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Firstly we were asked to sit in the reporting room den we were given a blank white paper in which we had to write the details like nodal bank, declaration, documents attached,name, sign, date  we then arranged all the documents along with application form, call letter and that white hand written declaration page. After that we were asked go for biometric and verification and all the process was on first come basis there was no roll number wise method. And i didnt had any problem with document verification but some had problems like change in name, interchange of father's and mother's age. But it was not a big issue they were very co-operative. And the documents required were
1) id proof
2)dob proof
3)graduation marksheets and degree certificate
4) caste certificate
And other if required documents 
Panel consist of 1 female and 3 male.
Interview place:-Auranagabad,Maharashtra

Tell me about yourself, your family,your hobbies.
Hobby related questions (photography-for what purpose photoshop used)
What is the reason behind Farmer 's suicide?
What types of loan provided to farmers?
What is micro-finance?
What is mostly grown in your district area?
Sectors of rrb to whom loan is provided?
Functions of RBI,Governor?

Salem arun
Sir today my interview is over.......

1) on what basis bank has been merged
2)working capital na ena
3)msme and how are the classified
4)name some of the small industries in your area
5)one ques from cricket about D/L method
6)about nominations and who can nominate
7)mudra and its types 
8)kyc and why it is done

Why farmers are getting less price for their Products
Negotiable instruments
How many members loksabha and rajya sabha
Speaker of loksabha
Women minister of india
Since today is men's day one of the panel asked why should we celebrate men's day or womens day
shik bharti from indore
Interview today 8:30 am
Tell about yourself
SBI and bank of India me difference
Why banking?
What is semiconductor?
Who is the tribal minister of India?
Rrb capital structure?
Function of RBI?
Jandhan account?
Answered all the questions with confidence
But they were not seemed convinced in 1-2 question
Sir i have answered all the question with confidence and smile..
And rest part of interview was nice I answered all the questions with confidence and smile.
My interview was at Aryavart bank in Lucknow in the afternoon shift .
There were 4+1 members .
The questions asked were general  like
1 where do u come from?
2what ur father does?
3 what problems people face in rural areas and as a manager how will u solve them?
4 how much land do u have and what type of crops do u grow?
5 differentiate between Debit and credit card.
6 what is Rupay card.
7 tell us about some gov schemes launched  for farmers. 
8 why do  u want to join rrb as po .
9 what have u been doing since 2017 (as I had done my graduation in 2017).
It went around 8 to 10 minutes they were quite satisfied and wished me best of luck .
Remark: dear sir ur timely  guidance has helped me in cwc interview and in Rrb po as well
Thanks a lot for ur selfless efforts and dedication. I pray almighty to bless u with good health and happiness so that the ignorant children like us can always remain  beneath the shadow of your valuable wisdom and experience. 

Good evening sir,

I have completed my interview in the mrng today.
Panel 1:interview at Guntur 
Sir, Below are the questions asked me..
Tell me about your self
How banks gain profits?
What is Isro? Full form and recent project? What is pslv?
What is Nasa? 
Who is 1st Women president ?
Name Bharat Ratna winners?
Who is Defence minister?
I am from Ap sir so they asked 
Who is chief secretary of Ap?
Who is chief justice of Ap?
If you read newspaper, tell Some Burning issues?
I am from Civil engineering background sir so they asked about measurements, How to build earthquake resistant building? 

Date : 18/11/2019
Venue : Chhattisgarh
These are the questions asked to me in RRB PO Interview

1. Effect by Repo and reverse repo on market
2. Why White Revolution was started and what was its necessity
3. What do you know about NPA???
4. What is inflation
5. What RBI does to control Inflation
6. What are the types of crops why are they segregated
7. Family background questions
8. Basic terms like MUDRA Scheme and details 
9. Green Revolution and White Revolution why these had to be started in India even though we worship cows in India?

