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General Awareness (with Special Reference to Banking Industry) FOR SBI PO 2015

General Awareness
(with Special Reference to Banking Industry)
141. Succeeding S Jaishankar, who among the following has been appointed India's next ambassador to the US?
a) Alok Sinha  b) Arun K Singh         c) Dinkar Srivastava    d) Saurav Kumar
e) G Mohan Kumar
142. The govt has allocated what amount for the Defence Sector in the general budget for FY16?
a) Rs.3,26,226 cr         b) Rs.2,64,264 cr         c) Rs.2,89,467 cr         d) Rs.2,46,727 cr
e) None of these
143. Who among the following clinched the men's singles title ofthe 2015 Dubai Tennis Championships recently?
a) Roger Federer         b) Novak Djokovic    c) Stan Wawrinka       d) Andy Murray
e) Rafael Nadal
144. Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) code used to facilitate the processing of cheques?
a)    It has nine digits.
b)   Its first three digits represent the state code where the bank is situated.
c)    The middle three digits stand for the bank code.
d)   The last three digits represent the bank branch code.
e)    None of these
145. Which of the following is NOT a KYC requirement while opening a bank account?
a) A proof of identity             b) A proof of address             c) A proof of income 
d) A recent photograph           e) none of these
146. Who among the following is the present chairman of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), which celebrated its silver jubilee on Mar 1?
a)                  Krishnakumar Nataraj an
b)                  R Chandrasekaran
c)                  Phaneesh Murthy
d)                 Kris Gopalakrishnan
e)                  Ashok Soota
147. As per the news published in newspapers recently, Dilip Shanghvi became the richest man of India with a wealth of over Rs.1.3 lakh cr. He is the founder of
a) Essel Group             b) Vedanta Group       c) Sun Pharmaceuticals           d) Cipla
e) None of these
148. Every year 8 Mar is celebrated as
a) Father's Day            b) Women's Day         c) Mother's Day          d) Girl Child Day
e) None of these
149. The Govt of India has notified six documents as `Officially Valid Documents (OVDs)' for the purpose of producing proof of identity. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
a)                  NREGA Card
b)                  Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI
c)                  PAN Card
d)                 Voters' Identity Card
e)                  None of these
150. Even if you do not have any of the documents listed by the govt to show your 'proof of identity', you can open a bank account with a bank. This account is known as
a) Micro account         b) BSBDA      c) No frills account     d) Small account
e) None of these
151. The Finance Minister has proposed to set up MUDRA bank to boost loans for the country's cash-starved small businesses. The MUDRA bank will be set up with what amount as capital?
a) $2.2 billion              b) $3.2 billion              c) $4.2 billion              d) $5.2 billion 
e) None of these
152. Presenting the general budget for FY16 on 28 Feb, what initial allocation was announced by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for the MGNREGA programme?
a) Rs.32,464 cr            b) Rs.34,699 cr            c) Rs.68,204 cr            d)Rs.71,695 cr
e) Rs.83,699 cr
153. 'India's Daughter', a documentary which made news and created controversy recently, is related to
a)                  Successful women CEOs of India
b)                  Successful women entrepreneurs of India
c)                  Indian women working abroad
d)                 Interview of rape victims of India
e)                  Interview of accused of Nirbhaya rape case
154. An Individual can have what number of 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account' in one bank?
a) Only one                 b) Only two                 c) Only three               d) Only four
e) Any number of BSBDA accounts
155. Which of the following institutions issues a 3-digit number ranging from 300-900 which reflects the credit profile of individuals?
a) CARE         b) CRISIL       c) CIBIL         d) CAMELS   e) None of these
156. Who defeated Saina Nehwal in the summit clash of the most prestigious All England badminton championship on 8 Mar?
a) Wang Yihan            b) Carolina Marin        c) Ratchanok Intanon
d) Beatriz Corrales      e) Li Xuerui
157. Senior journalist and author Vinod Mehta died on 8 Mar. He was the founder-editor of which of the following magazines?
a) Outlook       b) India Today            c) The Week                d) Frontline    
e) None of these
158. The resignation of Union minister Raosaheb Dadarao Danve was accepted by the President Pranab Mukherjee recently. He was Minister of State in the Ministry of
a)            Law and Justice
b)           Road Transport and Highways, Shipping
c)            Home Affairs
d)           Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
e)            Finance
159. What is the currency of Mauritius?
a) Mauritian dollar      b) Mauritian peso        c) Mauritian rupee       d) Mauritian rupiah
e) None of these
160. Account holders have to maintain an AQB for their accounts in certain banks. What does the term AQB stand for?
a)                  Average Qualitative Balance
b)                  Average Quantitative Balance
c)                  Average Quarterly Balance
d)                 Average Qualified Balance
e)                  None of these
161. The Economic Survey for 2014-15 has mentioned the JAM Trinity to support poor households. In the JAM Trinity, the letter M denotes
a) Media          b) Mobile numbers      c) Mission        d) MGNREGA
e) None of these
162. The Railway Budget for 2015-16 has mentioned `Operation 5 minutes.' Through this initiative, passengers travelling in which of the following categories can purchase a ticket in 5 minutes?
