) New innovative products    d) More products per customer        e) None of these
147. In terms of banking industry, what does ROA stand for?
a) Rate of Allocation      b) Ratio of Assets c) Return on Assets       d) Return on Advances
e) None of these
148. Marketing can be best defined as
a) Only selling    b) to focus only on products or services       c) meeting human needs profitably
d) to focus on customers                   e) Only c) and d)
149. Identify the only correct statement among the following.
a) Marketing is a waste of employees’ time.
b) Marketing is not required in India due to its vast population.
c) Only Marketing involves extra work.
d) Marketing includes promotion, selling, research and advertising.
e) None of these
150. What does market information mean?
a) Knowledge of customer profile and product mix
b) Knowledge of shopping malls and super markets
c) Knowledge of small shops and street markets d) Knowledge of various languages
e) None of these

101. c)     102. d) 103. b)        104. e)        105. c)        106. a)        107. a)        108. b)     109. e)     110. a) 111. e)
112. c)     113. a)      114. c)     115. c)        116. a)        117. e)        118. a)        119. d)     120. d)     121. d)      122. d)
123. a)     124. c)      125. e)     126. c)        127. b)        128. b)        129. c)        130. a)     131. b)     132. c) 133. c)
134. a)     135. d)     136. a)    137. b)        138. c)        139. d)        140. c)        141. a)     142. e)     143. a) 144. e)

145. e)          146. a)           147. c)           148. e)          149. d)          150. a)           

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