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General Awareness (With Special Reference to Banking Industry)

: General Awareness
(With Special Reference to Banking Industry)

141. The book titled The Modi Effect: Inside Narendra Modi's Campaign to Transform India, has been authored by
          a) Jean Seaton     b) Simon Lewis     c) Lance Price     d) Alastair Campbell     
          e) Julian Glover
142. Which of the following Indian women CEOs has/have been named by Forbes magazine in its 50 'Power Businesswomen' from Asia list?
a) Usha Sangwan     b) Shikha Sharma     c) Akhila Srinivasan     
d) Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw      e) All the above
143. Who defeated Viktor Axelsen of Denmark to clinch the Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold title on 15 Mar? He has become the first Indian to win this title.
a) Prannoy Kumar     b) RMV Gurusaidutt     c) Ajay Jayaram     d) Srikanth Kidambi
e) Parupalli Kashyap
144. The proposed Micro Units Development Refinance Agency (Mudra) Bank will be first set up as a subsidiary of the
a) NABARD     b) SBI     c) EXIM bank     d) SIDBI     
e) Other than those given as options
145. The public sector Union Bank of India (UBI) opened its British subsidiary on 13 Mar. Who among the following is the present chairman and managing director of the UBI?
a) Arun Tiwari     b) KK Sansi     c) P Srinivas     d) Animesh Chauhan     
e) P Kotteswaran
146. The govt is planning to float three special purpose vehicles (SPVs) to evacuate coal locked across the three mineral-rich states. These states are
a) Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha      
b) Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Odisha
c) Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Maharashtra    
d) Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
e) Other than those given as options
147. PM Narendra Modi visited Sri Lanka on 13-14 Mar. The support offered to Sri Lanka during the PM's visit includes
a) a line of credit of up to $3 1 8 mn for the railway sector.
b) a currency swap agreement of $1.5 bn by RBI to stablise the local currency.
c) help in establishing a regional petroleum hub.
d) Only a) and c)
e)All a), b) and c)
148. India has signed an MoU with which of the following countries for the "improvement in sea and air transportation facilities" at Agalega island recently?
a) Mauritius     b) Seychelles     c) Maldives     d) Sri Lanka     e) Suriname
149. The central govt decides to infuse capital in the Public Sector Banks (PSBs) from time to time. The govt had infused what capital in 2013-14 in 14 PSBs?
a) Rs.11,999 cr     b) Rs.12,000 cr     c) Rs.13,999 cr     d) Rs.14,000 cr
e) Other than those given as options
150. The govt has appointed nine Executive Directors in Public Sector Banks. Which of the following pairs of new EDs and PSBs is NOT matched correctly?
a) K Venkata Rama Moorthy — Bank of Baroda
b) RP Marathe — Bank of India
c) Harideesh Kumar B — Canara Bank
d) NK Sahoo —Allahabad Bank
e) Other than those given as options.

151. Narayan Desai, who passed away recently, was a/an
a) staunch Gandhian     b) anti superstation campaigner
c) prominent communist leader     d) author     e) Other than those given as options
152. Christine Lagarde is the present Managing Director of which of the following international institutions? She visited India recently.
a) International Monetary Fund (IMF)     b) World Bank    
c) Asian Development Bank      d) United Nations     e) IBRD
153. Which of the following Indian software firms has been named as the top employer in Europe for the third consecutive year by Top Employers Institute?
a) Wipro     b) Infosys   c) TCS     d) Tech Mahindra     e) EICL
154. Out of 27 Public Sector Banks (PSBs), Govt of India controls 22 banks through majority holding and which of the following state-run entities holds majority stake in the remaining 5 banks?
a) LIC              b) SIDBI     c) NABARD         d) SBI     e) Other than those given as options
155. The RBI governor and the Central Govt have agreed to introduce inflation targeting and has set a consumer inflation target of, with a band of plus or minus 2 percentage points by the end of Mar 2017.
a) 6 per cent     b) 5 per cent     c) 7 per cent     d) 4 per cent     e) 4.5 per cent
156. Which of the following teams won the Santosh Trophy on 15 Mar in Ludhiana?
a) Punjab    b) Goa        c) Services     d) Bengal  e) Kerala
157. As per the provisions in the Union Budget for 2015­16, quoting PAN will be mandatory for all sale and purchase of over
a) Rs.25,000      b) Rs.50,000      c) Rs.80,000      d) Rs.1 Lakh          e) Rs.1.5 Lakh
158. Name the China-led international development bank, which is all set to rival Asian Development Bank (ADB) and others. Nations could join as founder-members of the bank until Mar 31.
a)                  China Infrastructure Investment Bank
b)                  Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
c)                  International Infrastructure Investment Bank
d)                 New Development Bank
e)                  Other than those given as options
159. Banks offer small accounts for those who do not have required documents to open a regular account. Which of the following is NOT a limitation of small accounts?
a)                  Balance in such accounts at any point should not exceed Rs.50,000.
b)                  Total credits in one year should not exceed Rs.1,00,000.
c)                  Total withdrawal and transfers should not exceed Rs.l 0,000 in a month.
d)                 Foreign remittances cannot be credited to such accounts.
e)                  Other than those given as options
160. The KYC requirement can be fulfilled through e-KYC only for those who have
a) PAN Card     b) Voter Identity Card     c)Aadhaar number     d) Passport
e) Other than those given as options
161. India's first private Greenfield airport is likely to be operational by Apr. This airport is located in
a) Durgapur, West Bengal     b) Nashik, Maharashtra     c)Raj kot, Gujarat
d) Rewa, Madhya Pradesh     e)Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh

