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Audi A8 with most advanced features launched at Rs.9.15 Crore in India

Leading Luxury car maker Audi has introduced a car with more safety features. The new model Audi A-8 was introduced at a retail price of Rs. 9.15 crore in New Delhi.

In order to resist the attack of missile and bullet AUDI A8 has provided with VR9 grade warranty. This car has emerged as a highly secured one for Individuals.

Most of the parts of the car are made of aluminum. The car is designed to cope with a severe attack, this is one of the lowest weighing car in this section. The car can withstand up to 600 kg. Again this is the highest in this category as per analysts.

The car was introduced at the Delhi Auto Expo. The company said the car will be manufactured on order basis only.

Lock the doors to the facility, fire equipment, including emergency oxygen supply system are some of the other features of the car.

Manohar Veera, Chennai

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