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Descriptive Essay Writing for IBPS PO Mains 2019: Draft National Educational Policy 2019
The Draft National Education Policy, 2019 prepared by a committee headed byDr K. Kasturirangan has been shared by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development .The policy aims at making India a knowledge superpower by equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge. It also focuses on eliminating the shortage of manpower in Science and Technology, academics and industry. The Draft Policy is built on foundational pillars of i) Access, ii)  Equity, iii) Quality, iv)  Affordability &v)  Accountability.
Features of the Policy:
The draft Policy provides for reforms at all levels of education from school to higher education. It seeks to increase the focus on early childhood care, reform the current exam system, strengthen teacher training, and restructure the education regulatory framework.  It also seeks to set up a National Education Commission, increase public investment in education, strengthen the use of technology and increase focus on vocational and adult education, among others. A State regulatory authority has been suggested for regulating education in the country. The government will continue to fund and operate education in the country. The policy aims to achieve a fully literate society where all adults are literates by 2030.This policy proposes compulsory education up to grade 12.The policy also talks about National Scholarship Fund to financially support students for higher education.
The draft is well researched theoretically and focuses on the right issues and it shall be finalized after the consultation from the public. It is an extensive, inclusive and highly participatory process. Its aim is to provide a quality education for all as education is built on the foundation of quality and equity which is central to sustainable development.


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