Basic Family Background was also asked  

Remark : I heartily thank you for your valuable effort and guidance provided by you which helped me to handle the Interview Smoothly. I wish you a long and healthy life and guide budding banking aspirants like me for long 

1. Tell me something about yourself.
2. Questions related to my subjects in graduation and post-graduation.
3. I had political science in graduation so they asked about Karl Marx. One book wrote by him.
4. I had International business in minor in MBA. So they asked what is an international business.
5.  One of the questions were based on the situation. They asked what will I do if I am appointed as a branch manager directly and one of the colleagues is not cooperating with me.
6. What do I know about LIC HFL?
7. What does your father do? About the whole family
Sir they asked me 370 article, do you live in village, cotton crop, potato crop, isotopes, isobars, atomic number, atomic mass, uranium,

RRB PO bihar interview experience 
21st nov, 8.30am, panel 4

1.tcs kyu chora
2.salary achi thi , foreign opportunities thi, fir v kyu
3.motilal nehru kon the, unke bachhe kon the,jawaharlal nehru ki wife ka nam kya tha
4.sita ke maa kq nam kya tha
5.bihar ki boundaries pe kon kon h- tme bihar ki boundaries pta nhi to yaha kam kaise kroge
6.ayodhya case me muslim judge kon tha
7.shares kya hota h
8.govt companies and private companies
9.share,bond, debentures
Sir ,today I had my interview in Assam guwahati
They asked me *No of branches in my state
*What is psl, what are the sectors
*How rrb give agriculture loan.
*What is scale of finance
 *What is nabard
 *How rural development is done by govt of India through nabard
*Lead bank.
I dun know what they were actually trying to get out of me. I was literally wondering if it was a bank interview or civil services interview.
They asked me about current affairs

Recent news

Priority sector lending percentage in RRB,

About CASA

Why rating performed, what's the purpose of rating, what it shows

What is Nominee

Nominee legal rights


M1:  you are from which city
me: replied
m1: u have also done btech
me. yes sir i have done btech in computer science engineering
m1 didn't u try any private job
me: yes sir i tried for some tym after graduation but after that i started preparing for comeptitive exams
m1: saare engineers idhar hi aa jayenge to commerce wale kahan jayenge.😀😀 then he told other panel member.. sir humein punjab gramin bank ka naam change krke punjab. engineers bank rakh dena chahiye is hisaab se.😀😀
everyone started laughing including me,😀😀😀

m1: written exam kaisa hua tha aapka. .kitne expect kr rhe ho?

me: sir mera exam acha hua tha.. 99 cutoff hai us acc I'm expecting approx 110... but upar niche bhi ho sakte hain thode bahut
m1 : oh great.. achi baat hai  positive rehna chahiye.. tabhi aage badhenge hum..

m2 : kya padh kr aaye ho aap
me : sir i have studied basic banking and about my CSE

m2:indian banking ka aaj kal kya haal hai..kuch btaiye
me : replied in positive only. 
m2 : aaj kal jo mergers ho rahe hain aap ko kya lagta hai ye sahi hain ya galat.
me: sir acc zaroori hain is tym bcoz banks ka npa badh rha hai..aur isse banks ka risk divide ho jata hai aur banks ko aur strong base milta hai aur vo customers ko better service provide kr sakenge
( I didn't tell anything negative.. bcoz ispe cross questions bhut aate ki kaise galat hai....fir kya krna chahiye sarkaar ko... etc .. so i avoided this)
m2 : mtlb sarkar jo kr rhi hai acha kr rhi hai
me: yes sir it's doing good

f1: do u know about udham singh
me: yes mam.. he was a freedom fighter born in sunam, punjab
he shot general dyer in kingston hall
f1 : why did he shot him
me: mam because of the jallianwala bagh massacare
f1; ok great
f1 : udham singh ka direct link kya hai Amritsar se
me: sorry mam I'm not aware.of it
f1: do.u know about madan lal dhingra
me: mam i have heard the name but not recall
m2 : how do pvt banks provide better service than govt banks.. ?
me: replied as knowledge
m4: what is data mining and how it can be used in banking?
me : replied as I'm from CSE
M4: What is monetary policy and fiscal policy ?
me: explained

m1: ok thanks... best of luck

Questions asked
Depreciation and method
Nationalisation questions- why nationalisation ( 1st 2nd and how many banks ) 
Why rrbs
Accounts and auditing difference
Accrual and prepaid incomes( kha show krte h balancesheet me)
Balance sheet 
Bank in news( pmc)
I said my mom is great home maker so asked on that ,why and then asked how will u manage.
Ratios -main ratio said current ratio and asked ideal ratio (2:1)
Then asked what if we change (4:1) explained
Then asked debt- equity ratio
Then thanked and said all the best

