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Monetary Authority
The Reserve Bank of India constantly works towards keeping inflation under check and ensuring adequate supply of liquidity for the productive sector as also towards financial stability.
Supervisor of the Financial System
Prescribes regulations for sound functioning of banks and financial institutions, including non-banking finance companies
- Promotes best practices in risk management and corporate governance to protect depositors' interest and to enhance public confidence in the financial system of the country
- Encourages use of technology in banks to provide cost-effective service to consumers.
Issuer of Currency
Ensures good quality coins and currency notes in adequate quantity
- Mops up notes and coins unfit for circulation
- Advises the Government on designing of currency notes with the latest security features.
Manager of Foreign Exchange
Formulates policies to facilitate external trade and payments, facilitates foreign investments in India and Indian investments abroad and promotes orderly development of foreign exchange markets.

Banker to the Government
Maintains accounts of central and state governments. Performs merchant banking function for the central and the state governments
- Encourages development and orderly functioning of Government securities market
- Advises central and state governments in better cash management.
Payment Systems
Work towards stablishment of modern, robust, efficient, secure and integrated payment and settlement system for the country.
Bankers' Bank
Ensures adequate liquidity in the financial system and in individual banks, on a daily basis
- Performs lender of the last resort function.
Developmental Role
Performs a wide range of functions to support national objectives such as ensuring orderly growth and development of financial markets and institutions, creating institutions to serve specialised financial needs and extending the organised financial sector to all parts of the economy.
Under Research
Serves as the primary source of information on Indian economy and financial system
- Analyses the issues and problems affecting the Indian economy
- Renders advice for policy formulation and shaping monetary, banking and financial policies
- Prepares the Bank's publications
- Warehouses data to enable decision-making.   THANKS,    WITH BEST WISHES

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