162. __________ has announced to auction repossessed properties worth a total of nearly $200 mn in the biggest nationwide online sale to date.
a) ICICI Bank           b) Punjab National Bank      c)State Bank of India     d) HDFC
e) Bank of India
163. Which of the following counties lifted the Women's Hockey World League Round Two competition title in New Delhi recently?
a) Poland    b) Russia    c) India      d)Thailand   e) Malaysia
164. The coal ministry has drawn up an ambitious plan of nearly tripling India's coal output by 2020. What was India's coal output in the last financial year?
          a) 565mt     b) 1,556 mt     c) 1,025 mt     d) 865 mt     e) 775 mt
165. For which banking transactions does an individual not need to quote his/her PAN number?
a)            Account Opening
b)           Deposit in cash aggregating Rs.50,000 or more during any one day
c)            Making an application for issue of credit card or debit card
d)           Payment in cash for purchase of bank drafts up to Rs.50,000
e)            Other than those given as options
166. The Central Govt has decided to appoint who among the following as the brand ambassador for the North East?
a) Irom Chanu Sharmila     b) Baichung Bhutia     c)Laishram Sarita Devi
d) Mary Kom     e) Other than those given as options
167. India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the textiles sector with which of the following countries?
a) Kyrgyzstan           b) Kazakhstan     c) Tajikistan     d) Uzbekistan     e) Turkmenistan
168. The World Consumer Rights Day is observed every year on
a) 8 Mar      b) 15 Mar   c) 20 Mar      d) 21 Mar e) 22 Mar
169. The Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number in which the fourth character represents the status of the PAN holder. If the fourth letter in a PAN is 'I'', it stands for
a) Individual     b) Firm     c) Private Company     d) HUF     e) TRUST
170. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) revised guidelines for lending to the priority sector on 2 Mar. Now, loans to which of the following sectors come under the ambit of priority sector lending?
a) Medium enterprises     b) Sanitation     c) Renewable energy     d) All the above
e) Only b) and c)
171. Name the country which on 13 Mar successfully tested its first indigenous all-weather armed drone named Burraq and a laser guided missile named Barg.
a) Iran             b) Saudi Arabia     c) Jordan     d) Pakistan     e) Indonesia
172. The Union Cabinet on 18 Mar approved Black Money Bill. Announced in the Budget for 2015-16, it has provision for imprisonment up to 10 years and penalty of of wealth hidden abroad.
a) 150 per cent     b) 200 per cent     c) 250 per cent     d) 300 per cent
e) Other than those given as options
173. __________of the Constitution confers upon the President legislative powers to promulgate ordinances meant to address extraordinary circumstances that arise when Parliament is in recess.
a) Article 120     b) Article 123      c) Article 122     d) Article 121     e) Article 119
174. In the priority sector lending target for scheduled banks for agriculture sector, the RBI has recommended a sub-target of what per cent of adjusted net bank credit (ANBC) for small and marginal farmers?
a) 18 per cent     b) 8 per cent      c) 10 per cent     d) 12 per cent     e) 6 per cent
175. The Commercial Paper (CP) is an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of a promissory note. The amount invested by a single investor in the CP should not be less than __________ (face value).
a) Rs.5 Lakh     b) Rs.10 Lakh     c) Rs.15 Lakh     d) Rs.25 Lakh     e) Rs.50 Lakh
176. Ashu Suyash has been appointed as the next managing director and chief executive officer of which of the following credit rating agencies operating in India?
a) Brickwork Ratings     b) Crisil     c) CARE     d) ICRA    
e) Other than those given as options
177. Name the Indian researcher who has been named New South Wales Woman of the Year 2015 for her contributions to medical research, tertiary education and the Indian community.
a) Anjali Jain     b) Renu Khator     c) Geeta Menon          d) Minoti Apate
e) Other than those given as options
178. The govt has merged the National Mission for a Green India, which aims afforestation at 10 million hectares of land over the next decade, with
a) Bharat Nirman     b) MGNREGA     c) REGP     d) Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
e) Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana
179. In its annual assessment report for India released recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised its growth forecast for the country for the fiscal year 2015-16 to
a) 5.6 per cent     b) 6.4 per cent     c) 7.5 per cent     d) 8.5 per cent    
e) Other than those given as options
180. The Finance Ministry has allowed seven public sector banks (PSBs) to tap markets for raising capital. Earlier, the govt had decided to reduce its shareholding in PSBs to
a) 74 per cent     b) 51 per cent     c) 52 per cent     d) 49 per cent     e) 26 per cent


141. c          142. e          143. d         144. d         145. a        
146. a         147. e          148. a         149. d         150. e
151. a         152. a         153. c          154. d         155. d        
156. c          157. d         158. b         159. e          160. c
161. a         162. c          163. c          164. a         165. d        
166. d         167. a         168. b         169. a         170. d
171. d         172. d         173. b         174. b         175. a        
176. b         177. d         178. b         179. c          180. c

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