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English Language for Bank PO/ Clerks/ Insurance AO

English Language
Directions (Q. Nos. 121-130) In the following sentences a part contains an error grammatically. Choose that part as your answer. In case there is no error, choose option (e).
121. It must be said (a) / to his credit that (b)/ he stood towards his friend (c)/ through thich
         and thin. (d)/ No error (e)
122. It is easy to see that (a)/ a lawyer’s demeanour in court (b)/ may be prejudicial against
        (c)/ the interests of his client. (d)/ No error (e)
123. In my opinion (a)/ Rajeev is very (b)/ honest and (c)/ can be  depended (d)/ No error (e)
124. He fixed a metal ladder (a)/ for the well below his window (b)/ so as to be able to (c)/
        escape if there was a fire. (d)/ No error (e)
125. Sooner than he had arrived (a)/ his friends arranged a reception (b)/ in his honour in (c)/
        the best hotel in town. (d)/ No error (e)
126. The committee chief warned the party members (a)/ that if they persist (b)/ in then
         obstructionist attitude (c)/ they would be suspend. (d)/ No error (e)
127. It is true (a)/ that the poor is unable (b)/ to get nourishing  food (c)/ even today. (d)/ No
        error (e)
128. Unless you stop to make noise at once (a)/ I will have no option (b)/ but to bring the
         matter to (c)/ the attention of the police. (d)/ No error (e)
129. This watch (a)/ is superior and (b)/ more expensive (c)/ than that. (d)/ No error (e)
130. No effort has been made at all (a)/ to cash on (b)/ the refurbished image (c)/ of Indian
        tennis. (d)/ No error (e)
Directions (Q. Nos. 131-135) In the following sentences two blanks are given. From the option choose the one that fits in both the gaps in an appropriate way.
131. The ______ imposed for non-payment was too_____ for it to bring in improvement in
               a)   fine, severe      b)   toll, simple      c)   damage, cruel      d)   penalty, low
               e)   fine, sample
132. Unfortunately trade unions and organisation of various denominations have failed to
        realise that ______ understanding, positive attitude and constructive approach are basic
        requirements to make Unions work on ________ lines.
               a)   common; true      b)   cooperative; better      c)   mutual; sound     
              d)   general; desired   e)   simple; better
133. He shifted to his late parent’s house not because of the ______ it provided but for
         purely ________ reasons.
               a)   convenience; sentimental      b)   grace; aesthetic      c)   value; monetary
               d)   comforts; personal                 e)   mutual; severe
134. Education is ________ to the economic and social fabric of the nation, but ______ that
        few political parties have made it election issue.
              a)   eminent; barring        b)   concomitment; instead of      c)   basic; despite
              d)   rudimentary; besides e)   value; personal
135. Disarmament and development in out time are ______ interrelated but _____
       development will depend on a change in the world’s political thinking.
              a)   inheritable; substantial        b)   closely; real      c)   essentially; true
              d)   universally; ultimate           e)   rudimentary; real
Directions (Q. Nos. 136-140) Reaarange the following sentences into a meaningful sequence and then answer the questions that follow.
           A. Indeed the mutations that family has undergone in this century have been more
                challenging than at any time of its evolution.
           B. Thus we have nuclear families, single parent families, surrogate families and global
                families to name just a few.
           C. How these changes have defined our world view is an interesting field of study in
           D. What we often forget in that the families it exists today has expanded its orthodox
                 definition to include several variations.
           E. Each of these has brought its own altitudes and priorities.
136. Which sentenced should come First in the paragraph?
              a)   B       b)   C      c)   A      d)   E      e)  D
137. Which sentence should come Second in the paragraph?
             a)   B      b)   D       c)   C       d)   A       e)   E
138. Which sentence should come Third in the paragraph?
             a)   B       b)   A      c)   D       d)   C       e)   E
139. Which sentence should come Fourth in the paragraph.
              a)   A       b)   B       c)   D      d)   E       e)   C
140. Which sentence should come Last in the paragraph?
            a)   E       b)   D      c)   A       d)   B       e)   C
Directions (Q. Nos. 141-150) In the following sentence a part of the sentence is given in bold type and followed by five options. Choose the option that best replaces the bold part of the sentence.