a) Unreserved              b) Reserved     c) Ladies Compartment          d) Senior Citizen
e) None of these
163. The Economic Survey is presented every year just before the General Budget in the Parliament and is prepared by the finance ministry's chief economic adviser (CEA). The present CEA to the Finance Minister is
a) Kaushik Basu          b) Bibek Debroy         c) Jagdish Bhagwati   
d) Arvind Subramanian          e) Arvind Panagariya
164. What is the term used for a deposit with a bank that locks up money for a certain period but also provides an option of premature withdrawal which may attract a penalty?
a) Savings bank deposit          b) Term deposit           c) Recurring deposit
d).Current deposit                   e) none of these
165. Which of the following is a secure messaging standard developed to serve as a platform for intra-bank and inter-bank applications and is an Indian standard similar to SWIFT?
a) SFMS          b) NEFT          c) NPCI           d) RTGS         e) CFMS
166. The Chief Justice of Orissa High Court, Justice Amitava Roy, assumed charge as Supreme Court judge recently, taking the strength of judges in the top court to 29. What is the sanctioned strength of the Supreme Court including the CJI?
a)29                 b)30                 c)31                 d)32                 e)35
167. Who among the following has won the Zurich Chess Classic recently?
a) Hikaru Nakamura       b) Viswanathan Anand        c) Levon Aronian       
d) Fabiano Caruana                 e) Vladimir Kramnik
168. The Union Cabinet on 25 Feb cleared the creation of the proposed 5-nation BRICS bank to be called New Development Bank. The Presidency of the Shanghai headquartered NDB will be held for the first six years by
a) China           b) Russia         c) South Africa           d) Brazil          e) India
169. Which of the following is NOT a retail banking product?
a) Fixed deposit account         b) Working capital finance     c) Personal loan          
d) Housing loan          e) Educational loan
170. Which of the following is NOT a money market instrument?
1 ) Repurchase agreement       b) Commercial Paper               c) Debentures 
d) Treasury bills          e) Certificates of deposit
171. Who among the following has won the women's singles title of the 2015 Dubai Tennis Championships?
a) Karolina Pliskova    b) Simona Halep        c) Serena Williams      d) Eugenie Bouchard
e) Maria Sharapova
172. The prestigious Dr Y Nayudamma Memorial Award 2014 has been conferred on Tessy Thomas and Geeta Varadan. While Geeta Varadan is associated with ISRO, Tessy Thomas is associated with
a) HAL            b) DRDO        c) OFB            d) BARC        e) None of these
173. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has been sworn in as the first woman president of which of the following countries?
a) Serbia          b) Slovakia      c) Montenegro             d) Hungary      e) Croatia
174. As announced in the Union Budget for 2015-16, the govt will infuse what amount in PSU Banks in FY16?
a) Rs.6,999 cr              b) Rs.7,240 cr              c) Rs.7,940 cr              d) Rs.8,990 cr
e) None of these
175. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lowered its policy repo rate on 4 Mar. What is the new repo rate?
a) 6.5 per cent             b) 7 per cent                c) 7.25 per cent           d) 7.5 per cent
e) 7.75 per cent
176. Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding budget proposals in the General Budget for FY 16 for banking sector?
a)                  To promote cashless transactions to curb black money
b)                  To amend RBI Act this year for monetary policy committee
c)                  Autonomous bank board bureau to determine PSU bank heads
d)                 To appoint two more deputy governors in the RBI
e)                  None of these
177. The govt has announced two more Indian Institutes of Management (I1Ms) in the budget for financial year 2015-16. These two IIMs are to be set up in
a)                  Jammu & Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh
b)                  Punjab and Tamil Nadu
c)                  Himachal Pradesh and Assam
d)                 Bihar and Karnataka
e)                  Telangana and Tamil Nadu
178. The Finance Minister, in the General Budget for FY16, announced some new schemes. Which of the following is one of them?
a)            Nayi Manzil
b)           Self-Employment and Talent Utilisation (Setu)
c)            Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana
d)           Atal Pension Yojana
e)            All the above
179. The President signed into law the legislation of which of the following states banning beef recently? Anyone selling beef or in possession of it can be jailed for up to five years and fined Rs.10,000.
a) Bihar           b) Uttar Pradesh          c) Andhra Pradesh      d) West Bengal          
e) Maharashtra
180. As proposed in the general budget for FY16, the implementation of GAAR has been deferred till
a) Apr 1, 2016             b) Apr 1, 2017             c) Apr 1, 2018             d) Apr 1, 2019

e) None of these
141. b              142. d              143. a              144. b              145. c 
146. b              147. c              148. b              149. e              150. d
151. b              152. b              153. e              154. a              155. c
156. b              157. a              158. d              159. c              160. c
161. b              162. a              163. d              164. b              165. a
166. c              167. a              168. e              169. d              170. c
171. b              172. b              173. e              174. c              175. d

176. d              177. a              178. e              179. e              180. d

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