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Top Thirty Questions Asked In The Bank Interview

After clearing the written exam for the bank, the next step is to appear in the interview. The interview plays a vital role in the selection process of the bank. Most of the top banks take into consideration your performance in the written test as well as in the interview equally. An interview reveals among other things, how you react, answer and handle various situation generated by an interviewer. So you must prepare for Interview Questions which an interviewer supposes to ask from you. An interview provides an opportunity to the interviewer to peep up into your mind and understand what exactly you think what is asked from you. An interview is the best thing from which an interviewer assumes the attitude of candidate towards various situation, as it is the attitude that determines the level of the success a person can achieve- be in the personal life or in professional life.
Before getting into the types of questions that you could possibly be asked in an interview, you need to understand that the job of the interview panel is to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the particular job. In this regard they may put any question to you and you are expected to answer in a mature manner or maybe you would be unable to answer for the questions asked by you properly. Make sure you answer every question with sincerity. Not doing so could jeopardize your selection prospect.
Below are top twenty questions that are probably asked in the bank Job Interview Questions -
  1. Why do you want to enter in banking sector?
  2. Tell us something about yourself?
  3. What is the recent news of banking sector?
  4. Difference between in public and private banks?
  5. About CM, Governor and other leader of India.
  6. Questions from your education and family background
  7. Questions related from your hobbies, favorite actor or role model.
  8. Any diplomatic questions to confuse the candidate.
  9. Questions related with current affairs or latest news going on in the market.
  10.  Cross questioning in any general or personal issues of yours.
  11. What is the difference between cheque and demand draft?
  12. What is private banking and what is privatization of bank?
  13. What is the use of computer in the bank?
  14. What is the recession? What is the cause of the present recession?
  15. What is sub prime crisis?
  16. What is inflation and what is deflation?
  17. What is deposit rate?
  18. What is disinvestment?
  19. What is fiscal deficit and what is revenue deficit?
  20. What is GDP?
  21. What is National Income?
  22. What is Per Capita Income?
  23. What is fiscal policy?
  24. What is SENESX and NIFTY?
  25. What are mutual funds?
  26.  What are foreign exchange reserves?
  27. What is the difference between the nationalized bank and the private bank?
  28. What is right to information act?
  29. What is world bank and its functioning?
  30. Questions related to different kinds of banks and their functions.
Above stated questions were the Basic Interview Questions. The questions 11 to 30 should be prepared theoretically. Questions from 1-10 are the important questions asked in the bank exam interview and you need to prepare it with your own thoughts. Since such questions are more and less a certainty, you should prepare them well I advance. Having a ready made answer to these questions will not help you as you could easily falter in the interview. What you better off doing is to have broad reasons which would

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