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Why to master in a profession? - as told by Coca Cola Business head

"Before starting a company or profession we must master in the relevant profession" said the head of the Coca-Cola Company.

On a discussion at Loyola College at Chennai Mr Venkatesh Gini, Business Head of South east Asia has said this. Students from as much as 10 colleges in and aorund Chennai has particiapted in this discussion.

Further he has said that,

If you want to become an entrepreneur different ideas should be produced. Furthermore, we should be producing the products to meet the needs of the community . This will not only Increase revenue also creates more jobs. This will benefit the community. Successful start-up companies do not act in 20 years ago. But now these companies are operating successfully. This is because, we have freedom to choose our career.

Our thoughts, of producing 10 times better than others, should be included.

Mr Venkatesh Gini has said that CDs that were used to record MP3 songs before. Apple founder Steve Jobs brought iPod the revolutionary change in the digital Music and also in Electronics world as a result of 10 times of thinking. Furthermore, prior to the start of a company or profession we have to master in it. And be patient. Likewise, dont start two businesses at once which will make no sense for improvement.

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