141. He felt like a character in a story book which had gazed out for a moment in his brief
        imagined life at the veal world.
            a)   that gazed out      b)   who had gazed out      c)   who did gaze out     
           d)   who has gaze out  e)   No improvement
142. The situation remained the same; rather got worse, all his efforts not withstanding.
             a)   for all his efforts not withstanding      b)   with all his efforts not withstanding
             c)   inspite of all his efforts      d)  despite of all his efforts      e)   No improvement
143. Although partially destroyed, the experts were able to infer from what remained that
        the treasure was buried in the cave.     
            a)   Although partially destroyed, the experts had inferred
            b)   Partially destroyed though it had, the experts able to infer.
            c)   Destroyed partially, the experts were able to infer
            d)   Although it had been partially destroyed, the experts were able to infer.
            e)   No improvement
144. The experts were very interesting in this candidate.
            a)   was having interest      b)   was very interested      c)   were very interested
            d)   were have interest        e)   No improvement
145. After the discovery of the small pox vaccine, there is no cases of the disease in India.
            a)   are      b)   have been      c)   were being      d)   are being      e)   No improvement
146. The popularity of the novels of Premchand though they one full of sad and painful
         incidents, lies in the fact that they end with happiness.
            a)   end happily      b)   have a puppy ending      c)   all ending with happiness
            d)   they ends with joy        e)   No improvement
147. You can’t imagine that she is rude and arrogant.
            a)   how rude and arrogant she is                  b)   that she is arrogant and rudely
            c)   what rudeness and arrogance she has     d)   how rude she is     
            e)   No improvement
148. Have you not reached in time, we should have lost our lives.
             a)   Had you not reach        b)   If you have not reached       c)   Had you not reached
             d)   Have you not reach      e)   No improvement
149. I need not offer any explanation regarding this incident, my behaviour is speaking
             a)   speaks about itself       b)   speaking for itself      c)   has been speaking     
             d)   speak itself                  e)   No improvement
150. The principal asked me that I should not enter his office without permission.
             a)   not to enter      b)   Not entering      c)   don’t enter      d)   not get entered
             e)   No improvement
Directions (Q. Nos. 151-155) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below by choosing the most appropriate options.
        The Ministry of Human Resources and Development seems to be climbing down from
        its high horse on foreign-language teaching after the row over German as well as its
        face-off with IIT Bombay Chairman Anil Kakodkar, who has withdrawn his resignation
        following ‘disagreement’ over selection of an IIT director. Yet, these climbdowns only
        serve to illustrate the structural mess that India’s higher education management is in.
        The ham-handed rollback of four year undergraduate courses in Delgi University and the
        subsequent showcause notice to its Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh is another case in
        While India’s global competitors have moved to greater autonomy and institutional
        freedom in education – its taken for granted that this is a prerequisite for improving
        education standards – India’s universities remains hostage to political and bureaucratic
        whims. In countries such as the US, the UK and Australia, the state’s role is limited to
        setting broad standards and providing funds while institutions are free to manage
        themselves. But in India, the government’s insistence on micro-managing education fits
        the pattern of the socialist-eramai-baapsarkar rather than the brave now liberalised
        economy of today.
        The result is that despite historically strong intellectual traditions and growing Indian
        economic power, not one Indian university could make it to the top 100 in world
        reputation rankings recently released by Times Higher Education. In elementary
        education too, that only an estimated 48% of class V children can read a Class II-level
        text is an indictment of Indian education.
        At a time when Narendra Modi government is focussing on a manufacturing push to the
        economy with its ‘Make in India’ slogan, the drag in education is a major constraint.