: Hyderabad panel:1
1)Tell me about urself
2)What is the use of DBMS in banking as I said DBMS is my favourite subject
3) regulation acts name any few
4)what is the work u do as a po
5)how did you prepare for the interview and for how extent u have prepared
7)what are required to open a bank account
8)how do u think u will fit for this job
9) capital structure of rrb
Sir I have done interview well sir thank you so much sir


first i enter room, greeting everyone with smile. in the panel 5 members(1F,4M). 
m2: tell me something your self?
me: i tell all myself with around 1 minute.
m2: why banking?
me: expected question..i answered confidently 
m2:what is rrb?
me: answered
m2:what is scale of finance?
me: answered.
m2:what is KYC. WHY IT REQUIRED?
me: answered.
m1:crops types?
me: told.
m1:insurence schemes?
me: told
m1:regulator of insurance in india?
me: told
m4:why all engineering people coming banking?
me: told, but not satisfied.....
f1:ok thank siddareddy you can go now..
me: greeted everyone. then finally out off room.
ir completed tdy My interview
1. Wr r u frm
2. U did three times but ur not  given any interview rrb po( no sir)
3.ur education ( b. Com)
4.when u called customer
5.if gurantee paid ur amout for vehicle loan owner ship transfered or not ( no sir but ans yes they said)
6. Demonetization impact on banks
7.commerce question some exp asked which side in balance sheet said
8. Deferred tax which side in balance sheet
9. Ipo, asba
10.fixed deposits
That's it in karnataka. In panel madam supported very well.
One Senior person seated in the middle may be the chairman as there is a chairman board in front of his desk.He has taken the lead and also 
asked the majority of the questions starting with introduce yourself. 

1)Male 1( Chairman)As I said my father is working in The Visakhapatnam Co-op bank, they asked what is the difference between RRB and Co-op bank. I Explained.

2)Female 1 asked who is the woman chief minister currently in India , I replied Mamta Banerjee,West Bengal.

3)Male 1: What are your achievements after graduation. I replied I hold a membership from The Institution of Engineers India and another asked Is it AMIE( Associate member of the IEI) and should we give an exam to be a member and I replied yes.

4)Male 2 : Who is Nirav Modi? I Explained the whole news and he replied you should have simply said a defaulter and I replied yes sir, he is a willful defaulter.

5)Male 3: What's SHG? I answered.

6)Male 4: What is negotiable instrument.

7)Male 5 : What is Navratna scheme, a scheme related to state government.

8)Male 6 : Who are the current women ministers in your state legislative assembly. I replied Sorry Sir,I can't recall at the moment.

And finally the Male 1 said you seems to be prepared well and greeted all the best.I also greeted them and the interview was  finished.

The entire interview was in English and lasted for about 13 minutes.

And also the mock interviews you have taken helped me in giving the interview in a very calm and confident manner.

A big THANK YOU for your support sir.
1.       How will you work for farmer? 2. What is Stand up India? 3.What is MUDRA? How much maximum we can give under MUDRA? 4. What is NPA? What is your decision  if farmers short term loan got NPA. 5.Questions about past experience.
Questions posted by me in whatsapp group
FOR THOSE WHO ARE GOING TO ATTEND INTERVIEW---Tell us about yourself?   Which year did you complete the degree?  Why do you want to join RRB?   What you can do to improve the profit of RRB?  Tell us about financial inclusion briefly?   What do you know about agriculturists problems?  What you can do to redress them?  What do you about NABARD , its role, its functions and connection with RRB?   What are the functions of RRBs ?  deposits  advances and other services, What is grown in your district?  What is lead bank?  What is scale of finance?  Why many farmers commit suicides?  What do you know about RRBs assistance to priority sectors?  Why should we select you as RRB?  Who important dignitaries in your district?  What are the industries, if any in your district?  What are the qualities required for becoming a successful bank Manager?  How do you see yourself five years from now?   What are your hobbies and tell about that?  Supposing you are not selected what will you do?  Why do you want to take banking jobs inspite of economic downturn?
Tell us about your family, college, village, friends.
What is your view regarding loan waivers? 
What is the news you have read in the last few days about your district, State, other States?

Banking questions like  nomination, safe deposit locker, SHG, Repo, CRR, SLR, Mortgage, Hypothecation, Pledge, Jewel Loan, KCC etc.

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