        China became the factory of the world by taking over global manufacturing. But with
        technological changes reducing workers on the factory floor, the ability to produce
        skilled talent is now crucial. In a country with the world’s largest proportion of young
        people, economists have long talked about the demographic dividend. But if our
        universities don’t match up to the best and a significant proportion of Indians remain
        functionally un-educated, this dividend will turn into a demographic disaster. ‘Learn in
        India’ is not only as important as ‘Make in India’, it is essential for the success of the
        latter. It is time to shift mindsets, liberalise higher education and encourage institutional
        autonomy and creativity to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.
151. From the passage are can infer that
             a)   India’s higher education not up to the mark
             b)   too much interference by the politicians hinders the growth of higher education
             c)   India’s higher education is in real structural mess
             d)   universities in India do not have any autonomy       
             e)   None of the above
152. What does the expression “India’s universities remain hostages to political a
         bureaucratic whims” means?
              a)   Indian universities are not able to produce best drains due to political
              b)   Decision making for the benefit of intellectual growth gets hampered by the
                    cynical politicians and admnistrators.
              c)   No single policy to make education institutions free to think and grow.
              d)   Higher education in India is at the mercy of decisions taken by gready
              e)   None of the above
153. What will happen if our universities do not match the best in the world?
             a)   Lots of young students will remain deprived.
             b)   Growth in economy alone will not be able to make India a super power.
             c)   There will be a total disaster if millions of young remain illiterate semiliterate
                    because of interference by politicians in decision making.
             d)   None of the above       
             e)   All of the above
154. India’s higher education needs
             a)   move autonomy and funds       b)   liberalisation of institutions and autonomy
             c)   lots of funds                             d)   more interference by the administrators
             e)   None of the above
155. Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word ‘Constraint’
        used in the passage.
              a)   Compulsion      b)   Inhibition      c)   Freedom     d)   Aggression     
              e)   Encouragement
Directions (Q. Nos. 156-160) In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. A suitable word for the blank has been mentioned against the number below. Choose appropriate word from the options given.
The fact is that democracy is the only (156) system that can preserve the Indian entity, constitute its whole beyond the sum of various fragments that go into its making and (157) its invaluable genius of stumbling along towards a human order. If democracy in India is done away with India itself will (158) in the chaos of various particularities that (159) it. Universal adult franchise and a periodic survey of the popular mandate (160) by the government is indispensable for democracy and hence India’s integrity.
156.      a)   viable       b)   fundamental      c)   possible      d)   acceptable      e)   compulsory
157.      a)   suggest     b)   promote             c)   encourage  d)   inspire            e)   preserve
158.      a)   vanish       b)   sink                   c)   surrender    d)   finish             e)   end
159.      a)   form         b)   define                c)   outline        d)   constitute       e)   encourage

160.      a)   obtained   b)   gained               c)   secured        d)   reserved         e)   accepted
  121. (c)      122. (e)      123. (d)      124. (b)      125. (a)      126. (b)      127. (b)      128. (a)     
129. (b) Part (b) has got an error of preposition use to after superior. ‘Superior to’ is the
        correct expression.
130. (b) Part (b) has got an error
131. (d) Option (d) penalty and law are appropriate words to fill in the gaps.
132. (c) Option (a) is correct here. Mutual and sound are appropriate words to fill in the gaps.
133. (a) Option (a) convenience and sentimental are appropriate words to be filled in here.
134. (d) Option (d) is suitable here ‘Rudimentary, besides’ are the correct words to be filled
135. (b) Option (b) closely and ‘real’ are the pair words which fill the gap most suitably.
136. (c)      137. (c)      138. (c)       139. (b)      140. (a)      141. (b)       142. (b)      143. (d)      144. (c)      145. (b)      146. (b)      147. (a)      148. (c)      149. (b)      150. (a)      151. (c)      152. (b)      153. (c)      154. (b)      155. (b)      156. (a)      157. (b)      158. (b)      159. (d)      160. (b)

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